Grayson: Fight now or ‘kiss your country goodbye’ to Exxon, Wal-Mart

By Sahil Kapur
Friday, January 22nd, 2010 — 9:07 am

Inaction will create ‘Congressman from Wal-Mart’

091203 alan grayson 223 Grayson: Fight now or kiss your country goodbye to Exxon, Wal MartWASHINGTON — Responding to the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday to overturn corporate spending limits in federal elections, progressive firebrand Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) immediately highlighted a series of moves to “avoid the terrible consequences of the decision.”

“If we do nothing then I think you can kiss your country goodbye,” Grayson told Raw Story in an interview just hours after the decision was announced.

“You won’t have any more senators from Kansas or Oregon, you’ll have senators from Cheekies and Exxon. Maybe we’ll have to wear corporate logos like Nascar drivers.”

Grayson said the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling — which removes decades of campaign spending limits on corporations — “opens the floodgates for the purchases and sale of the law.” Continue reading

Exclusive: Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change

By Sahil Kapur
Thursday, January 21st, 2010 — 9:45 am

kucinich1 Exclusive: Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change

WASHINGTON — Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) on Wednesday said the Massachusetts election was a “wake up call” for Democrats and that his party had better change course or it could suffer devastating losses come November.

“People elected Democrats in 2008 to change the direction,” he told Raw Story in a nearly hour-long interview.

“And the same entrenched interests that George Bush could not shake, this current White House is having great difficulty in shaking. One could suggest they might be more entrenched than ever.”

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As personnel representing hundreds of government and nongovernment agencies from around the world rush to the aid of earthquake-devastated Haiti, the Defense Information Systems Agency has launched a Web portal with multiple social networking tools to aid in coordinating their efforts.

On Monday, Jean Demay, DISA’s technical manager for the agency’s Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system. On Wednesday, DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts. Continue reading

Q+A: What the Massachusetts upset means to Obama agenda

On matters from healthcare to judicial nominees, Obama will no longer be able to prevail in the Senate with just the support of 58 fellow Democrats and the two independents who typically vote with them. The president will now need at least one Republican vote — and that could be difficult.

Following are some questions and answers about the race, which saw Scott Brown become the first Republican since 1972 to be elected to the Senate from Massachusetts:


Once Brown is seated, Democrats will lose their 60-vote Senate supermajority, which now lets them clear Republican procedural roadblocks and pass legislation — or confirm presidential nominees — without a single Republican vote. Continue reading

Six Deadly Chemicals You’re Carrying in Your Body

January 20, 2010  by: E. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) A recent biomonitoring study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, has revealed that out of 212 chemicals tested, all 212 were found to be in the blood and urine of most Americans. Six chemicals in particular, found in virtually every person, were identified by the CDC as probable health hazards.

Every two years the CDC conducts the chemical study which identifies human exposure to toxic chemicals. This year 75 new chemicals were added to the assay that had never before been studied in the U.S. population. Every chemical tested in the study, including the 75 new ones, was found to be present in most or all of the study participants. Continue reading

Brown triumphant as GOP claims Kennedy’s US Senate seat

By Stephen C. Webster
Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 — 9:23 pm

Republican Scott Brown has pulled off a stunning upset in a special election to fill former Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts.

“Brown led by 52 per cent to 47 percent with all but 3 percent of precincts counted,” the Associated Press noted during Brown’s victory speech.

MSNBC reported that Coakley called Brown at 9:13 p.m. EST to concede the race.

The race between Brown and Democratic candidate Martha Coakley had been hotly contested in recent weeks as it became apparent that Brown was a legitimate contender who could derail Democrats’ super majority in the Senate. Brown has said he wants to see the president’s health reform proposals go “back to the drawing board,” drawing criticism from leading Democrats who interpret that to mean he wants to see the efforts end.

The White House admitted Obama was “surprised and frustrated” and “not pleased” about the narrow nature of the race, but dismissed the idea that it showed he was out of touch with the angry mood felt by Americans. Continue reading

West Hartford Tracking License Plates

December 23, 2009 By BILL LEUKHARDT, [email protected]

WEST HARTFORD — Police are getting a cruiser-mounted camera system that scans dozens of license plates a minute and can tell officers who owns the vehicle, and whether it’s been reported stolen or used during a crime.

The automatic scanner – a device already used in Hartford, New Britain and New Haven – matches scanned plates with databases of car registrations, complaints of stolen cars, and the plates and vehicles involved in accidents or crimes. Continue reading

BREAKING- Man arrested under Terrorism Act for Twitter joke

Paul Chambers made the comment on January 6 after snowfall threatened to delay his plans to travel to Ireland on January 15.

“Robin Hood airport is closed,” he wrote. “You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!!”

But while most of his friends enjoyed the joke, someone clearly didn’t and alerted the police, who arrived on Mr Chambers’ doorstep on January 13.

“My first thought upon hearing it was the police was that perhaps a member of my family had been in an accident,” 26-year-old Mr Chambers told The Independent.

“Then they said I was being arrested under the Terrorism Act and produced a piece of paper. It was a print-out of my Twitter page. That was when it dawned on me.” Continue reading


By John Solomon and Carrie Johnson

Special to The Washington Post and Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The FBI illegally collected more than 2,000 U.S. telephone call records between 2002 and 2006 by invoking terrorism emergencies that did not exist or simply persuading phone companies to provide records, according to internal bureau memos and interviews. FBI officials issued approvals after the fact to justify their actions.

E-mails obtained by The Washington Post detail how counterterrorism officials inside FBI headquarters did not follow their own procedures that were put in place to protect civil liberties. The stream of urgent requests for phone records also overwhelmed the FBI communications analysis unit with work that ultimately was not connected to imminent threats.

A Justice Department inspector general’s report due out this month is expected to conclude that the FBI frequently violated the law with its emergency requests, bureau officials confirmed.

The records seen by The Post do not reveal the identities of the people whose phone call records were gathered, but FBI officials said they thought that nearly all of the requests involved terrorism investigations.

FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni said in an interview Monday that the FBI technically violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act when agents invoked nonexistent emergencies to collect records.

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American Chemistry Council says BPA is perfectly safe. Eat all you want!

The Food and Drug Administration’s about-face on the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which is used to harden the plastic of sippy cups and baby bottles and to seal the inside of tin cans, could spur the adoption of bills in the California Legislature and U.S. Congress to restrict the chemical.

Despite a 2008 determination under President George W. Bush that the chemical was safe, the Obama administration said Friday that it would spend $30 million to study the effects of BPA. which has been linked to early puberty, obesity, breast cancer and neurological and behavioral changes. Continue reading

Maine May Require Cell Phones to Carry Cancer Warnings

(NaturalNews) Representative Andrea Boland, a Democrat from Maine, has introduced legislation that would require all mobile phones sold in the state to bear a label warning people that the devices may cause brain cancer. Citing studies that highlight such risks, Boland plans to make her case before the legislature in January in favor of the bill which, if enacted, would make Maine the first state to mandate hazard warnings for mobile devices.





State Rep Elijah Cummings is offering a foreclosure prevention workshop at Woodlawn High School on Saturday Feb 6th, from 9am-3pm. I find it kind of funny that Cummings was able to actually hear the cries for help in his own back yard over the roar of the “big banker” private interest groups….

If you remember correctly, this is the same Elijah Cummings who effectively demonstrated how to sit on both sides of the fence when he grilled Fed Chair Ben Bernanke with tough talk about  ”transparency and accountability” on C-SPAN; and then clearly demonstrated his true loyalty by supporting his banker friends–to the tune of 27 Trillion dollars! (That is a lot of support!)

A simple “no” vote on the bailout would have validated all that tough talk.  It is estimated that 90% of the American people are/were opposed to the banker bailouts–I find it hard to believe that Cummings could not hear the voice of that much opposition.

Since Cummings continues to show that he either, (1) can’t hear his constituents, or, (2) he has little respect for their voice, I am challenging voters of Maryland  to attend his foreclosure workshop at Woodlawn High School. Let’s take this opportunity to acquaint Cummings with the facts: his votingrecord does not reflect an individual who disapproves of banker bailouts, Obamacare, and the general “selling out” of the American taxpayer.  We need to show this ”race pimp” we are watching him and will continue to monitor his progression towards liberty!

Please join me on Saturday, Feb 6th @9am at Woodlawn HIgh School. Be prepared to confront Cummings with tough questions. Bring your video camera.

Lets take back our community one event at a time!


Washington’s Blog
January 14, 2010

As everyone knows, the economy cannot permanently recover and truly stabilize until the giant banks are broken up. The top independent experts agreethat the too big to fails are a drain on the economy and put the entire system at risk.

The giant banks aren’t lending much to the people who need it. Fortune pointed out in February that smaller banks are stepping in to fill the lending void left by the giant banks’ current hesitancy to make loans. Indeed, the article points out that the only reason that smaller banks haven’t been able to expand and thrive is that the too-big-to-fails have decreased competition. Continue reading

Grayson takes on corporate campaign spending

Responding to a Supreme Court case that could result in most of the US’s restrictions on campaign spending being tossed off the books, US House Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) has introduced a series of bills that would severely curtail the ability of corporate donors to influence the outcome of elections.

“We are facing a potential threat to our democracy,” Graysontold the Huffington Post’s Arthur Delaney. “Unlimited corporate spending on campaigns means the government is up for sale and that the law itself will be bought and sold. It would be political bribery on the largest scale imaginable.” Continue reading


In a 2008 academic paper, President Barack Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs advocated “cognitive infiltration” of groups that advocate “conspiracy theories” like the ones surrounding 9/11.

Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor, co-wrote an academic article entitled “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures,” in which he argued that the government should stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine” those groups. Continue reading


Chris Zucker is a targeted individual (TI) due to his whistleblowing, only one of millions of innocent American citizens illegally, covertly watched and only one of an untold number of those under shocking attack enabled by the USA PATRIOT Act’s illegal surveillance component that he calls a “government-mob program” and government calls “state secrets.” The term domestic terror is also apropos, and albeit homegrown, it has little or nothing to do with Muslims, except perpetrators’ racist exploitation of them as scapegoats.

Simplified, domestic terrorism is “terrorism practiced in your own country against your own people” (, or “involves groups or individuals whose terrorist activities are directed at our government or people in U.S. without foreign direction.” (

A new study out of Duke University on U.S. homegrown terrorism says that “the threat of radicalization among American Muslims has been overstated.” (AP, Study: Risk of Homegrown Terror Exaggerated, January 6, 2010) The study report does not state, however, that homegrown terrorism does not exist. Continue reading

France plans ‘Google tax’ on internet searches

(TELEGRAPH)   The proposal, outlined in a government-commissioned survey, has set the scene for a new Gallic run-in with Google – fast becoming the global internet behemoth the world loves to hate.

The levy on advertising revenue is the latest plank in France’s drive to regulate the internet, which has seen it enact some of the world’s toughest antipiracy legislation.

Besides Google, the tax would target other large operators in Europe such as Microsoft and Yahoo! whether or not their offices are in France. Google’s European headquarters are in Ireland, but under the proposal, the operator would pay a levy every time a French internet user clicks on an advertising banner or sponsored link on its sites. Continue reading

Global deep freeze threatens 2010 food supply

(NaturalNews) The global deep freeze now striking North America, Europe, China and other regions may lead to severe food shortages and price hikes throughout 2010. Right now, rare freezing temperatures are destroying root crops in their ground, wiping out citrus orchards and devastating food producers around the world. The upshot of it all? Expect food shortages and rising food pricesthroughout 2010.

This global deep freeze is all part of the extreme weathernow being unleashed on the planet due to human beings polluting the world and altering the atmosphere. Scientists can’t agree on whether the trend is global warming orglobal cooling, but no one can argue that something’s wrong with the weather. Continue reading


Anthony Gucciardi
January 11, 2010

Forbes magazine has named Monsanto, the company responsible for introducing genetically modified food into the food supply, Company of the year. It sounds like satire, but it sadly is not. The company responsible for crushing family owned farms and bioengineering the food that we eat has received an honorary award. Perhaps this is an early April fools joke. Continue reading

Ron Paul’s Golden Rule

Alexandra Zendrian,

01.08.10, 06:00 AM EST



Forbes: Why do you think the Federal Reserve needs to be audited?

Dr. Ron Paul: For lots of reasons. I don’t believe in secrecy. I don’t think anyone should have so much power that they can create money out of thin air and spend it and interfere in the markets and do central economic planning without any oversight. Congress has a responsibility to know what they’re doing because they created the Fed, they’re very, very important, and people benefit from their actions. And I’d like to know who benefits and who suffers the consequence. I just think that it would be in the interest of the people to know exactly what the Fed is doing.

Why don’t we know what’s going on with the Fed?

People have been pretty complacent, generally complacent, over many, many years because it’s been an insidious problem. I mean, in 1913, they came into existence and a lot of people didn’t know much about it. And they didn’t call for it. But over the years, there’s always been one or two saying, “We should know more about it.” Continue reading

The threat of a global water shortage

The UN summit on climate change that took place in Copenhagen last month was never going to be a roaring success, but the outcome was below even Barack Obama’s slim hopes for the conference.

In the lead up to COP15 The US President repeatedly said he did not expect a comprehensive global deal to be reached, but world leaders left the Danish capital with perhaps even more obstacles than existed before the talks began. At the top of the agenda was global cooperation in developing renewable energy sources that could help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, with negotiations focused on financing this development. However, water provides a thread which connects the different impacts of climate change. Continue reading


They don’t teach “Wal-Math” in American high schools, but here’s how it works: 1 job created – 1 job destroyed = 1 job.

Wal-Mart has never admitted the difference between gross jobs and net jobs. That’s why when Wal-Mart opened its only store in Chicago, Illinois on the west side, the retailer said: “This store will show what a great asset Wal-Mart can be to the community, as an employer and corporate citizen.” From Day One of its drive to locate stores in the Windy City, Wal-Mart based its case on jobs. Continue reading

GOVT LIES- Full-body scanner machines do save and transmit images, secret documents reveal

Monday, January 11, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

(NaturalNews) The TSA has been lying to the American people about full-body scanners. The agency has insisted that these “digital strip search” machines are incapable of saving, storing or transmitting the images they take. This, we are told, makes it okay for people to be digitally strip-searched.

But secret documents uncovered by the Electronic Privacy Information Center ( have revealed that these machines do indeed posses precisely such capabilities. According to TSA specification requirement documents that have been uncovered by the EPIC, all full-body scanners purchased by the TSA must have the ability to both save and transmit the scanned images of air passengers. Continue reading

Econundrum: Is Your Tap Water Too Dirty to Drink?

I’ve long been a proud drinker of tap water. Here in the Bay Area, most of our water comes from the famously pristine Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, surrounded by 500 square miles of wilderness in Yosemite National Park. What impurities could possibly make it into such a remote place?

Plenty, turns out. The Environmental Working Group recently tested the water in 45 states and found 316 contaminants. Nearly two thirds of those contaminants are not regulated by the EPA—meaning local water authorities aren’t required to filter them or even monitor their levels. Continue reading

Could we be in for 30 years of global COOLING?

Last updated at 10:46 PM on 11th January 2010

Britain’s big freeze is the start of a worldwide trend towards colder weather that seriously challenges global warming theories, eminent scientists claimed yesterday.

The world has entered a ‘cold mode’ which is likely to bring a global dip in temperatures which will last for 20 to 30 years, they say.

Summers and winters will all be cooler than in recent years, and the changes will mean that global warming will be ‘paused’ or even reversed, it was claimed.

The predictions are based on an analysis of natural cycles in water temperatures in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

They are the work of respected climate scientists and not those routinely dismissed by environmentalists as ‘global warming deniers’.

Some experts believe these cycles – and not human pollution – can explain all the major changes in world temperatures in the 20th century.

If true, the research challenges the science behind climate change theories, and calls into question the political measures to halt global warming.

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January 10, 2010 1:40 PM PST

by Chris Matyszczyk

I am sure that Facebook will endure until well beyond our being twinned with the Planet Tush.

Facebook employees will, as the years go by, leave the company to enter politics more frequently. They will be elected with landslide majorities and they will be extremely popular as they will anticipate people’s needs far quicker than the conventional gray-haired folks who buy ill-fitting clothes at expensive retailers and currently sit in the Senate.

How can I be so sure? Well, I just watched this video of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg being interviewed by a very nice man in a suit.

And in it, around the three-minute mark, he says: “People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people. That social norm is just something that has evolved over time.” Continue reading





MD State Rep Elijah Cummings is offering a foreclosure prevention workshop at Woodlawn High School on Saturday Feb 6th, from 9am-3pm. I find it kind of funny that Cummings was able to actually hear the cries for help in his own back yard over the roar of the “big banker” private interest groups….

If you remember correctly, this is the same Elijah Cummings who effectively demonstrated how to sit on both sides of the fence when he grilled Fed Chair Ben Bernanke with tough talk about  ”transparency and accountability” on C-SPAN; and then clearly demonstrated his true loyalty by supporting his banker friends–to the tune of 27 Trillion dollars! (That is a lot of support!)

A simple “no” vote on the bailout would have validated all that tough talk.  It is estimated that 90% of the American people are/were opposed to the banker bailouts–I find it hard to believe that Cummings could not hear the voice of that much opposition. Continue reading

CES: AR.Drone helicopter controllable by iPhone

LAS VEGAS–This is the coolest toy I’ve ever seen: the Parrot AR.Drone, a remote-controlled helicopter with a twist. It’s controlled over Wi-Fi from an iPhoneor iPod Touch, and it’s got a camera in its snout that streams to your iPhone’s screen.

The copter itself is computer-stabilized, so controlling it is much easier than the standard $40 toy RC helicopter you may be familiar with. But it should be: it’ll cost in the neighborhood of $500, when it ships this year. You’ll get about 15 minutes of battery-powered fun on a one-hour charge. Continue reading