Cops Kidnap 8yo Boy for Acting Out in School, Put Him in Restraints, Force Inject Him with Sedatives

MATT AGORIST–In a police state, innocent 8-year-old boys with severe learning disabilities and diagnosed behavioral issues are not safe from the violent hand of the state’s enforcers. A mother has learned the hard way just how unsafe a child can be when the state gets involved after her 8-year-old son was kidnapped by police, put

Clinton Foundation Invited ‘Manspreading’ Putin to New York in 2009

SPUTNIK–Before Hillary Clinton decided to include “Russian hacking” on her long and growing list of excuses for losing the 2016 US presidential election, back when she was US secretary of state, Clinton’s foundation sent an invitation to then-Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to attend the 2009 Clinton Global Initiative summit in New York. Russian President

25 Survival Uses for Ammo Cans

URBAN SURVIVAL–Old ammo cans are incredibly useful if you’re a prepper. They’re designed to be sturdy, stackable, waterproof, and easy to transport (with handles on the top and the front). That’s why militaries have been using them for decades. There are several sizes and shapes, but they all have the same basic design which hasn’t

Puerto Rico DIRECT HIT by Hurricane Maria… interview with Dane Wigington reveals “weather weaponization” may be the culprit

MIKE ADAMS–Puerto Rico has just received a direct hit from Hurricane Maria, a category-4 storm with 155 mph winds at its core. The “weather bombing” of the bankrupt U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is no random event, according to Geoengineering Watch analyst Dane Wigington. In an interview conducted yesterday — to be posted on Natural News in

Did your unborn baby survive Hurricane Harvey? It’s time to KILL it, says abortion provider offering free abortion services to survivors

JD HEYES–In a blatant affront to the sensibilities of pro-Life Americans, one Texas-based abortion provider is offering its services free to pregnant women who managed to survive Hurricane Harvey. As reported by Mediate, a misnamed group called Whole Women’s Health, which allegedly exists to provide “health services” to women whose mothers did not elect to kill them before they were born,

EXTINCTION WARNING: Chemicals in food and personal care products making humanity infertile… may lead to population wipeout

AMY GOODRICH— If sperm counts continue to fall at the current pace, humans could become extinct, a new report revealed. A team of researchers from the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai analyzed the results of 185 studies involving nearly 43,000 men from

Seven Decades of Organized Crime: Central Intelligence Agency Turns 70

SPUTNIK–September 18 marked the US Central Intelligence Agency’s 70th birthday. To mark the occasion, here are four of the worst things the agency has done – at least, the worst the public knows about. September 18 marked the 70th anniversary of then-President Harry S. Truman signing the National Security Act of 1947 into law, and with it the founding of the Central Intelligence

The slippery slope of the oligarchy media model

THE CONVERSATION–On July 28, Apple heiress Laurene Powell Jobs bought a majority stake in The Atlantic. It’s the latest media purchase by the billionaire class, a group that includes Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (the Washington Post), Boston Red Sox owner John Henry (the Boston Globe), billionaire Glen Taylor (the Minneapolis Star-Tribune) and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson

Gallup: 71% of Americans Are “Dissatisfied with the Way the Nation Is Being Governed”

ERIC ZUESSE–A Gallup poll headlined on September 17th, “Seven in 10 Dissatisfied With Way U.S. Is Being Governed”, and reported that 71% said they were “Dissatisfied” and that 28% said they were “Satisfied,” with the U.S. Government. The question, as it had been posed, was “On the whole, would you say you are satisfied or dissatisfied

‘Wow!’: Dr. Oz Makes FOX News Anchors’ Heads Explode as He Drops Cannabis Truth on LIVE TV

JACK BURNS–For years now, we at TFTP have been praising the benefits of cannabis and it’s ability to heal. We’ve even brought you stories of medical doctors using cannabis to help opiate addicts kick their addiction to powerful narcotics. But now, a world renowned doctor, “Doctor Oz” (Mehmet Oz) has joined us and has officially come out in favor

Residents Forced to Buy Bottled Water As Coca-Cola Sucks Water Wells Dry

MATT AGORIST–A world addicted to the consumption of chemical beverages with negative nutritional value — responsible for filling hospital beds across earth — is quickly realizing this habit comes with a price outside of currency and health problems. Water. The residents of San Felipe Ecatepec, an Indigenous town three miles outside of San Cristobal de las

Nicolás Maduro Claims to Be Victim of “Death Threat” in Trump’s UN Speech

SABRINA MARTIN–Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro is alleging that United States President Donald Trump threatened to kill him during his speech to the United Nations this week. Trump’s speech to the UN addressed multiple dangerous and failed states around the world, including Venezuela, which he said is in a crisis caused by “faithfully implemented” socialism. Trump also

The Free Individual is greater than the State

JON RAPPOPORT–In a sane society, the Bill of Rights would be studied in great detail, in every school and college. The historical incursions on, and the crimes against, the Bill of Rights would be laid bare and excoriated. “Grand juries” of students would be formed to investigate, in detail, these incursions and crimes, and wherever

Morgan Freeman: ‘We Are At War With Russia’

PAUL JOSEPH WATSON–The Kremlin reacted to a video featuring Morgan Freeman that announces the U.S. is at war with Russia by asserting that the actor is suffering from “stress”. The two minute clip features Freeman announcing that Russia attacked the United States by interfering in the presidential election. The group behind the video, the Committee