20 Pictures From The Rothschild’s Illuminati Ball

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(Thomas Dishaw)  On December 12 1972 Marie-Hélène Rothschild threw a lavish illuminati ball at the  Ferriéres.  Social elites from every walk of life received a invitation written backwards that had to be deciphered by holding it to a mirror.

The ball was such a big deal that one social figure threatened to commit suicide unless she was invited.

Marie-Hélène is seen below wearing the head of a beast, weeping tears made of diamonds, and Audrey Hepburn is pictured in a bird cage. Below are 20 surreal pictures from The Rothschild Ball.

Is this art? Or just another “illuminati conspiracy” full of hidden meaning.  You be the judge!

1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party

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1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party


1972 Rothschild Party












  • WynstonSmith

    Weird, yes, but it did have Dali in attendance and he is a surrealist firework display, looks like he may have been involved in some of the design and maskings. Its the picture they haven’t released that would be good to have a ‘butchers’ at, no pun intended!

    • jaysoon

      I respect Salvador Dali very much, but one should never let emotion or subjective views affect their perception of people. If he was an addled elitist, hell-bent on a power-trip of some sort, then he deserved no respect as a human being. Even that being said, I just can’t see that kind of evil in such an eccentric person as Salvador Dali was.

      But if he was a sick being like the other attendees, there should still be respect for him as an artist.

      • tj4447

        i was shocked by seeing Dali there, though maybe he was just a designer. His works really move me, though it was a little puzzling to see him in one of his paintings inspired by Mae West.

        • Emmanuel Truthseeker

          Some very wealthy people, who can afford the sort of costumes Salvador Dali would design, were attending a Surrealists’ Ball. Just because Rothschilds are evil incarnate, does not mean they don’t appreciate the arts; and certainly surrealism would appeal to them because it is an art movement which set reality on its head.

          • tj4447

            very true.

          • David Mowers

            “Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…”

      • the dave

        I bet he didn’t realize the depth of the depravity of these people and just thought of course he should be at such an important event. Just my guess…

      • Karen Thomas-Weston

        Dali was an active satanist.

  • thetruth

    its all symbolic we just have to figure out the code … to bad we’re 35 years too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • David Mowers

      Once we can control the food supply we can end mankind and force a return to the Garden of Enlightenment with our master Satan. Basically, in a nut-shell…

  • Muhammad Abbass


  • BlueMeanie

    Eyes Wide Shut

  • Jimmy Bee

    Zion is just a tricky way to pronounce Sin ,,, They are all just a gang of Ziner’s and against the ways of God ,, they think God keep us as dumb animals and Satan liberated humans

    • jaysoon

      As much as I agree, the pronouncing part isn’t very consistent.
      Zion is pronounced “zei-yon” whereas sin is just “sin”.

      • David Mowers

        Sin is suen or seen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zarki.urosevic Žarki Urošević



    Party in Dali Honour..obvious will be demoniac….

  • Jezebel Black

    Some people are so small minded….They look amazing.

    • Bodinky100

      Evil people always do!

      • Maliboo Smiley


  • marlio

    These people are wayyyyyyyyyyyy out there in left field. Probably all as looney as a bird

    • David Mowers

      According to Fox News Americans must always be firm in their resolve to have politics governed by cocaine and LSD-addled eccentric billionaires.

      Who else should run a whole nation?

  • Bodinky100

    Did Satan attend and if so did he wear a mask of himself? These elites make me sick to my stomach. I bet they sacrificed a few street kids in the basement wine cellar for kicks!

  • pammylou

    The Rothschild’s have been depending on Magick to make their fortune!

    People think they are open minded and artsy if they call Crowley,and the Nazi’s Vril Sex Magick Khul.You might say cool,but it was Djwhal Khul you are praising when you are “Cool”.”Spiritualists”want to have “secret” knowledge.They like to hack God’s system.They trust in all sorts of secrets like handwriting analysis,phrenology,astrology,Ouija,séances,involuntary handwriting,”Spirit Guides”Goetia demons,and more for their inside info! Many die as in the case of the Vril Society because they are playing with hell but it’s really all in fun,and totally harmless! They are not pathetic looking for mystical answers.They hate Jesus but that’s OK! They don’t want to hear what they are doing is destructive.They think they are special! They just have to know the future because they are well balanced!
    Nazi Cult: The Vril Society
    The Nazi Gospels
    They want their best life NOW! And use all the forbidden means to get it.If someone who has been affected negatively,and tries to warn them the believers call them liars.Until the day they get their unpleasant experience.Here are some of the best examples of ectoplasm
    People think that The Golden Dawn Secret Societies were full of stuffy old men with beards……Not so.
    Just like today it is the Arts where these wanters of fame and fortune thrive,
    They create nice illusions! Check out this Carnegie Institute spellcaster! He’s going to spin a story about a man who learned to draw from spirits at the popular séances performed by his wifeone of the most famous mediums in pre WW1 and WW2 (eugenics show in costumes) illusions.
    Hugo D’Alesi
    Maréorama Resurrected: An Illustrated Lecture by Erkki Huhtamo
    http://vimeo.com/53533579 or
    Media Archaeology – Jussi Parikka
    Anything by these men is loaded with praise for occult technology !
    Many people revered in Literature like Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes Murder stories) Following the death of his wife Louisa in 1906, the death of his son Kingsley just before the end of World War I, and the deaths of his brother Innes, his two brothers-in-law (one of whom was E. W. Hornung, creator of the literary character Raffles) and his two nephews shortly after the war, Doyle sank into depression. He found solace supporting spiritualism and its attempts to find proof of existence beyond the grave. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Conan_Doyle
    Bohemian Occult Subculture in Britain’s 1890s: How Artists, Actors, and Writers Made the Golden Dawn
    After personal experience with this stuff….I’d say it’s bad.Real bad.But of course the open minded wanters who think they are artsy fartsy will always say it’s just good fun! One thing for sure,it always really makes you a lot happier because the fortune tellers you the truth because they are tapped into the secret knowledge! It’s forbidden because it makes people really happy getting all the inside info from reliable sources.Alice A Bailey wrote 24 books loaning out her noodle to Djwhal Khul who was a very reliable and other ascended masters! Crowley had Aiwass ! His Sex Magick is fun too unless you are the animal he’s having sex with getting it’s throat slit as Crowley gets his Vril!! But when he drinks the blood he becomes the cat’s energy! It’s scientific!
    It’s the Religion of the UN. It’s getting us world peace so you know it is the best! The Rothschilds really know how to live! They sure seem happy at their happening parties!


    • jen.

      Hello Mrs Pammylou. I would like to borrow a book to read in my spare time. Thank you.

      • pammylou

        Hey Jen! As long as you are mentioning the Rothschilds…Maybe you might want to look at one of their illigitamate children.Her name is Jemima Khan Goldsmith.
        She plays Sarah Palin in the fake media.
        In Pakistan she plays a liberal muslim (by marriage to a soccer bouncy ball man muslim).She played the part of a good muslim till she got creds for being a muslim then went all slutty and conservative muslims cry about her liberal crap now..In the US as Sarah Palin she makes fools out of “conservatives”saying things like “Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists!” and the people cheer.She effectivley leads the opposition and they are home free with their Sarah Palin character.Conservatives….neutralized! It’s what she loves to do is destroy anything “conservative” or traditional.

        She works for UNICEF
        The United Nations corporate Partners are Goldman Sachs,Exxon,and Royal Dutch Shell,but United Nations sounds so much better!
        Jemima and Sarah both wear the same wigs because Jemima Khan Goldsmith has alopecia.Look close at these alleged “two” women.

  • tj4447

    i love the surrealism, but it is bittersweet knowing that the symbols are possibly referring to malevolent things.

  • Scott Garrity

    these people don’t see themselves as evil. that is where most of you are having trouble understanding them.

    • C.

      Just curious because I see your flag emblem on your avatar…What do Jewish people think of the Rothschild emblem on their Flag? What does this say to Jewish people? I’m curious to know how they see the Jewish state in which that family had so much to do with it’s organization.

      • C.

        I is just something I have had to re- think after studying up on this family and the new world order and want to now what Jewish people think

    • Ann Campion

      who wants to understand mass murderers. I just want to see them taken away from being our mystery lord and master technically….

  • Billy Engerson


  • cwtch mahboner

    looks to me like a bunch of lost muppets making an attempt at what their imaginations deemed edgy and pertinent. pretentious bullshit if you ask me.

  • Billy Engerson


  • Rosa Lopes

    I will never watch another movie in my entire life .all the actors and actress and not forgetting the singers are satanic worshipers and that is harmful to my life and soul.

  • marlene

    Evil is evil underneath all of its ugly disguises.

  • spirittoo

    If we the people got rid of these scum causing most of our problems the world would be a better place.

  • delireweb

    These masks and costumes are awesome!!!! Wow… Ok that said, it’s the people under which leaves me perplexed… Like that mannequin of a naked women with blood on her neck and shoulders lying on a bed of roses : that’s not “surrealism”, it’s simple savagery for sick minds, a savagery trying to masquerade as some “work of Art” so as to justify itself and its conditioning to sick attitudes and mindsets. These people MUST have learned to become psychopath so as to act the way they do, to provoke Wars killing hundreds of thousands, creating economic crisis so as to STEAL people patrimonial assets, while they impose “by law” their private privileges (interests and the exclusive power to print money out of nothingness : some would say “Satan’s work”, others as I do simply call them “criminals”)… An aristocratic plutocracy or and aristocratic monarchy, they’re exactly the same, leading to the same results, as these people DO NOT BELIEVE IN HUMAN/INTELLECTUAL EVOLUTION – some even think they’d be Gods amongst animals, or that they are the heir of Aliens, if not heir of pagan germanic Gods…). IMHO, they’ve simply become mentally ill, while practicing some way of psychological atavism (the goal of their so-called brain-washing sessions and weird initiation rituals, i.e. the Free Masons). Nowadays, they are fireing bullets not only over our Christian religions (especially Catholics since they don’t put money and cupidity above their lives and loves – a too incorruptible philosophy), but also over humanism : they’re shooting in all directions, while lobotomizing out youth with their mass-medias (it’s cool to behave as a “Jack-ass”, and it’s “looser” if not… It’s “manly” to get into bar fights and brawls, it’s “wussy” if you don’t like this…). Most medias are propagating that kind of dictatorial message, as well as deviant and dishonest thought processes, leveling down our humanity into some intellectual communism.

    Rockefeller wrote it himself : the people of the World must be our SERFS. In the end, it’s not a real ELITE, they’re very far from such attribute with their bad twisted tastes : they’ve come to represent an ill-will and deviant humanity. There’s a simple way to do this : convince yourself that all humans are flawed and bad at their roots, and there you go, you’lll end up acting exactly as your own self-fulfilling prophecy about some “fundamentally bad humanity” (“they’re” bad “by definition”, thus I can screw them or even kill them without any scruple)… Psychopath, that’s the word.

  • Soulgy

    When you get their loan or their put it on the alter of God and pray over it befor you spend it, or all your wealth will go back to them. Beware of their music key rituals.

  • David Mowers

    Starting with the mannequin splattered on it’s face and neck with blood lying on a bed of roses (symbolizing God’s eternal love) you get;

    Contempt and hate for beauty.

    Which in turn derived Beauty’s contempt and hatred for nature and the natural state.

    Leading to evolution (death of the first semi-gods, dinosaurs) which lead to mankind.

    Who through their contempt and hatred for themselves leads to the death of manhood.

    Which leads to contempt and hatred for childhood and the death of procreation between man and woman.

    Which serves up the promise (kiss) of nothing and the end of mankind.

    They are typical wealthy people who believe in nothing and hate everyone but themselves.