Americans Are Living In 1984

The White House’s “death of bin Laden” story has come apart at the seams. Will it make any difference that before 48 hours had passed the story had changed so much that it no longer bore any resemblance to President Obama’s Sunday evening broadcast and has lost all credibility?

So far it has made no difference to the once-fabled news organization, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which on March 9, eight days later, is still repeating the propaganda that the SEALs killed bin Laden in his Pakistani compound, where bin Laden lived next door to the Pakistani Military Academy surrounded by the Pakistani army.

Not even the president of Pakistan finds the story implausible. The BBC reports that the president is launching a full-scale investigation of how bin Laden managed to live for years in an army garrison town without being noticed.

For most Americans the story began and ended with four words: “we got bin Laden.” The celebrations, the sweet taste of revenge, of triumph and victory over “the most dangerous man on the planet” are akin to the thrill experienced by sports fans when their football team defeats the unspeakable rival or their baseball team wins the World Series. No fan wants to hear the next day that it is not so, that it is all a mistake. If these Americans years from now come across a story that the killing of bin Laden was an orchestrated news event to boost other agendas, they will dismiss the report as the ravings of a pinko-liberal-commie.

Everyone knows we killed bin Laden. How could it be otherwise? We–the indispensable people, the virtuous nation, the world’s only superpower, the white hats–were destined to prevail. No other outcome was possible.

No one will notice that those who fabricated the story forgot to show the kidney dialysis machine that, somehow, kept bin Laden alive for a decade. No doctors were on the premises.

No one will remember that Fox News reported in December, 2001, that Osama bin Laden had passed away from his illnesses.,2933,41576,00.html

If bin Laden beat all odds and managed to live another decade to await, unarmed and undefended, the arrival of the Navy SEALS last week, how it is possible that the “terror mastermind,” who defeated not merely the CIA and FBI, but all 16 US intelligence agencies along with those of America’s European allies and Israel, the National Security Council, the Pentagon, NORAD, Air Traffic Control, airport security four times on the same morning, etc. etc., never enjoyed another success, not even a little, very minor one? What was the “terror mastermind” doing for a decade after 9/11?

The “death of bin Laden” serves too many agendas that cover the political spectrum for the obvious falsity of the story to be recognized by very many. Patriots are euphoric that America won over bin Laden. Progressives have seized on the story to excoriate the United States for extra-judicial murder that brutalizes us all. Some on the left-wing bought into the 9/11 story because of the emotional satisfaction they received from oppressed Arabs striking back at their imperialist oppressors. These left-wingers are delighted that it took the incompetent Americans an entire decade to find bin Laden, who was hiding in plain view. The American incompetence in finding bin Laden simply, in their minds, proves the incompetence of the US government, which failed to protect Americans against the 9/11 attack.

Those who ordered, and those who wrote, totally incompetent legal memos that torture was permissible under US and international law, thereby setting up George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for the possibility of prosecution, are riding the euphoria of bin Laden’s death by declaring that it was torture that led the American assassins to bin Laden. All of a sudden, torture, which had fallen back into the disrepute in which it had been for centuries, is again in the clear. Anything that leads to the elimination of bin Laden is
a valid instrument.

Those, who want to increase the pressure on Pakistan to shut up about Americans murdering Pakistani citizens in Pakistan from the air and from troops on the ground, have gained a new club with which to beat the Pakistani government into submission: “you hid bin Laden from us.”

Those who want to continue to fatten the profits of the military/security complex and the powers of Homeland Security, such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, use bin Laden’s second, or ninth, death as proof that America is being successful in its war on terror and that the war must continue on such a successful path until all enemies are slain.

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Most ominous of all was the statement by the CIA director that bin Laden’s death would lead to new attacks on America and new 9/11s from al Qaeda seeking revenge. This warning, issued within a few hours of President Obama’s Sunday evening address, telegraphed the inevitable “al Qaeda” Internet posting that America would suffer a new 9/11s for killing their leader.

If the Taliban knew in December 2001 that bin Laden was dead, does anyone think that al Qaeda didn’t know it? Indeed, no member of the public has any way of knowing if al Qaeda is anything more than a bogyman organization created by the CIA which issues “al Qaeda” announcements. The evidence that al Qaeda’s announcements are issued by the CIA is very strong. The various videos of bin Laden for the last nine years have been shown by experts to be fakes. Why would bin Laden issue a fake video? Why did bin Laden cease issuing videos and only issue audios? A person running a world-wide terrorist organization should be able to produce videos. He would also be surrounded by better protectors than a couple of women. Where was al Qaeda, which according to former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld, consists of “the most dangerous, best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the earth.” Had these most dangerous men alive abandoned their leader?

The CIA director’s warning of future terrorist attacks, followed by a suspect “al Qaeda” threat of the same, suggests that if the American public continues to lose its enthusiasm for the governments open-ended wars, which are conducted at the expense of the US budget deficit, the dollar’s exchange value, inflation, Social Security, Medicare, income support programs, jobs, recovery, and so forth, “al Qaeda” will again outwit all 16 US intelligence agencies, those of our allies, NORAD, airport security, Air Traffic Control, etc. etc., and inflict the world’s only superpower with another humiliating defeat that will invigorate American support for “the war on terror.”

I believe that “al Qaeda” could blow up the White House or Congress or both and that the majority of Americans would fall for the story, just as the Germans, a better educated and more intelligent population, fell for the Reichstag Fire–as did a number of historians.

The reason I say this is that Americans have succumbed to propaganda that has conditioned them to believe that they are under attack by practically omnipotent adversaries. Proof of this is broadcast every day. For example, on March 9, I heard over National Public Radio in Atlanta that Emory University, a private university of some distinction, treated its 3,500 graduating class to a commencement address by Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security.

This is the agency that has goons feeling the genitals of young children and adults and which has announced that it intends to expand this practice from air travelers to shopping malls, bus and train stations. That a serious university invited such a low-lifer, who clearly has no respect for American civil liberty and is devoid of any sort of sense of what is appropriate, to address a graduating class of southern elite is a clear indication that the Ministry of Truth has prevailed. Americans are living in George Orwell’s 1984.

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For those who haven’t read Orwell’s classic prediction of our time, Big Brother, the government, could tell the “citizens” any lie and it was accepted unquestioningly. As a perceptive reader pointed out to me, we Americans, with our “free press,” are at this point today: “What is really alarming is the increasingly arrogant sloppiness of these lies, as though the government has become so profoundly confident of its ability to deceive people that they make virtually no effort to even appear credible.”

A people as gullible as Americans have no future.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is the father of Reaganomics and the former head of policy at the Department of Treasury. He is a columnist and was previously an editor for the Wall Street Journal. His latest book, “How the Economy Was Lost: The War of the Worlds,” details why America is disintegrating.


BIG BROTHER-Phones Required To Recieve ‘Homeland Security’ Alerts

(CBSNewYork) – A new national alert system is set to begin in New York City that will alert the public to emergencies via cell phones.

It’s called the Personal Localized Alert Network or PLAN. Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said the system would also warn about terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

“The lessons that were reinforced on 9/11 is the importance of getting clear and accurate information to the public during a crisis,” New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference on Tuesday.

Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, are already on board. Consumers would be able to opt out of all but those presidential messages.

“We believe this new alert system is a welcome addition to our arsenal of readiness,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. “It’s like a police officer’s gun: it’s there for a good reason but we hope that we never have to pull the trigger.”

WCBS 880′s Paul Murnane In Lower Manhattan: Verizon And AT&T Are On Board

The announcement of the new emergency alert system came in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and an uptick in security and safety concerns around New York City.

For now, the alerts are capable on certain high-end cell phones but starting next year, all cell phones will be required to have the chip that receives alerts.

By the end of the year, the new system will be in place in New York City and Washington and in cities around the country by the end of 2012.

Bloomberg made the announcement about the new system Tuesday morning with FCC chairman Julius Genashowski and other federal and local officials.

This new emergency alert system is part of the Warning Alert and Response Network Act that was approved by Congress in 2006.

New York City already has an emergency alert in place called Notify NYC.  Bloomberg says it’s the largest opt-in notification alert system in the country.


“The Legacy of Bin Laden” by Immortal Technique

(XXL)  In a world that has been flooded by news, there is usually nothing that rises far above the smoldering lava of sensation—that which consumes all truth and absorbs all lies mixing them into a fiery lake or stew of bubbling nonsense. So much so, that to discover glanced over facts, to question people of importance within government or the machine itself leads to the branding of one as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Truthfully, there are many people who lived life with doubt over the facts surrounding 9/11, who felt afraid to express it, probably because they feared being accused of “hating America,” of being “with the terrorists,” hence sympathizing with the people who were responsible for killing all of those who died on 9/11. You talk to people like this at work, you see them walking by you everyday, you can read their rants on message boards or in chat rooms around the world, insulting people who present their doubts. Some choose to not question anything to fit in, others just figure their opinion is irrelevant and doesn’t change anything. After all, there is such thing as human error and no matter how much the government or people in it stand to gain, they could have a made a mistake, by mistake, and not on purpose. Some secrets are best kept secrets in the interest of national security. However, if national security means protecting the abuse of power and the negligence of authority, then it is not the security of a nation that is being protected, but the indulgences of the corrupt.

Read the rest under the cut.

Of course, the counterpart to this position, which creates the fervor of hatred and disrespectful debate, is the believer of all conspiracy theories and repeater of random information with only websites as sources. The angry person who blows up a postal truck because they think that their tax dollars shouldn’t go to excessive spending, or things like bombing people or paying mercenaries triple for what soldiers should be doing. This person is sometimes purposefully placed in that position and given a platform as a deterrent for the people who actually have a truth to be heard and taken seriously. This is what we term an agent provocateur, a mole planted to make the real issues lose credibility mixed in with insanity.

Not all people who doubt the official version of the story are raving lunatics, though. Some have an honest distrust of their own government. Some are veterans of a war like Vietnam who know that the people who run the United States of America are very capable of lying even to the best and bravest of those who risk their lives to defend the dwindling freedoms that we enjoy. Others are youthful minds, seeking to present themselves as different than the bland and overwhelmingly planned out and boring existence that chokes anything original or radical around them.

For the rest of us that are caught in between, it creates a crushing vice. The overflow of information, whether it was naturally evolving or a deliberate blurring mechanism put into place, distorts everything. And so for the sake of logic and truth, and to put the recent events surrounding Osama Bin Laden in perspective, I have decided to address several points about America’s tumultuous relationship with him.

Immortal Technique

1. First Impressions

There are people in this country who, when they speak, give you the impression that we never negotiate with terrorists; that our mission is to overthrow dictatorships; that we help the people gain true freedom; and that we do not torture people… But without lending any weight to conspiracy, there is documented evidence that at Guantanamo Bay, at Bagram Airforce base, and other secret locations we have tortured thousands, many wrongly accused, to obtain information. We have supported many more dictatorships than we could ever possibly overthrow because it was necessary for us to be able to have access to natural resources including their cheap labor. Why else would the clothing manufacturers in Honduras quietly lobby for the coup in 2009 and support it? Because the people who make their clothes might Unionize. Collective bargaining, health standards (not even American ones, but that of the nation they are in), humane conditions, all mean cutting into the profit margin and, in case you haven’t noticed, that matters more to corporations than people’s lives. Why do you think a dictatorship like Mubarak’s or the King of Saudi Arabia’s never received the same vitriol and hatred as the democratically elected regime of Hugo Chavez? Because it is not Communism or Socialism or even radical Islam that this country is opposed to. It is any form of government, any regime or any person that stands between the United States and it’s interests that should be considered marked for death. (By the United States, I mean the entities—be they corporate or of some other means—that are responsible for our elected officials being in the positions of power they hold.)

Actually, we have always “negotiated with terrorists.” Iran Contra. “The Surge,” not in troop strength, but also the surge in money we paid armed militias and armed gangs to not fire at American troops. Etc… So it’s clear, we only care about one kind of terrorist. Our terrorist. That person or organization is our dog, and our dog alone. When others use such tactics against us, it is evil, unkind and inhumane. But when we use these approaches against enemies who have already been demonized, then we find some gentle complacency over it instead of the anger and betrayal at our American standard of war. For nothing damages the American pride more than to acknowledge that underneath the stars and stripes, we can be just wicked as everyone else in the world.

2. The Love Affair of the Past

In the case of Osama Bin Laden, there was a time when his violence against an enemy and his ability to raise money around sympathetic members of his circle was an asset to this nation’s agenda. When “Operation Cyclone” was put into effect in order to create a Vietnam-like atmosphere for Russia inside Afghanistan, Bin Laden was heralded as a freedom fighter. His belief in an extremely conservative version of Islam was of no consequence; the methods used to kill Russians by Mujahideen fighters, unquestioned. It was a guerrilla war, in which victory would come slowly and at a very high cost to the people of Afghanistan. Only one thing mattered: killing and punishing the enemy.

I often thought of that, especially when I was in Afghanistan. I glanced over mass graveyards full of green flags and wondered what these people were told they were fighting for. Was it their duty as Muslims to repel the invasion of a people whose government didn’t believe in organized religion? On the flipside, sitting inside a tank outside of Kabul broken and deformed by war, I thought of the Russian troops who died in it. I’m sure these kids didn’t want to go to war, they didn’t ask to go; much like our soldiers, they were simply following orders. I’m sure their death left a hole in their mother’s heart, the same kind of hole that is left in an American mothers heart who is told that her son or daughter has perished in Basra or Khandahar. And yet there are people who thought that it was worth it, that the might of Communism, the threat of it was so great that no expense should be spared and that the allies used in this war would be given free range.

Immortal Technique

The religious fanatics and their antics were of no concern for the advisors to President Jimmy Carter. Some were scarred by memories of Russia’s Imperialist ambition (disguised as Communism at the time) and called for a slow bleeding of the USSR. Afghanistan was chosen to be the cutting tool. They would pay the ultimate price as their methods of war came to life in the ignorance they brewed and inhumanity they praised to gain their objective. So, now, the question becomes, what methods of inhumane deeds, what torture that we have overlooked waits to face us in the future? What rotting half cooked dead body have we made someone cry over and then excuse with a date rape phrase like “collateral damage”? Who is waiting for revenge in the future for the 9/11 that we have visited upon their lives.

After the collapse of the Dr. Najibullah’s regime, the loss of countless Afghan lives and over 20,000 Russian soldiers, Usāmah bin Muhammad bin Awad bin Lādin became another unpronounceable name that, to be quite honest and veer from the formal manner of journalism, nobody here gave a fuck about in 1989. The U.S. and its allies will downplay his roll, saying he just raised money, that he was not a great fighter. But he was a link, and a recognizable one that was considered as an asset to the CIA and to other intelligence services like the Pakistani ISI. In other words, he did to the Russians what we would call terrorism if it were done to us now.

However, we are left with a question. What is a terrorist exactly? Is it a person who commits random acts of violence against civilians or military personnel in order to push forth a political agenda? If that is the case, then when people playing a real video game in some military office fire a drone at a target and kill civilians, are they terrorists? How often do we actually employ people like this in The Middle East, in Latin America, Asian or Africa to affect results? Forgive me, I have left you with more questions than information, but maybe now you at least understand my sincerity. I do not wish to spoon feed you a story, but only to make you think for a moment.

3. Obama vs. Bush

I saw a sign held up by two very young people cheering in front of the white house saying, “Obama, you forgot to say thank you to President Bush.” I almost laughed out loud for a second but, rather than judging them, I thought about it critically. The capture of Bin Laden took place in Abbottabad, which is approximately 30 miles Northeast of Islamabad. The operation took place in a wealthy suburb populated by retired high-ranking Pakistani military officials. Wasn’t it Bush who diverted all of the attention from Bin Laden to topple Sadaam Hussein’s regime in Iraq. Wasn’t this at a critical stage in which he could have been close to capture? And if he was captured, could Iraq and our presence in Afghanistan then be justified in 2002? How many American lives could have been saved if Iraq never happened? How will the right wing attempt to spin this in the upcoming election? Bin Laden’s elimination shows that President Obama was willing to give the go ahead, to drive into Pakistan and to commit US forces to America’s agenda more than Bush was. He is truly a Caesar in the tradition of conquerors, but a triumph parade is out of fashion these days; there must be only unscripted (but scripted) praise and joy. But it must never, under any circumstances, look like hatred. We never hate anyone. They hate us. We don’t hate them. Just keep repeating that to yourself.

Immortal Technique

4. Figures of Hate

It’s easy to blame Hitler for killing 6 million Jews. He’s the figurehead. He was a megalomaniac, an iron fisted dictator and a wild anti-Semite. It’s harder to take a look, though, at the society in Germany that turned everyday human beings, like the people you see walking around in America, into raving nationalists capable of anything. It’s easy to blame Stalin for his purges and millions of lives he destroyed. There are even people in this country ignorant enough to say that it is the inherent evil of Socialism and Godlessness that causes these things. However, it’s harder to pin point the person that is responsible for the African slave trade that cost hundreds of million of lives. There is no one person responsible for covered up massacre of Armenians or the mass genocide of Native American Indigenous people on this side of the world. You cannot hold Europeans collectively responsible, but most certainly those who were “escaping religious persecution” are dwarfed (again) by the hundreds of millions of lives that were lost as a direct result of their migration/invasion.

Bin Laden may be the face of radical Islam, but he was not its only leader. His death leaves a vacuum, a place for others that may wish to find fame and at the same time satisfy their supposedly pious Muslim ego in “accepting their duty” to engage in a Jihad against someone who is occupying their country. This person who wishes to be a singular entity must remember, only a few of those have ever held true power.

Bin Laden was not a devil. He was a regular person who was created by his circumstance, and by his many supporters including this government, but had he been born in Florida he could have owned a business renting boats or cars or running a restaurant. In the end, he chose his own fate, but I believe the radicalization of Islam, brought about by colonialism and harnessed by the Cold War was a factor.

The real question is, though, what do you believe?

5. What to Believe

It’s hard to believe anything these days. Why was he found so easily in such plain sight? So he was just in there, getting room service, relaxing, fucking, checking his Internet, drinking tea and making disrespectful video blogs all day? How many people knew where he was? Did he know they knew? Did he ever go outside during the day? He never had plastic surgery to change his appearance? Was that really him that they just killed? How would we know anyway? Will more details be released about his death? Has he always been alive, waiting for the right time for us to kill him at a time when we needed the bolstering/distraction? Or has he always been dead and this announcement comes at similar time? Was he a coward for attacking the U.S. with suicide bombers? Or were his enemies the cowards for firing missiles from 1,000 miles away? Why buried at sea, and so quickly? That’s not a “Muslim tradition.” Being buried in 24 hours is, but no one has ever said, Hey, Uncle Muhammad died, oh shit let’s find some water throw him in…Really? Will being drowned and not having a body make him any less of a martyr? Can a shrine not be built anyway? No one has in their possession, to my knowledge, the physical body of Jesus Christ, does that stop him from having millions of followers, and thousands of places of worship dedicated to him and what he represents? Maybe they just cut his hands off and sent them to Langley like Che Guevara. The problem with asking these questions is that people brand you as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Immortal Technique

6. Conspiracy

What if I told you about a conspiracy that involves a group of people who are working on making a weapon never before known to mankind? This thing will change the face of war forever and so anyone who comes into the knowledge of this process is either: absorbed into the project, assassinated or imprisoned.

The mixture of science and military technology is at work night and day until these people secretly achieve their sinister goal. They build a weapon that can kill hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people in one shot. These people conspire to then use that weapon against a sworn enemy of their country, whom they happen to be at war with.

The skeptics are scoffing at me and all rolling their eyes right now, but what if I told you that this weapon really existed, and that this process was real and that on August 6th 1945 we used this weapon… on Japan, producing its desired results. Wouldn’t that be a conspiracy?

There are companies that meet everyday to decide which chemicals are the cheapest to put in their products and how to alter the law to make them sellable. That is a conspiracy. People lobby congress behind closed doors for tax breaks while we cut social services. That is a conspiracy. There are governments who will use men like Bin Laden all the time as a proxy against their opponents. That is also a conspiracy, and since we are one of those governments who used such a man, we are the conspiracy.

7. Justice

We captured the man responsible for 9/11.

That’s how some people feel. But I don’t feel that way.

What ever happened to all of those people who were placing negative bets on the airline stock that plummeted that day and then never claimed their money? I’m sure they knew something, or know someone who knew more than they did. The people who murdered Shah Massoud whom those in Afghanistan said were Pakistani ISI trained killed the only person capable of being a real liaison between a post Taliban government and the world.

But we didn’t want an independent thinking man. We needed a puppet like Karzai to rule once the Taliban who offered Bin Laden without evidence were turned down and it became apparent that they were on their way out. Didn’t these people in the councils of government here know and feel that there was going to be radical shift in policy towards Central Asia and The Middle East? And what about the Pakistani government and the military, doesn’t this prove what people have been saying overall that many high ranking officials knew where Bin Laden was the entire time? That they were taking billions in counterterrorism money all the while laughing and dancing around and entertaining Bin Laden. If you think about it, as repulsing as he is to us what we have done to that region is so repulsing that knowing full well what kind of individual this is people were willing to house him for 10 years. (That’s if you believe the story.)

Also, seeing how the Taliban themselves are not really wholly from Afghanistan but also from subsections of North Western Pakistan and/or orphans of a war displaced and raised in that society, now what? Will they simply abandon their traditions because one man is dead? I would have honestly rather seen Bin Laden captured and brought to trial, to spill all of his dirty little secrets, to expose his contacts within many governments. But we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Instead we are spoon fed a story about a man who was on the run from the world, living the Beverly Hills of Northern Pakistan. He was descended upon, killed with no evidence remaining, no proof to the world, only the word of the state, and then his body disposed of at sea. Conspiracy theorists will say that is too convenient, those who believe the story will find it difficult to defend but go along with what the news says as their talking points. Not because they want to, but because their pride doesn’t really offer them any other choice.

Immortal Technique

8. The Question(s) of Occupation

What real justification do we have now to stay in Afghanistan? We were losing a war to Guerrillas and the people themselves who were simply fed up with the unwelcome presence of strangers. The drones that were touted as being the “future of war” turned out to be a video game gone wrong. I’m sure there are kids out there playing Black Ops or World of Warcraft with better hand eye coordination than the individuals in charge of those prototypes from Skynet that we have patrolling the skies of Afghanistan.

That being said, it was recently discovered that Afghanistan is so rich with a diverse amount of natural resources that leaving it after committing so many lives would look like a loss in itself. So do we cover a military failure with a brief victory in the death of Bin Laden and begin the silent conquest, that which is done with treaties heavily in our advantage and completely exploitative of their land? People cheered the Egyptian revolt in Tahrir Square. Yet, since the stepping down of it’s US and Israeli backed dictator, there is little mention of the new government or it’s process of development, no attention to detail paid to the inquest into the secret police, and into the truth seeking that should follow the overturning of such a system. If we remove our legions, will we be able to exact influence in the same manner? I doubt it.

9. Searching for Closure

If my parents or my child or any close friend of mine were killed, I would want justice. I would pursue justice to whatever ends, not just for myself, but also so that no other person in the world would have to endure that pain.

But if I sat back and thought about it, and realized how my struggle for justice killed a hundred times as many innocent people who had nothing to do with it, I wouldn’t feel proud of my achievement. I would think about how I had just created a hundred thousand people around the world to feel like I did when my loved one was killed. I would remember that while the crowds around me were cheering and celebrating. I would think that the people whose families have been destroyed as a result of this war would feel hurt by my jubilation, the way we were angry at Arabs when the news purposefully played that video of Palestinians from 1992 falsely celebrating after 9/11. (Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think that was done by accident.)

We have spent over a trillion dollars and, according to several Human rights organizations, we have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq, which we went into under the premise that Al-Quaeda was there pursuing nuclear and biological weapons. If my search for justice has led to various injustices that I cannot correct, that I offer no apology for, then what have I really achieved in destroying a person, if the process has duplicated the mind state that gave birth to him a thousand fold?

Zbigniew Brzezinski, the man who called for any means or method of attacking the Russians during the Afghan Jihad, was heavily criticized after the attacks of 9/11 for his callous looking down upon the issues that could arise from U.S. support for Islamic militants. But he left a quote that resonated with me, “Moreover, as America becomes an increasingly multi-cultural society, it may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat.” To quote Tupac, “this be the realest shit I ever wrote.”

As America grows in the number of individuals of mixed ethnicity and stops being driven solely by White supremacy and the dominance of European immigrants, it can no longer rely singularly on its call for war to hold water. It must come up with terrible ways to demonize its opponents. From the simple things like pointing out how much an emeny’s wife makes, while ignoring the lavish and wasteful spending of the several wives, concubines and mistresses of its allies.

The issue of rape and murder are tragic in any circumstance, but when I read the story about a woman who was raped by several men in the Libyan army, I thought about the statistics concerning rape within our own military (look them up please) and the suicide rate of our military forces. Not to mention the practices of our allies’ armed forces which sometimes grossly outweigh the cruelty of our opponents’.

We cannot simply expect nations around the world to thank heaven they still exist. The dominance of the U.S. must remain subtle as it grew to such a magnitude under the previous administration that Washington D.C. looked like Rome in 117 AD. Without the gentle reign over the world, the illusion of a coalition of the willing, the world would rise up, no one in the 3rd world wants to see themselves as a vassal even though, realistically speaking, that is exactly what they are. Colombia is our vassal, Korea is our vassal, Honduras is our vassal, Japan, Mexico, El Salvador, Pakistan, Iraq, Palestine, the whole of Africa, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Kuwait, the every Caribbean country except Cuba, The Philippines—I could go on, but you get the point.

Never let the pride of where you come from ever let you forget that your neck was made in such a shape as to bend so low that your master may walk over you. The sad reality that befalls your homeland engulfs every aspect of supposed liberty. And though membership has its privileges, most of them will only be enjoyed by the upper 1% of the nation’s ruling elite that usually is closely affiliated with the colonial power that once existed.

I once wrote a song produced by DJ Green Lantern called “Bin Laden,” in which the chorus had already been set and ready to go. I filled this song with a sense of under-reported facts and the real feelings of people who were afraid to speak their minds. I stated in Revolutionary Vol. 2 that I didn’t believe Bush did it because he wasn’t that smart.

I don’t think that the ex-President purposefully planned the entire scheme himself. But I have always had various doubts about a regime that promised to release the photos of the plane that hit the pentagon and gave me one still shot of something that resembled the head of a garden hose superimposed over the actual picture. They couldn’t even tell the truth about the air we were breathing because God knows what the hell was really in those buildings besides asbestos.

The entire premise of the war with Iraq was not true. Whether it was a purposeful lie or a mistake of intelligence, I leave to you, but the bottom line was that it was another red flag. It began to remind me of a child who tells a lie and to cover up that lie he tells, and another one and another one, until the lie becomes so big that it begins to eclipse the truth.

The beautiful thing about the art form that we created was it’s resounding ability to capture on going events and present them in a rhythmic format that others can appreciate. I suggest though that people seeking to include this in their rhymes search beneath the surface instead of snatching a quick punch line. Because this has cost thousands of American lives, ruined people all over the world, and it’s part of the reason this country is going bankrupt, and your children aren’t going to have any Social Security; so, really, brother, the joke’s on you. So before you consider how this will probably play in getting Obama re-elected or some other conspiracy theory, consider that.

Immortal Technique

Final Goodbyes

I leave you now with this brief story.

After the Russians were ousted from power in Afghanistan, several Mujahideen leaders debated what their next step would be. Two major schools of thought arose. Some, like Abdullah Yusuf Azzam, wished to internalize their success, and to put all of their resources towards rebuilding Afghanistan as a pure Islamic utopia that would provide for it’s suffering population. Others, like Ayman Al-Zawahiri, thought this was just the vision of idiots and dreamers, that their enemy was not just Russia but now America, Europe and secular Islamic states as well. Their opinions clashed but, at this time, Azzam, who had befriended Bin Laden, remained close to his ideological foe, thinking that Zawahiri could not challenge his authority. But it was challenged, and at a crucial time of decision-making about Afghanistan’s future, Azzam was assassinated. If Bin Laden is dead, then his death is another chapter in a book that remains to be finished.

But if he’s alive, then I hope someone can translate this for him. Usama, your television death may have brought on applause, but I know that it was an empty celebration. Empty because you died a long time ago when you were young and Azzam’s car exploded with his sons in it, you helped betray and kill your old teacher in exchange for the approval of old man Zawahiri who held your leash afterwards. You died when Shah Massoud died. You died when you ordered the massacre of the Hazara women and children in the muddy fields outside Mazar-e-Sharif. And if there is a hell, then you confined yourself there when you killed your first Muslim child and lied to yourself that he was collateral damage for Jihad.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone, there are many men like you left in the world, and some of them even used to be your friends. After all, this is America, and we only kill our friends.


Fukushima #3 Explosion Blew Plutonium All Over The Place

(Vivian Norris)  I received the following email a few days ago from a Russian nuclear physicist friend who is an expert on the kinds of gases being released at Fukushima. Here is what he wrote:

About Japan: the problem is that the reactor uses “dirty” fuel. It is a combination of plutonium and uranium (MOX). I suspect that the old fuel rods have bean spread out due to the explosion and the surrounding area is contaminated with plutonium which means you can never return to this place again. It is like a new Tchernobyl. Personally, I am not surprised that the authority has not informed people about this.

I have been following the Fukushima story very closely since the earthquake and devastating tsunami. I have asked scientists I know, nuclear physicists and others about where they find real information. I have also watched as the news has virtually disappeared. There is something extremely disturbing going on, and having lived through the media blackout in France back in April and early May 1986, and speaking to doctors who are deeply concerned by the dramatic increase in cancers appearing at very young ages, it is obvious that information is being held back. We are still told not to eat mushrooms and truffles from parts of Europe, not wild boar and reindeer from Germany and Finland 25 years later.

A special thanks to people like European Representative Michele Rivasi, who has followed this issue since Chernobyl: Rivasi, a Green MEP and founder of France’s Commission for Independent Research and Information on Radioactivity, told EurActiv that she was worried the tests would cover up nuclear risks and reinstate business as usual.

“It’s very important to have scientists who are not already paid by the nuclear power industry,” she said. “If they are the same people from Euratom and national authorities they use today, why would they say anything different to what they say all the time?”

One resource for information on Chernobyl deaths and cancers/illnesses was only just recently translated and can be found online: “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” by Alexey Yablokov, Vassily Nesterenko, and Alexey Nesterenko.

Another very good report on Chernobyl is this one, which also outlines the disturbing relationship between WHO and the nuclear industry.

The best site I have found for up-to-date information by nuclear industry experts is here.

Arnie Gundersen was a high-level executive for years and analyzes the information he has been receiving in a calm and scientific way. His latest update is entitled, “Fukushima Groundwater Contamination Worst in Nuclear History.” Gundersen is in touch with senior members of the Japanese nuclear establishment. What is highly disturbing is that the main reason Japan does not appear to be as bad a Chernobyl is that the wind was blowing out to sea and not for the most part towards land. But all this has done is spread the cancers out into the worldwide population as opposed to concentrating it all in Japan. It will be very difficult to tell, as it was in France, Scandinavia and other places, where the Chernobyl cloud traveled in the days following the disaster. I will summarize some of Gunderson’s very disturbing and important information here:

1. There was a hydrogen explosion, and it was a detonation, not a deflagration — in other words the fire burned up not burned down.

2. A frame-by-frame analysis shows a flame that confirms that the fuel pool is burning as a result of an explosion which started as a hydrogen explosion but that could not have lifted the fuel into the air so there must have been a violent explosion at the bottom of the fuel pool. But more data is needed.

3. Gunderson speaks about past criticalities in other nuclear reactors around the world, and I find it odd we are not hearing about these and how they can teach us about what is going on now at Fukushima.

4. Radioactive water is being pumped out and groundwater is contaminated, so there must be a leak or leaks, and this disaster is in no way contained. There will be contamination for a long time to come and this groundwater contamination is moving inland. One town is reporting radioactive sewage sludge from ground water or rainwater.

5. The Greenpeace ship Rainbow water has requested the Japanese government to test the waters near Japan, and Japan has refused this independent data request. The EPA has also shut down all inspection centers and is NOT inspecting fish. (Why the silence?)

Since Gunderson made this latest video, just a day or so ago new photo evidence seems to be showing burning and new fires taking place at Fukushima (from TBS JNN Japan):

Why is this not on the front page of every single newspaper in the world? Why are official agencies not measuring from many places around the world and reporting on what is going on in terms of contamination every single day since this disaster happened? Radioactivity has been being released now for almost two full months! Even small amounts when released continuously, and in fact especially continuous exposure to small amounts of radioactivity, can cause all kinds of increases in cancers.

One reason no one is reporting on this nor allowed to go inside the exclusion zone nor even measure the waters off of Japan is because of the following compiled by Makiko Segawa, a staff writer at the Shingetsu News Agency. She prepared this report from Fukushima and Tokyo for

Freelance journalists and foreign media are pursuing the facts, even going into the radiation exclusion zone. However, surprisingly, the Japan government continues to prevent freelance journalists and overseas media from gaining access to official press conferences at the prime minister’s house and government.

Uesugi stated that since March 11th, the government has excluded all internet media and all foreign media from official press conferences on the “Emergency Situation.” While foreign media have scrambled to gather information about the Fukushima Reactor, they have been denied access to the direct information provided by the government and one consequence of this is that “rumor-rife news has been broadcast overseas.”

In fact, access has been limited in two ways. First, while Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano Yukio holds twice daily press conferences for representatives of the big Japanese media, registered representatives of freelance and internet media are limited to a single press conference per week. Second, in contrast to Japanese media who are briefed regularly by Edano and periodically by Prime Miniser Kan, foreign media are briefed exclusively by administrative staff.
Uesugi also notes that at TEPCO press conferences, which are now being held at company headquarters, foreign correspondents and Japanese freelancers regularly ask probing questions while mainstream journalists simply record and report company statements reiterating that the situation is basically under control and there is nothing to worry about. One reason for this, Uesugi suggests, is that TEPCO, a giant media sponsor, has an annual 20 billion yen advertising budget. “The media keeps defending the information from TEPCO!” “The Japanese media today is no different from the wartime propaganda media that kept repeating to the very end that ‘Japan is winning the war against America,'” Uesugi exclaimed.
There is one particularly telling example of the media shielding TEPCO by suppressing information. This concerns “plutonium.” According to Uesugi, after the reactor blew up on March 14, there was concern about the leakage of plutonium. However, astonishingly, until two weeks later when Uesugi asked, not a single media representative had raised the question of plutonium at TEPCO’s press conferences.

On March 26, in response to Uesugi’s query, TEPCO stated, “We do not measure the level of plutonium and do not even have a detector to scale it.” Ironically, the next day, Chief Cabinet Secretary Edano announced that “plutonium was detected.”

When TEPCO finally released data on radioactive plutonium on March 28, it stated that plutonium -238, -239, and -240 were found in the ground, but insisted that it posed no human risk. Since TEPCO provided no clarification of the meaning of the plutonium radiation findings, the mainstream press merely reported the presence of the radiation without assessment (link). Nippon Television on March 29 headlined its interview with Tokyo University Prof. Nakagawa Keiichi, a radiation specialist, “Plutonium from the power plant–No effect on neighbors.”

On March 15, Uesugi criticized TEPCO for its closed attitude toward information on a TBS radio program. For this, he was immediately dismissed from his regular program. The scandal involving TEPCO’s silencing of the media took an interesting turn two weeks later. At the time of the disaster on March 11, TEPCO Chairman Katsumata Tsunehisa was hosting dozens of mainstream media executives on a “study session” in China. When asked about this fact by freelance journalist Tanaka Ryusaku at a TEPCO press conference on March 30, Katsumata defended the practice.

“It is a fact that we traveled together to China,” he said. “[TEPCO] did not pay all the expenses of the trip, but we paid more than they did. Certainly they are executives of the mass media, but they are all members of the study session.”

When Tanaka requested the names of the media executives hosted by TEPCO in China, Katsumata retorted, “I cannot reveal their names since this is private information.” But it is precisely such collusive relations between mainstream media, the government and TEPCO, that results in the censorship of information concerning nuclear problems.

Now the Japanese government has moved to crack down on independent reportage and criticism of the government’s policies in the wake of the disaster by deciding what citizens may or may not talk about in public. A new project team has been created by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, the National Police Agency, and METI to combat “rumors” deemed harmful to Japanese security in the wake of the Fukushima disaster.”

We need to demonstrate and write to our representatives and demand that measuring be done around the world continuously. Fukushima’s nuclear disaster is still going on. People need accurate information to protect themselves. Here is how after Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Chernobyl doctors worked with those who had been contaminated to decontaminate them (Sources: Tatsuichiro Akizuki, M.D., Nagasaki 1945 (London: Quartet Books, 1981); Tatsuichiro Akizuki, “How We Survived Nagasaki,” East West Journal, December 1980):

Macrobiotic Diet Prevents Radiation Sickness Among A-Bomb Survivors in Japan – In August, 1945, at the time of the atomic bombing of Japan, Tatsuichiro Akizuki, M.D., was director of the Department of Internal Medicine at St. Francis’s Hospital in Nagasaki. Most patients in the hospital, located one mile from the center of the blast, survived the initial effects of the bomb, but soon after came down with symptoms of radiation sickness from the fallout that had been released. Dr. Akizuki fed his staff and patients a strict macrobiotic diet of brown rice, miso soup, wakame and other sea vegetables, Hokkaido pumpkin, and sea salt and prohibited the consumption of sugar and sweets. As a result, he saved everyone in his hospital, while many other survivors in the city perished from radiation sickness.

I gave the cooks and staff strict orders that they should make unpolished whole-grain rice balls, adding some salt to them, prepare strong miso soup for each meal, and never use sugar. When they didn’t follow my orders, I scolded them without mercy, ‘Never take sugar. Sugar will destroy your blood!’…

This dietary method made it possible for me to remain alive and go on working vigorously as a doctor. The radioactivity may not have been a fatal dose, but thanks to this method, Brother Iwanaga, Reverend Noguchi, Chief Nurse Miss Murai, other staff members and in-patients, as well as myself, all kept on living on the lethal ashes of the bombed ruins. It was thanks to this food that all of us could work for people day after day, overcoming fatigue or symptoms of atomic disease and survive the disaster” free from severe symptoms of radioactivity.

People need answers, data and honest information to help them deal with what is going on. Media blackouts, propaganda and greedy self-interested industries, of any kind, who allow human beings’ health to be affected, and deaths to occur, must be stopped now. That senior TEPCO man and the leading nuclear academic in Japan did not break down crying and resign their positions because all was well at Fukushima. Think about it world, and act now before it is too late.

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Two Pounds Of Marijuana Earns NOLA Man A Life Sentence

Stephen C. Webster)  (A 35-year-old man from New Orleans was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison after he was convicted of possessing two pounds of marijuana with the intent to distribute, according toa report in The New Orleans Times-Picayune.

It was the fourth marijuana conviction for Cornell Hood II, and likely his last as a free man.

Louisiana allows life sentences to be handed down in cases where the accused has three prior convictions. In this case, the prosecutor used that provision to argue that Hood is a hardened, career criminal worthy of severe punishment.

Hood was caught for the fourth time on Sept. 27, 2010, when his new probation officer in St. Tammany Parish discovered the cache of marijuana in his home, where he lived with his mother and son.

He was sentenced late last week in Covington by state Judge Raymond S. Childress.

Image credit: Flickr commons.


Midwest, Southern States Brace For The Worst As Record Flooding Threatens Region

(NaturalNews) The Mississippi River continues to rise, and many areas around Memphis, Tenn., as well as in other states, have already been evacuated. Reports indicate that the Mississippi River has already crested 14 feet above flood stage, and it has done so days before experts predicted it. At the current accelerated rate of flooding, the river will exceed the 1937 flood record, which rose 14.7 feet above flood stage and destroyed 20 million acres of land, within just a few days (…).

“Thiswaterthat we’re seeing coming by is moving two million cubicfeetper second,” explained Col. Vernie Reichling from the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) to reporters. “To use an analogy, in one second that water would fill up a football field 44 feet deep.”

Other reports indicate that Vicksburg, Miss., is expected to see record cresting of 57.5 feet on May 18 in that area (…), and all along the river, towns andcitiesare having to prepare as best they can for the coming floods. ACE has already detonated the Birds Point levee in Missouri (…), released the Bonnet Carre Spillway in New Orleans (…), and it may demolish several other levees as well in an attempt to divert flood waters from cities and towns.

“We cannot get to the parks, which is underwater, or to other towns,” said one man from Murphysboro, Ill., toCNN. “Most of the roads are closed, plus the water sewage plant is getting sandbagged. (If) the sewage plant shuts down, we won’t have tap water to bathe in or drink.”

Many areas of Memphis are already flooded or beginning to flood, and officials have been going door-to-door urging area residents in high-risk areas to evacuate. The worst is yet to come, however, as flood waters are expected to continue rising, affecting at least four million people living in and around the Mississippi River region stretching from Illinois all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Learn more:

Schumer Calls For ‘Do Not Ride’ List For Amtrak

 (WCBS 880/AP) — Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for better rail security now that the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound has turned upplans to attack trains in the U.S.

“Anyone, even a member of al-Qaida could purchase a train ticket and board an Amtrak train without so much as a question asked,” Schumer said. “So that’s why I’m calling for the creation of an Amtrak no ride list. That would take the secure flight program and apply it to Amtrak trains.”

Schumer said Sunday that he will push for the creation of a “do not ride” list for Amtrak. The list would be similar to the no-fly list that keeps those suspected of terrorism from flying into or out of the United States.

Do you agree with Schumer?

Notes and computer materials seized from bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan last Sunday showed bin Laden wanted to strike American cities again and discussed ways to attack trains.

Schumer is calling for increased funding for rail security in light of the new intelligence.

The New York Democrat says the U.S. must remain vigilant in protecting itself from future attacks.

How safe do you think the trains are right now? Tell us in our comments section below.

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The Drudge Report Drives More Top News Traffic Than Twitter Or Facebook, Study Finds

(PBS)  The Drudge Report outranks social media when it comes to driving news traffic to top Web sites, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. In a comprehensive examination of online traffic data provided by Nielsen, Pew found that only “three sites ever account for more than 10 percent of the traffic to any [major news Web site]: Google (search and news combined), the Drudge Report and Yahoo (search and news combined).”

The chart below plots referral traffic to top news brands from the Drudge Report, Facebook and Twitter.

Pew researchers analyzed the traffic behind 25 of the Internet’s biggest news Web sites. Their report reveals new insights into online behavior among news consumers and compares the data from traditional online venues with new trends emerging in social media. The report provides a valuable profile of types of online news audiences and their behaviors — data that is highly-prized by publishers. Among the report’s chief findings:

  • News Web sites’ audiences are mostly made up of “casual users” — visitors who only visit a few times a month, and only spend minutes on a site. For instance, USAToday’s casual user base makes up 85% of its audience.
  • Many sites also attract a smaller group of loyal users who visit more than 10 times per month.
  • Google is the primary driver of traffic online, but social media, specifically Facebook, is growing fast. However, Twitter “barely registers as a referring source.”

Despite the meteoric growth of social media in recent years, the report found that Drudge Report still outperforms Facebook and Twitter when it comes to driving audiences to top news Web sites:

…the Drudge Report’s influence cuts across both traditional organizations such as ABC News to more tabloid style outlets such as the New York Post. What’s more, Drudge Report drove more links than Facebook or Twitter on all the sites to which it drove traffic.


Battle Brews Over FBI’s Warrantless GPS Tracking

Kathy Thomas knew she was under surveillance. The animal rights and environmental activist had been trailed daily by cops over several months, and had even been stopped on occasion by police and FBI agents

But when the surveillance seemed to halt suddenly in mid-2005 after she confronted one of the agents, she thought it was all over. Months went by without a peep from the FBI surveillance teams that had been tracking her in undercover vehicles and helicopters. That’s when it occurred to her to check her car.

Rumors had been swirling among activists that the FBI might be using GPS to track them — two activists in Colorado discovered mysterious devices attached to their car bumpers in 2003 — so Thomas (a pseudonym) went out to the vehicle in a frenzy and ran her hands beneath the rear bumper. She was only half-surprised to find a small electronic device and foot-long battery wand secured to her metal fender with industrial-strength magnets.

“I think I must have found it right after they put it on, because there was no grime on it at all,” she told recently.

How Vehicle Tracking Works

Law enforcement secretly installs the tracking device on a target’s car. Some models are hidden in the engine compartment and wired to the car battery. Others are slapped to the undercarriage with industrial-strength magnets.

As the target drives around, the tracking device triangulates its position from three or four GPS satellites, and digitally transmits its coordinates continuously by radio.

The law enforcement agency receives the coordinates and displays the target’s location in real time on a computerized map, keeping a record of the target’s movement.  Illustration: Mitsu Overstreet/

The use of GPS tracking devices is poised to become one of the most contentious privacy issues before the Supreme Court, should the high court agree to hear an appeal filed by the Obama administration last month. The administration is seeking to overturn a ruling by a lower court that law enforcement officials must obtain a warrant before using a tracker.

The constitutional matter until now has been left to district courts around the country to decide, resulting in a patchwork of conflicting rulings about the need for warrants. Meanwhile, a federal lawsuit filed in March by an Arab-American college student named Yasir Afifi alleges that the FBI violated his privacy rights when the agency placed a GPS device on his car without a warrant, and that the bureau targeted him simply because of his ethnic background.

In the midst of this legal controversy, Threat Level decided to take a look inside one of the devices — which are generally custom-made for law enforcement. Working with the teardown artists at iFixit, we examined the device Thomas found on her car nearly six years ago, which you can see in the photos and video accompanying this story.

When Thomas found the device on her vehicle back in 2005, she ripped it from the underside of her fender, but quickly grew fearful the FBI would raid her house if agents suspected she’d removed it. So she carried it in a duffel bag in her trunk for a week, while she and her boyfriend considered what to do.

When her lawyer called a local U.S. attorney to inquire about the device, the prosecutor acknowledged it belonged to the feds and said they wanted it back. But Thomas refused to hand it over, and the FBI seemed to drop the matter. Her attorney told Threat Level the government “basically abandoned it.”

She provided it to recently, after reading a story aboutAfifi discovering a tracker on his car. She said she wanted to raise more awareness about how the technology is being used for stealth surveillance.

GPS vehicle trackers, based on technology first used by the military for navigation, have become a popular law-enforcement tool for tracking people. Cruder than other forms of surveillance — they report only where a suspect’s car goes, not who is in the car or what occupants do when they arrive at a location — they’re nonetheless frequently used for supplementary surveillance. That’s because in most jurisdictions, investigators don’t need court approval to slap a tracking device on a driver’s car, and because the devices provide a stealthier and more cost-effective approach to surveillance than a team of cops trailing a suspect around the clock.

The devices, however, have become one of the most divisive Fourth Amendment issues facing courts around the country. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California ruled last year that using a GPS tracker was no different than physically trailing a suspect in public, and that such surveillance was not protected by the Fourth Amendment, even if agents placed the device on a suspect’s car while it was parked in his driveway.

But Judge Alex Kosinski, in the dissenting opinion, called the use of GPS trackers without a court order “straight out of George Orwell’s novel 1984” and said they give government “the power to track the movements of every one of us, every day of our lives.”

A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., agreed with him when it ruled in a different case last year that collecting data from a GPS device planted on the Jeep of drug suspect Antoine Jones amounted to a search, and therefore required a warrant. Prosecutors argued that the device only collected the same information anyone on a public street could glean from following the suspect. But Judge Douglas Ginsburg wrote in his ruling that the persistent, nonstop surveillance afforded by a GPS tracker was much different from physically tracking a suspect on a single trip.

“Unlike one’s movements during a single journey, the whole of one’s movement over the course of a month is not actually exposed to the public because the likelihood anyone will observe all those movements is effectively nil,” he wrote. What’s more, the bulk of data gleaned by such a device over time could help deduce a lot about a person, such as whether he associated with political groups, was a heavy drinker or weekly churchgoer, was an unfaithful husband or an outpatient receiving regular medical treatment.

The Obama administration called the ruling “vague and unworkable,” and filed a writ in April asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case. A decision on whether the high court will hear the case is pending.

It’s not known how many people are tracked with GPS devices every year, but the devices don’t always go undetected. An elderly Arab-American in the San Francisco Bay Area reportedly discovered a vehicle tracker on his car in 2009, while he attended a free auto-repair workshop and let the instructor demonstrate an oil change on his vehicle.

Then last year, Yasir Afifi, a 20-year-old Arab-American college student in California discovered a device attached to his car when he took the vehicle into an auto shop for an oil change. After a friend postedphotos of it on, and readers identified it as a GPS tracker, the FBI showed up at Afifi’s apartment demanding he return the device. He’s since filed a lawsuit (.pdf) over the tracking.

Although the Justice Department has said the devices are used by investigators “with great frequency,” neither the department nor local law enforcement agencies are required to compile or disclose statistics about their use in the way the Justice Department is required to report annually to Congress on the use of national security letters issued to ISPs and other businesses for customer records.

Kathy Thomas doesn’t know if the FBI obtained a warrant to place the tracker on her car. But she said authorities never charged her with any crime. Threat Level could find no federal case filed against her.

Her FBI file, which she obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request, makes it clear the surveillance was part of a nationwide investigation of activists connected to Earth First, the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front — groups the FBI considered “left-wing anarchists” whose members sometimes advocated criminal activity to further their aims.

Thomas, who provided Threat Level with only a handful of the 800 redacted pages she received in her request, says she organized activities with Earth First and participated in animal rights activities, but never belonged to the two other groups. Instead, she was a member of Food Not Bombs.

The FBI reports indicate agents likely turned to the GPS tracking device after it became increasingly difficult to tail her physically.

Thomas had begun engaging in countersurveillance maneuvers, FBI agents claimed in the documents, including speeding, running red lights, making unsafe lane changes and weaving through congested traffic to evade them. A July 2004 report describes how she drove one day into the cul-de-sac where she lived and sped around to confront and photograph cars she believed were tailing her. The report says Thomas was becoming “extremely surveillance-conscious,” and that agents “were made [recognized as agents] on two separate occasions.”

Thomas says the surveillance was a daily occurrence for months. Then in April 2005 she confronted an agent who was following her on the freeway. She took an exit ramp and stopped, and when he pulled up behind her, she got out of her car to yell at him, shaking a glass Perrier bottle in her hand. She says the agent laughed at her, and after that the surveillance stopped. Or so she thought.

She found the GPS tracker on her car a few months later.


Top 10 Most Remarkable Coincidences In History

(TopTenz)  Of course, coincidences happen all the time: we were just thinking of someone when they call us on the phone, or we have this song in mind when it suddenly plays on the radio. Most of the time they don’t mean much, but every once in awhile there is a coincidence that’s outright spooky, or one that has a major impact on world events. When these coincidences are positive in nature, we call them synchronicity or even serendipity; when they are not, however, we call them catastrophes. So here is my list of the ten most astonishing, remarkable, or just plain eerie coincidences in history and how they impacted the world—or, at very least, left people wondering.

10. Two Finnish Brothers


This one is strange no matter what way one looks at it. In 2002 a pair of 70-year-old identical twin brothers from Raahe, Finland were hit and killed by trucks while riding their bicycles in a snowstorm. The catch? They were killed in separate accidents on the same day along the same stretch of road only about a mile apart. Additionally, as the second accident occurred just two hours after the first, the second brother hadn’t even learned that his brother had been killed earlier (thereby eliminating suicide as a possible explanation) and making this truly one for the record books. Of course, unusual coincidences between identical twins are not unheard of; there are dozens of cases on record of twins separated at birth reuniting years later to discover they possess similar mannerisms, food preferences, work at similar jobs, etc. and, in one case, even married and divorced spouses with the same name, and then remarried another person also with the same name! So why not die the same way, on the same day, on the same road? Makes sense to me.

9. The Kennedy-Lincoln Link

Lincoln Kennedy

This one is an old story, but worth recounting because it is so unusual. It revolves around an unusual number of coincidences that occurred between Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln in regards to their assassination. For example, both men were elected 100 years apart (Lincoln in 1860, Kennedy in 1960); they were both succeeded by Southerners named Johnson, and the two Johnsons were born 100 years apart (Andrew in 1808, Lyndon in 1908). Both assassins were born 100 years apart (Booth in 1839 and Oswald in 1939) and both died before they could be brought to trial. Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin was cornered in a warehouse, while Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin was captured in a theater. Finally, Lincoln was shot in Ford’s theater, while Kennedy was shot while riding in a Ford Lincoln, and to top it all off, Kennedy had a secretary named Lincoln (Evelyn Lincoln) while Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy. The list goes on from there and has been the source of considerable debate ever since. Of course, mathematicians have been quick to spoil all the fun by trying to show how all these things were bound to happen despite the long odds, which is why most people consider mathematicians poor party conversationalists.

8. Gavriol Princip and the Archduke


It’s unlikely the twenty-year old Bosnian peasant realized that his actions would set the course for the rest of the twentieth century, but that’s exactly what it did when the man took out his pistol and shot twice at the motorcade carrying Austro-Hungarian leader Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, one beautiful June day in 1914. Killing both of them, their deaths set off a chain of events that would plunge the world into one of the bloodiest wars in history and sow the seeds for the advent of Communism and Nazism over the next few decades. And the sad thing is, it need never had happened except for a single, remarkable coincidence; Princip, it turns out, was part of a band of conspirators intent on killing the Archduke that day, but he had largely given up once the days earlier attempt to kill the man with a bomb failed. Ducking into a café for a quick bite to assuage his disappointment—as well as his appetite—he had just stepped outside when he spotted the Archduke’s car stopped before his very eyes not twenty feet away. The driver had apparently taken a wrong turn and, in the process of backing up, had killed the engine, leaving the Archduke and his wife sitting ducks. Thinking quickly, he pulled his pistol and the rest is, as they say, history—all because the Archduke’s driver got lost and Princip had a taste for bologna.

7. Double Homicide – 157 Years Apart

Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford

In a somewhat grisly coincidence, it seems that two women, Barbara Forrest and Mary Ashford, were both victims of a similar crime committed in the tiny village of Erdington, some five miles outside of Birmingham in England. Both twenty-year olds—who happened to share the same birthday—had been raped and strangled, their bodies were found 300 yards apart, and both had been found on the same day—May 27th—157 years apart (1817 and 1974)! Even more remarkable, both had just visited a friend that evening, both had changed into a new dress that night, and both had gone to a dance (where they presumably met their killer).  Still not remarkable enough for you? How about the fact that the man accused in both their crimes was named Thornton, and that both Thornton’s were eventually acquitted for the crime? Reincarnation? Coincidence? Who knows?

6. Booth and Lincoln

Edwin Booth

No, not John Wilkes and Abraham. Edwin and Robert. Turns out that a few months before John Wilkes Booth obtained notoriety for murdering the President at Ford’s Theater, the President’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, was waiting on a narrow, crowded platform for a train in Jersey City, New Jersey when he lost his footing and fell beneath the slowly moving carriage of a departing train. Pulled to safety before any harm befell him, he turned to thank his rescuer and was surprised to see it was the well known actor Edwin Booth, the brother of John Wilkes. In what could only be considered one of the most remarkable coincidences in history, the son of a president was rescued by the brother of that president’s assassin! But then, Lincoln’s only surviving child had a knack for such coincidences, being present at the assassination of President Garfield in 1881 (he was Garfield’s Secretary of War at the time and an eyewitness to the event) and of President McKinley in 1901. I suspect invitations to the White House leveled off a bit after that.

5. The Saga of the Mark Chapmans


In December of 1980, Beatles singer, songwriter, and guitarist John Lennon was shot and killed by an obsessed fan in front of the Dakota Apartment Complex in New York City. His assassin was a man named Mark Chapman, a schizophrenic night security guard and general loser, who has been cooling his heels ever since in Attica Prison in upstate New York. Five years later, NBC decided to do a biographical film about Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, entitled John and Yoko: A Love Story. Unfortunately, the actor they hired to play Lennon, unbeknownst to them, happened to be named Mark Chapman, making for one of those “you gotta be kidding me” moments Hollywood occasionally suffers from. Once news of the fact broke, the studio quickly recast the role—presumably giving the part to someone who was not named Mark Chapman—and life went on as normal as possible for those who live in the Twilight Zone. However, Mark Chapman (the actor, not the crazed gunman) got his just rewards by playing Lennon in a 2007 dud called Chapter 27. Apparently, by then looking like John Lennon but having the same name as his assassin was no longer considered weird for some reason.

4. The Deaths of Presidents Jefferson and Adams


Though both men turned out to be bitter political rivals later in their careers (Jefferson was Adams Vice-President until he went on to beat his own boss in the election of 1800) the two men did share their love for country. As such, both men were instrumental in drafting the Declaration of Independence which, as everyone knows, was first signed on July 4, 1776. What most people don’t know, however, is that both men were also to die on the same day, July 4, 1826, exactly fifty years to the day the document was first ratified. How’s that for timing?

3. Crossword Puzzle Gives Away D-Day Invasion Codewords

D Day

In what has to be one of the biggest long-shots in history, in May of 1944 retired school teacher Leonard Dawes, who had been compiling the daily crossword puzzle for London’s Daily Telegraph newspaper for over twenty years, put together a series of puzzles that somehow managed to include the names of two of the landing beaches—Utah and Omaha—along with several other super secret codewords like Overlord, Mulberry, and Juno nobody outside of General Eisenhower’s staff was supposed to know. Assuming Dawes was a German agent, they instantly interrogated the man, only to release him a short time later once they became convinced the words were entirely randomly chosen. While the chances of inadvertently using one of the codewords is not remarkable, Dawes puzzles contained no fewer than five codewords—all over the course of two weeks. The odds for such a thing happening has to be considered close to one-in-a-billion, but I’ll leave that for the mathematicians to figure out.

2. Titanic vs. the Titan


In what has to be considered one of the truly spooky coincidences of all time, in 1898 author Morgan Robertson (1861-1915) wrote a novella entitled Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan in which he outlined the voyage of a British luxury liner, HMS Titan, that hits an iceberg while crossing the northern Atlantic and sinks with a large loss of life—in part, due to the lack of sufficient lifeboats onboard. The similarities between the fictional story and the real-life loss of the luxury liner with very nearly the same name 14 years later was extraordinary: both the fictional Titan and the real Titanic were triple-screw luxury ships about 800 feet long that hit an iceberg in the month of April while traveling at around 25 knots, resulting in the death of some 2500 souls. While not identical in every detail (in Robertson’s story, the Titan capsizes and sinks quickly while the Titanic remained upright and sank slowly over the course of a couple of hours), the similarities are nothing if not amazing. Evidence of precognition? Impossible to say, but something to think about next time you read a Tom Clancy techno-thriller.

1. Lee Harvey Oswald Employed at the Texas School Book Depository

Book Depository

There may be literally thousands of people out there at any given moment who would like to kill the President of the United States. Of these, only a tiny fraction actually possess the means to do so (skilled with a firearm or explosives, etc.) and of these, almost none of them will ever be afforded the opportunity to do so. This is what makes Oswald’s case so remarkable; consider that here is an ex-Marine sniper with Marxist leanings and a desire to make himself famous by killing a world leader, who purchases a high powered rifle through the mail for fifteen bucks, and then somehow gets a job at the one place the President of the United States’ motorcade is going to pass within fifty yards of just a month beforehand. Quite a remarkable coincidence that was to provide Oswald, who already had the means and the motive, with the opportunity to commit one of the most heinous crimes in history, and one that remains controversial to this day. What if he hadn’t gotten the job at the Schoolbook Depository Building on October 16, 1963? Impossible to say for certain, but it’s a near certainty he would not have had nearly the fine perch the City of Dallas was to provide him that sunny November afternoon.

Jeff Danelek is a Denver, Colorado author who writes on many subjects having to do with history, politics, the paranormal, spirituality and religion. To see more of his stuff, visit his website


Shadow Government Bunkers: Security Heightened At Underground Storage Facilities

(SHTF)  As we’ve noted before on a number of occasions, the US government is preparing for Unlikely Events Like War, Catastrophic Collapse of Society, and Even Asteroids and the Pentagon and Military are Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’. In addition to security and law enforcement implications, it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to come to the conclusion that war gaming these scenarios takes into account continuity of government directives, which means that elite members of reserve government elements need a place to go if the SHTF.

The fact that bunkers exist is no secret, and as was pointed out in the aforementioned articles, there are many of them around the country. Rumor has it that the government has built literal underground cities spanning hundreds of thousands of square feet, complete with everything from nuclear power generation to facilities capable of manufacturing just about any modern day product. The idea is that in the event of a global cataclysm, the human race would be able to survive and thrive, without losing the technological advancements achieved over the last couple of centuries.

The following pictures come to us from a truck driver who has regularly delivered goods to bunker facilities. Most interesting is this individual notes that up until recently, security at these facilities has been somewhat lax and there was never really a visible law enforcement presence. The pictures below show parts of the inside of an underground bunker, as well as a newly visible Department of Homeland Security presence. What this means is for the reader to decide.

It is also important to mention that not all bunker facilities are wholly owned by the United States government. Many, like the one in Springfield, Missouri depicted in the video at the bottom of this article, are reportedly owned by private interests. These facilities have been carved out inside of existing mines and their purpose is not exactly clear, other than they are designed for housing large groups of individuals and/or supplies for extended periods of time – and they’re quite secure and almost impenetrable without heavy duty blasting equipment once the doors are shut.

For those who have researched continuity of government programs, you’re likely aware that in the event such actions need to be taken because portions of the US government have been decapitated, a secondary government infrastructure sits in waiting to take control. From the standpoint of emergency planning, plans for continuity of government are an important consideration in a free society. The problem, of course, is that the public is completely in the dark about COG directives and who will take over. From what we have been able to gather, COG doesn’t mean exactly what we think it might mean, which is to ensure survival of our fundamental principles as outlined by the US Constitution. Rather, it is believed that in the instance that our elected government falls apart, the replacement would be a self-appointed group of governors, complete with law enforcement and military, that would take control of day-to-day operations. Due to the secrecy surrounding COG, it is impossible to know what plans lie ahead, but private, unelected interests certainly will have a hand in any new government – much like they do now.

These private interests would include wealthy conglomerates who would likely be the only ones (for the exception of government directly) capable of building extensive bunker facilities like the ones shown below.

We must assume that the government and these private conglomerates will be acting in their own interests during a worst-case scenario. Thus, while those underground bunker facilities are peppered throughout the nation, it’s reasonable to assume that very few, if any, of those supplies will be delivered to those outside of the COG programs.

Unless you’re one of the chosen few, you’re on your own.

Editor’s Note: Large food manufacturers and other companies have been known to outsource storage of food, products, records, etc. to underground facilities. This may be the case with some of these underground cave facilities. Again, this is a conclusion that must be left up to our readers because we are operating with incomplete information.

Via Godlike Productions:

I delivered at an underground storage facility in Lenexa Ks (south west suburb of Kansas City Ks) today and this is what I saw.

Funny thing is I have delivered to these facilities many times and have never even seen so much as a cop.

Today was different and a little strange.

The author goes on to further discuss the DHS presence, which is odd, especially if the facility is privately owned.

Pictures via Photobucket:

It is unclear whether this particular facility is managed, funded and controlled directly by DHS because it is near a government facility:

Or, whether the facility is privately managed. The following sign shows private companies operating in and around the facility:

What is clear, is that Department of Homeland Security (not your average private security company) has a presence in the area:

And they are not simply cruising the side roads, but directly entering the bunker facilities (this particular vehicle entered the bunker facility via the left entrance):

Truck driver responsible for this photos Enters one of the caves / bunkers (Note train tracks on right):

If you think your preparedness closet and storage facility are stocked with ample food, tools, and supplies, consider how much these guys can load up into one of these caves. Whatever they’re planning for, it’s going to be for the long haul:

The above storage facility is reportedly located in Kansas City, KS.

Below, you can take a video tour of a bunker facility located in Missouri. Like the Kansas cave, these are extensive facilities designed for housing large amounts of supplies – and people:

Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory: Apocalypse 2012 includes discussions of alleged Denver airport underground bunkers, the private bunker construction industry, and the expeditious nature in which the US government and others are building these facilities:

This report has been published in the interest of keeping our readers informed. While natural or man-made disasters can strike anytime, we strongly believe that an imminent disaster that has the foreknowledge of our government, or elements therein, will be spotted by individuals who see something and say something to the rest of the public. It’s the truck driver who regularly enters these facilities and sees something out of the ordinary, or the security guard, or the law enforcement officer, or the passerby, that will be our canary in the coal mine. Our goal is to bring you credible information and evidence as it happens. What you do with that information is up to you.


Silver Leads Metals’ Rebound As Gold Tops $1,500

(MarketWatch) — Silver futures led a recovery in the precious metals sector Monday and gold topped $1,500 an ounce as investors tested the waters for price stability in a still-cautious market after commodities’ plunge last week.

Silver futures for July delivery SIN11 +5.61%   rose $2.25, or 6.4%, to $37.54 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange after tapping a high of $37.98 overnight.

The contract skidded $2.63, or 1%, on Friday to complete its worst week in more than three decades. The metal was still down more than 20% so far in May. Read about Friday’s action in metals.

une gold futures GCM11 +0.91% , meanwhile, rose $18.10, or 1.2%, to $1,509.70 an ounce, extending its $10.20, or 0.7%, increase on Friday. Prices are still more than 3% lower month to date.

For the precious metals, “volatility is likely to remain high in the coming sessions, with traders and investors cautious of another bout of long selling, particularly in silver,” analysts at said in an early morning note to clients.

“While the corrections are likely to entice fresh demand from physical and investment sources buyers, may hold-off until some price stability emerges with the metals still vulnerable to downside pressure,” they said. Read about investors pulling money from commodity-sector funds.

The precious-metals complex may be seeing some support from political unrest over the weekend in Syria, Egypt and Bahrain, according to Ben Potter, markets strategist at IG Markets in Melbourne.

Several protestors were reportedly killed in Syria over the weekend in clashes with government forces, while the Los Angeles Times reported 12 deaths in Egypt in the wake of violent riots between Muslims and Christians.

Bigger picture

Overall, there is some price risk for the precious metals from a possible rebound in the dollar when the U.S. Federal Reserve’s second round of quantitative easing is diminished, said Richard Hastings, a macro strategist at Global Hunter Securities.

“This should result in a brief rebound in the dollar and perhaps some pressure on some materials prices, but it will very likely be temporary,” he said in emailed comments.

In recent dealings, the U.S. dollar index DXY +0.05% , which measures the greenback against a basket of six currencies, rose to 75.042 from 74.790 late Friday after Standard & Poor’s lowered its credit rating on Greece, reviving worries that peripheral debt woes will force European officials to change the terms of its bailouts. Read about Monday’s currencies action.

“We’re seeing the DXY break through 75, but this is not enough to stop global demand for diversification,” said Hastings.

“There is also the risk that higher demand for dollars due to diminished Fed buying could result in faster cycling of dollars into non-dollar assets … so the longer-term outlook for gold remains favorable with a much longer pathway for silver to make it back above $43 and then back to $47,” he said.

Other analysts remained upbeat on silver’s outlook as well.

“Despite the sell-off the big picture trend is higher,” said Mark Leibovit, chief market strategist at”Too many people are being convinced that the recent rally was a bubble. I would bet these same people didn’t buy silver and gold when I did in 2001.

Paul Mladjenovic, author of “Precious Metals Investing for Dummies,” said that “seasoned investors and speculators understand that last week’s 34% correction in silver had nothing to do with any major changes in silver’s overall fundamentals or long-term outlook.” Read about smart money leaving silver.

“They understood that silver was temporarily over-bought and the tipping point was the unprecedented margin increases by the exchange,” he said.

In other metals trading Monday, July platinum futures PLN11 +0.34%  climbed $8.60 to $1,795 an ounce and June palladium PAM11 +1.51%  added $14.50 to $730.80 an ounce. July copper HGN11 +1.07%  rose 6.3 cents to $4.04 a pound.


The U.S. Secret Service Is Following You On Twitter

(Chris Moody)  The U.S. Secret Service launched an official Twitter account this week, with plans to use the social media site to promote its visibility and investigative work.

The federal agency charged with protecting the nation’s highest government officials will use the account to “highlight the investigative missions, press releases, and distribute information to communities hosting national special security events, to explore Secret Service history and and promote any recruiting opportunities,” said Secret Service spokesman Max Milien.

For example, the agency plans to use the account during the APEC conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, in November to spread the word about roads and buildings that will be closed off for the event.

The Secret Service joins a number of federal agencies that already use social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.

The agency’s Office of Government and Public Affairs will run the account and plans to post its first tweet Monday, May 9. As of this writing, the account already has nearly 500 followers.


Grayson: Bush Has Probably Been ‘Passed Out Drunk’ Since Osama Bin Laden Kil

(Kase Wickman)  Alan Grayson appeared on MSNBC’s The Ed Show, where host Ed Schultz asked him if he thought former President George W. Bush deserved more credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden than he has been given, in response to a report that Bush felt he hadn’t been paid his due.

Grayson gave Bush credit for high gas prices and widespread lack of health insurance among other societal ills, calling him “the worst president of my lifetime.” Then he said that former alcoholic Bush “might’ve been passed out drunk for the last three or four days.”

Watch the clip below, which originally aired on MSNBC’s The Ed Show on May 6, 2011.

A Flash Crash Is Coming

(Michael Mackenzie and Telis Demos)  In the space of just 20 minutes a year ago on Friday, Wall Street tumbled hundreds of points, dumbfounding dealers, only to rebound sharply. The extraordinary gyration in stocks, dubbed the “flash crash”, stunned investors and revealed gaping holes in the equity market’s structure.

extreme trading

Such a chronic breakdown in the operation of the world’s largest stock market sparked an investigation by regulators, scrutiny from Washington and a flurry of new rules.

Yet one year later, unease lingers that in spite of new safeguards, stock prices are vulnerable to bouts of sudden selling. For all the talk and action, the big concern remains that the Dow could suffer a repeat of last May’s crash.

“We will have another flash crash, yes without question,” says James Angel, associate professor of finance at Georgetown university. “The combination of human nature, markets and technology means that at some point, something will misfire.”

After the flash crash, the Securities and Exchange Commission moved quickly to introduce circuit-breakers, designed to impose a “time-out” whenever trading in a stock causes prices to swing too wildly. It also plans to introduce a “limit-up, limit-down” mechanism to prevent trades outside a certain price band.

Tom Joyce, chief executive of Knight Capital, says: “The SEC responded in a measured and appropriate way and the introduction of circuit-breakers and soon-to-be-established limit-up, limit-down rules help reduce systemic risk.”

Other SEC changes include the elimination of “stub” quotes – quotes that are deliberately set at a huge variance to share prices by market makers to satisfy their obligation to maintain a two-sided market both for buyers and sellers of a stock.

Still to come are a possible recalibration of market-wide circuit-breakers that were not triggered on May 6 and a real-time “audit trail” to detect disruption.

The confusion surrounding the crash was, some believe, exacerbated by exchanges’ different rules. The New York Stock Exchange, for example, now uses its own circuit breakers, while Nasdaq has its own proposed version. They could drop their their independent efforts once market-wide mechanisms are fixed.

However, such steps, while they have been welcomed, are not intended to address more fundamental issues, including some that were raised by the SEC before the crash. Rather, they are designed, says John McCarthy, general counsel at market maker Getco, “to prevent the exact same May 6 from happening again”.

The plunge in stocks was compounded by some buyers briefly withdrawing their support and turning off computer systems, even though the largest groups, including Getco, remained in the market. Participants such as brokers that match trades internally or in “dark pools”, where orders are matched with prices not revealed beforehand, tried to sell millions of shares in the public market.

This led to thousands of trades being broken, with blue-chip stocks such as Accenture at one point trading as low as one cent amid a dearth of liquidity.

Pause harmony

Leading US exchanges have said that in discussions with the Securities and Exchange Commission they will probably harmonise their mechanisms to pause trading in volatile periods.

The New York Stock Exchange, whose Liquidity Refreshment Point programme halts trading, and Nasdaq, which uses Volatility Guard, say they may withdraw those mechanisms when the SEC finalises market-wide pause rules.

The move reflects efforts by the industry to improve the infrastructure of US equity trading.

There is still intense debate about how to tackle that withdrawal of liquidity. “There is no silver bullet, but to prevent another, new kind of May 6, we’re strong advocates of additional tools like clarifying rules to explicitly state obligations and benefits for bonafide market making,” says Mr McCarthy.

Some say withdrawals from the market are inevitable no matter what changes are introduced. “It is tough to expect someone to step in front of a freight train coming at them,” says Sang Lee, analyst at the Aite Group.

In the meantime, several of the SEC’s safeguards, as well as some of those recently introduced by private operators, could lead to more technological complexity, which in turn could create its own problems, says Alison Crosthwait at brokerage Instinet.

“It means that every firm that builds algorithms has to get really granular. It gets very complicated very quickly, and it’s hard to build strategies and trade efficiently,” she says.

Regulators have discussed creating rules for monitoring algorithms, the computer programmes used by high-frequency traders to deal in fractions of a second, which contributed to the rapid acceleration in selling last May. But these are still in their infancy. While the broader market has not seen a repeat of those 20 calamitous minutes, trading irregularities of one sort or another still occur.

Last week trades in more than 80 stocks and exchange-traded funds on the Nasdaq had to be broken because of a glitch in the system that provides automated quotes for market makers. This week a customer error led to sharp drops in Nasdaq and New York Stock Exchange-listed companies in the after-hours market.

“In a world dominated by technology, there will always be unforeseen technology errors,” says Eric Noll at Nasdaq. “What we should be doing is making sure we have mechanisms in place to make sure those problems don’t cause any serious damage.”

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Greece Threatens To Leave Eurozone, Reintroduce Own Currency

(Tyler Durden)  The debt crisis in Greece is getting worse. The government of the country considered to information from SPIEGEL ONLINE, leaving the euro zone. The finance ministers of the monetary union and representatives of the EU Commission will meet on Friday evening secret to a crisis meeting.

Berlin – The economic problems of Greece are huge, almost daily protests against the civil government. Now Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou, apparently sees no other way: According to information from SPIEGEL ONLINE considered his government to abandon the euro and reintroduce its own currency.

Alarmed by the efforts of the European Commission on Friday evening an emergency meeting in Luxembourg has loaded. Apart from the possible withdrawal of Greece from the monetary union and a speedy rescheduling of the country is on the agenda. A year after the outbreak of the crisis in Greece this means for the European Monetary Union an existential turning point – regardless of what option they choose.

Because of the tense situation has been prescribed for the meeting in Luxembourg the highest confidentiality, only the Finance Minister and one close associate may. For Germany participate Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) and Financial Secretary Joerg Asmussen.

Schäuble wants to hold the Greeks in all circumstances from € outlet. An internal presentation of his ministry, which he took to Luxembourg, warns of the consequences. “It will be a significant depreciation of the new domestic currency against the euro,” it states. Was estimated using an exchange rate loss of up to 50 percent can be expected. This debt is growing dramatically in Greece. Schäuble experts expect that the national debt would increase following the devaluation of around 200 percent of gross domestic product. “A restructuring was inevitable,” they warn. In plain language: Greece would be bankrupt.

Massive implications for the economy in Europe

While controversy is whether a Euro-Greece’s exit would be legally possible at all – in the opinion of legal experts would have to leave the country for the same time the European Union as a whole. It is doubtful whether the other members of the Monetary Union of the government in Athens would preclude a unilateral withdrawal from the euro area actually.

This reveals that the measure had been estimated by the officials Schäuble massive impact on economic life in Europe. “The currency change would trigger a capital flight,” they write. Greece may be forced to introduce capital controls. “This would be the fundamental freedoms of the single European market not to bring into line.” Moreover, the country would be cut off for many years by the capital market.

Furthermore, would the withdrawal of a country from the monetary union, “damage the trust in the functioning of the euro zone difficult,” it said. International investors have to expect that emissions in the future further € members wanted. “This would lead to contagion effects in the euro zone.”

The German taxpayer would step dearly

Had a severe impact on the swerving of Greece still ailing banking sector, especially at home. By the currency cut “all of the equity would be eaten up the banking system, the country’s banks would be instantly insolvent.” But the banks in other countries would suffer. “German and foreign banks would have expected a substantial loss to their demands,” says the paper.

The European Central Bank (ECB) would be affected. It would have “a substantial portion of their assets to write off as uncollectible. Among the loans to banks without counting the stocks added to Greek government bonds, which the ECB has bought in recent months. Their volume estimate Schäuble officials to at least 40 billion euros. “Germany would contribute according to its ECB capital share of 27 percent most of the losses.”

The bottom line is an exit followed by Greece would bankrupt the country euro-zone countries and their taxpayers are even more expensive. Together with the International Monetary Fund, they have the land grant assistance amounting to 110 billion euros – around half of which was already paid. “The euro-zone countries would have to surrender to the bankruptcy of the country on some of their claims.”


Mc Jobs-Economy Adds 244,000 Jobs,McDonalds 62,000

(AllGov)  There has been so much talk in Washington and in the news about the national debt, terrorism, wars and healthcare that one might think these are the issues that most concern Americans in 2011. But opinion polls consistently show that none of these issues is as important to most Americans as the Big Issue: unemployment and the economy.
An unusually vivid example occurred on April 19, which McDonald’s declared National Hiring Day, encouraging people across the country to apply for a job.
The world’s biggest restaurant chain reported that it received one million applicants for open positions, which resulted in 62,000 people gaining employment. Another 900,000 plus were turned down.
A McDonald’s spokeswoman said the company had planned to hire only 50,000 new employees. But the intense demand prompted it to take on an additional 24% in staff.
Throughout the country, the dearth of job opportunities prompted huge numbers of people to ask Ronald McDonald for employment. In Florida, for example, 100,000 applications were submitted for about 4,300 positions. In Chicago, more than 75,000 job-seekers vied for 2,000 openings.

Gold And Silver Get Pounded Again

(Kitco News) -It was an ugly trading day for bulls across the raw commodity futures market spectrum Thursday. Comex gold and silver futures prices were hammered lower on panic long liquidation amid a strong surge in the U.S. dollar index that caught everyone by surprise. Serious chart damage has occurred in silver this week, to suggest a near-term market top is in place, while gold Thursday suffered significant near-term technical injury. June gold last traded down $38.90 at $1,476.40. Spot gold last traded down $39.80 an ounce at $1,477.25. July Comex silver last traded down $3.60 at $35.78 an ounce.

A massive sell off in crude oil futures helped drag gold and silver prices sharply lower Thursday. The crude oil traders are blaming the silver market for helping to punish their oil market. Nearby June Nymex crude oil futures dropped below $100.00 a barrel and were suffering losses of close to $10.00 a barrel in late trading. Metals traders should continue to keep a close eye on the crude oil market. More downside price pressure in crude oil futures would likely lead to more selling in precious metals, too. Crude oil is a leader in the raw commodity market sector.

Late Wednesday afternoon the CME announced it was once again raising margin requirements for Comex silver futures. It was the fourth time the CME announced it was raising silver margins in around a week’s time. The silver market felt pressure from that news early on Thursday, but the selling pressure increased as the trading session wore on. By the end of the day panic selling and long liquidation, much of which was margin-call selling, pummeled the silver and gold markets.

Also late Wednesday CNBC reported Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim has been a heavy seller of silver futures and options, to hedge his silver production well beyond 2011. There were also reports and rumors that other high rollers like George Soros have been abandoning their long metals positions.

Comex July silver futures dropped to a fresh six-week low of $35.55 an ounce Thursday. Silver futures prices have fallen around $15.00 an ounce (over 25%) in value the past 10 days. Many silver bulls are presently spooked, which is leading to even more selling pressure, including silver ETF redemptions, which have markedly increased this week, reports said.

The U.S. dollar index is traded sharply higher Thursday on s strong short-covering bounce after hitting a fresh 2.5-year low on Wednesday. While the
overall technical posture of the U.S. dollar index remains bearish, more than a few market watchers wonder if the dollar index will put in a market low soon. The index was nearing strong technical support at its 2008 all-time low.

The results of a European Central Bank meeting on Thursday did not see any interest rate rise by the ECB. However, the ECB chief Trichet’s comments following the meeting were deemed Euro bearish and U.S. dollar bullish as Trichet appeared to be less hawkish on raising interest rates.

Friday’s monthly U.S. employment report is now awaited by traders. Forecasts call for the key non-farm payrolls figure to have risen by 185,000 in April. A weak jobs report on Friday would be supportive to the precious metals markets and could provide the pivot for which the precious metals bulls so desperately need at present.

The London P.M. gold fixing $1,511.00 versus the previous P.M. fixing of $1,541.00.

Technically, June Comex gold futures closed nearer the session low Thursday and hit a fresh three-week low. Near-term chart damage was inflicted Thursday as a three-month-old uptrend on the daily bar chart was at least temporarily negated. Price action this week in the gold market is also poised to produce a big and bearish “outside week” down on the weekly bar chart, whereby the weekly high is higher and low is lower than last week’s, with a lower weekly close than last week. However, gold prices are still in a 10-year-old uptrend on the longer-term monthly chart. Bulls’ next near-term upside technical objective is to produce a close above solid technical resistance at Thursday’s high of $1,522.10. Bears’ next near-term downside price objective is closing prices below solid technical support at $1,450.00. First resistance is seen at $1,492.00 and then at $1,500.00. First support is seen at Thursday’s low of $1,472.80 and then at $1,460.00. Wyckoff’s Market Rating: 6.0.

July Comex silver futures closed nearer the session low Thursday. Very serious near-term chart damage has been inflicted recently, to suggest that a near-term market top is in place. For the first time in months the bears do now have the near-term technical advantage. The next downside price breakout objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at $34.00. Bulls’ next upside price objective is producing a close above solid technical resistance at $40.00 an ounce. First resistance is seen at $37.00 and then at $37.50. Next support is seen at Thursday’s low of $35.55 and then at $35.00. Wyckoff’s Market Rating: 4.0.

July N.Y. copper closed down 1,420 points at 399.20 cents Thursday. Prices closed nearer the session low and hit a fresh five-month low. The big selling pressure in gold and silver, and in crude oil, along with the sharply higher U.S. dollar index, pressured the copper market today. Copper bears have the near-term technical advantage as serious near-term technical damage has been inflicted in copper the past two days. Copper prices are in a four-week-old downtrend on the daily bar chart. Copper bulls’ next upside breakout objective is pushing and closing prices above solid technical resistance at 420.00 cents. The next downside price breakout objective for the bears is closing prices below solid technical support at 385.00 cents. First resistance is seen at 402.50 cents and then at 405.00 cents. First support is seen at Thursday’s low of 397.05 cents and then at 395.00 cents. Wyckoff’s Market Rating: 4.0.

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Something Big Is Coming

(Nicholas West and Zen Gardner)  The Powers-That-Be seem to be ramping-up efforts to drive a stake right into America’s heart(land).  Natural disasters are on the rise, and an increasing amount of evidence is leading to the conclusion that these natural disasters might not be completely natural.

Some already have speculated that we are entering a time of weather and earthquake wars, as the incidence of mega disasters has risen across the world.  Is government experimentation simply going awry, or is it being orchestrated on purpose?

The hidden hand has always cloaked itself using a wide array of techniques to conceal its divide-and-conquer agenda.  By owning the ultimate weapon — the very climate upon which we all depend — entire regions can now be put under a full spectrum of remote control already served up through climate change, economic instability,  and the military-surveillance complex brought in under the false threat of terrorism.Let’s first look at the evidence for the manipulation of natural disasters and the proposed government solutions, then move to the massive preparation being undertaken by FEMA indicating that something big is on the way for the area of The New Madrid Fault as indicated by the current cluster of disasters in the region.  We’ll then finish with the solutions at our disposal to thwart the efforts of the elite cabal of gangsters that seeks control over humanity.The Evidence of a Plan

Predictive Programming — This is where the groundwork is laid for directing people toward animagined future.  Through books, video games, movies, propaganda placement, and education, the passive receiving of orchestrated information can literally change the future.  Elites have always been obsessed with mind control . . . and the best form is that which is the least obvious.  The unaware are manipulated and controlled without a single shot being fired, or a single piece of legislation written.  However, once one becomes attuned to their methods, it becomes incredibly obvious.  Besides the constant bombardment of mega-disaster and end of the world scenarios, one prime current example is geoengineering (aka chemtrails).  This chemical spraying has now wormed into movies and public places as an example for children to embrace the new normal of planes laying down a tic-tac-toe murky gloom across our skies.

HAARP –The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Gakona Alaska is under constant scrutiny, as researchers track its relationship to weather modification and earthquake activity.  This facility and its substations scattered throughout the U.S. have been tracked by intrepid weather researcher Dutchsinse who has made some startlingly accurate predictions based on the tell-tale radar flares of these facilities, already linked to earthquakes in the area of the New Madrid seismic zone.   It is thought this weather manipulating technology is being tested and fine-tuned for worldwide use, as other such antenna arrays are located in Norway (EISCAT), Australia (Exmouth), and several other countries, as well as via space-based facilities.  Benjamin Fulford is among those who claim to have spoken to insiders about specific threats made to Japan prior its 9.0 event.  Video showing distinct vibrational patterns, as well as purported “punch holes” have been cited as evidence.  Increased HAARP activity seems to correspond and, curiously, the HAARP site has been taken down. While the evidence that exists is somewhat tangential, HAARP’s stated capabilities are indeed ground penetrating.

Geoengineering — This might be the most obvious part of the elite plan for global control.  Books likeEcoscience by Obama’s science czar, John Holdren; the military plans for Owning The Weather by 2025; and the recent Royal Society proclamations all point to a relatively small group of selected sociopaths who would love to play God with our climate, backed by ultra-elite front organizations such as the Bill Gates Foundation.  As described above, there already has been a conditioning program for people to accept seeing planes spray across the skies.  Now, the evidence is in: it is a chemical cocktail which contains dangerous levels of toxic particulates such as barium and aluminum.  Certainly Monsanto seems to have accepted this reality, as they were quick to develop an aluminum resistant gene to insert into their GM crops. The mega-twister outbreak, which has led scientists to conduct a disaster autopsy, might also point to evidence of weather modification experiments.

GWEN Tower locations

Electromagnetic Control — We live in a toxic soup of electromagnetic waves already in place through power lines, cell towers, WiFi, radio, television, and a host of other broadcasting devices.  This has a deleterious effect on human healthand mental well-being.  HAARP and its various localized outposts and GWEN towers (Ground Wave Emergency Network) have the known capability to affect human thought, a field known as psychotronics.  Another even more sinister capability using other inaudible ELF and VHF (extra low and very high frequency) electromagnetic signals has been in place since the 1990s, and has become more invasive with the advent of HDTV. This sinister program nicknamed the sound of silence operates within the frequencies on which the brain operates, and there is evidence to suggest that the Powers-That-Be have been piggy-backing inaudible, subliminal messages to manipulate humanity.  No wonder so many are entranced by the media, and the country appears to be so upset, confused, fearful and divided.

The  Department of Defense calls it Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS), and  it also goes by the name of S-quad or Squad. In the private sector, the  technology goes by the name of Silent Subliminal Presentation System  and the technology has also been released to certain corporate vendors  who have attached catchy brand names like BrainSpeak  Silent Subliminals to their own SSSS-based products.
SSSS is clearly a technology that uses subliminal programming  carried over Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) broadcast waves,  planting inaudible messages directly into the subconscious human mind.Perfected more than twenty years ago by the Department of Defense and battlefield-tested uponunwitting Iraqi soldiers serving in the army of Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War during 1991,SSSS is a sinister weapon that may have been been developed for a specific  mission: the total subjugation of the American people through advanced technology.

Big Oil and Gas Fracking — Since September of 2010, nearly 800 earthquakes rattled Arkansas and the New Madrid Fault Line. The entire state only experienced 38 quakes in 2009.  The New Madrid Zone is believed to be a part of a complex of faults that extends down the Mississippi Valley into The Gulf of Mexico.  In fact, the oil volcano that was unleashed by the BP disaster last year is thought to be at the southern tip of this volatile area.  Not only are oil and gas being extracted from beneath this zone at enormous rates, but an extraction process called fracking is further exacerbating seismic activity in the region and might even trigger a mega-quake.  Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) pumps water and chemicals into the ground at a pressurized rate exceeding what the bedrock can withstand, resulting in a microquake that produces rock fractures.  A close look at Arkansas’ history of earthquakes and drilling reveals a shockingly noticeable surge in quake frequency following advanced drilling. Fracking is now a global technique for finding natural gas.

Animal Die-offs — Perhaps the most puzzling, and one of the most alarming of unnatural phenomena recently has been the sudden and unexplained animal deaths.  Many factors could be at play, but the increasingly apparent weather modification effort by the powers-that-be seems to be the primary suspect.  Concentrated radio beams, both HAARP and local-based, have been detected in the very regions of these die-offs.  The deliberate war on nature is also displayed by GM poisoning that is now leading bees to seal off parts of their hives as a defense mechanism.

Government Preparation

So, there are clearly elitists who wish to control populations en masse, and they are fully aware that much of their scientific experimentation with nature could have unintended consequences.  For the eventuality of such chaos, they seem to be preparing to restore order with a rather harsh approach.

Back in 2009 Shepard Ambellas brought to light a mass grave site in Phoenix, Arizona, replete with plastic coffins and FEMA camp complexes. This has now been confirmed by many independent researchers, and is a theory endorsed by ex-governor and Conspiracy Theory host, Jesse Ventura, who was shocked to learnthat this isn’t a theory at all; there really is a continuity of government agenda with 10 proposed FEMA regions to be controlled by selected governors.  In fact, this police state agenda is so real that outside pressure led to the concentration-camps-pulled-from-air/”>episode being pulledafter release, and even remotely erasedfrom the DVRs of TiVo, Comcast, DirectTV and AT&T customers.   Nothing to hide?  No plans?  Right.

Doubters, or those who might feel comforted by the government’s version of disaster preparation, would do well to remember FEMA’s intervention following Hurricane Katrina and how horrendously that worked out for tens of thousands holed up in their stadium concentration camp where children weren’t even immune from rapes and beatings.  By connecting the following dots, one should see that whether or not the chaos is deliberate, accidental, or even natural, one should think twice before entering the FEMA version of Club Med when societal collapse arrives.

  • NLE 2011 — FEMA’s largest National Level Exercise in history has commenced. It reportedly involves over 1 million people.  The states that are involved are those that already have experienced record tornado outbreaks, horrendous flooding, and consistent earthquake tremors.  Now, the Army Corps of Engineers has detonated 250 tons of TNT in this fault zone to so-called mitigate flooding.  Residents are now reporting that decontamination units have been set up in the area of Marion, Illinois as a result:The National Guard or Army is set up at the old Wal Mart parking lot with 2 Decontamination units ( red trailers marked decontamination ) and they flood lights set up (daytime so not in use) and 7 other tents set up and equipment…There were also police vehicles from Loves Park and Illinois state police , and a red semi trailer marked Illinois terrorist unit..

    area was cordoned off where no civilians could enter.  They have been there since last Saturday and on  the decontamination units were not there..

  • Homeland Security has ordered expedited printing of over 350,000 national emergencydetainee handbooks.

As we consider the events that have taken place in this region over the recent past, there clearly is something major going on.  Since Katrina we have witnessed dead birds and fish, increased earthquakes, The BP Disaster, the worst disaster since Katrina in the mega-tornado outbreak, and now sinkholes and sand boils have begun to form in The New Madrid area.

Regardless of the theories (and evidence) showing signs of an attempt to orchestrate a divide-and-conquer strategy for America, we would do well to prepare ourselves for an increasing number of these disasters, as well as to prepare for the official response.

Solutions: It all comes down to self-sufficiency 

Once we are alert to the machinations of the elite overlords, we can then devise our own plans for preparation and eliminate the fear that they require for our subservience.  The system needsdependence from the population; we must, therefore, do all we can to reduce our dependence and render our would-be controllers impotent.  Here are the 4 key areas where we can help ourselves, our families, and our neighbors break free from the elite stranglehold:


Of all the scams, the worldwide banking system is one of the most mind-boggling. Once you “buy into it” you’re already ensnared, and it’s either eat, or be eaten. That’s their design.  Never mind the entire false premise of fiat money and the debt system — vast amounts of this illusory “currency” get shifted every micro-second in a wave of deceit and piracy.  If we are to break free of our engineered financial shackles we must develop and promote competing currencies and barter systems.  They are already trying to imprison people for doing just that, which is a sure sign that it is an Achilles heel.  They can’t lock up everyone, so get started now developing your own private currency and discussing alternatives to The Federal Reserve fiat system.Food and Water
This is the second main method of control the world over.  Globalists use the IMF to literally use food as a weapon, which is exactly what was proposed in State Department Memorandum 200 from 1974 where Henry Kissinger addresses much of what we see happening across the globe in 2011.  Food inflation already has begun in earnest, while environmental destruction is impacting food and water quality planet-wide.  By all means begin byfiltering your water.  And it’s never too late to learn off-the-grid food production methods such as aquaponics and permaculture.  If you find that food growing is simply not possible, then learn where your local growers are so that you can support the strength of the community that can help you best in times of crisis.Shelter and Skills
Much has been made of the massive rise in doomsday bunker purchases, as well as purchases to enter self-sustaining underground communities.  This path is certainly not for everyone, as the most serious disasters could last for an indeterminate length of time.  Perhaps a better path is to stay mobile, rather than fixed.  It is sad that many people have lost their permanent homes during the financial collapse; however, for those in such a position you might just be best suited toward survival.  The ability to pick up and go has proven to be important as the fallout from the Fukushima disaster has circled the globe.  There is always someplace safe; it is important to identify where that is and be prepared to move when necessary.  Rather than “running for one’s life” as a cowardly act, this should be viewed as running toward better opportunities when presented with adversity beyond one’s control.  All true survivalism depends on one’s ability to physically adapt, then to have the mental fortitude to make the best from unfortunate circumstances.  Some key areas of focus are radiation protection, plug-in scalar technology, orgonite and EMP protection.  With recent news from NASA that Comet Elenin is affecting Earth, it would be wise to also move to higher ground if possible.

We saved the best survival tactic for last.  Ironically, the pooling of resources is the single most effective and inexpensive strategy to ensure your own independence.  Disaster preparation can seem like an overwhelming task to take on single-handedly — much better to befriend people who are already skilled (and well-stocked) in certain areas.  Every community already has people well-trained in mechanics, craftsmanship, food production, and tactical weapons.  Rather than try the nearly impossible task of gaining skills in all of these areas, offer your current skills, property, or ideas to other key people and strategize about what-if scenarios.  Just such a project has begun in New Hampshire.  The Free State project is a recruitment for liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire.  You can read their statement of intent to decide if this might be the path for you.  This is a brilliant plan for people to connect with other like-minded individuals and carry out a shared goal.  This erases the feeling of being alone, which lead so many people to inaction as they see their current neighbors turn a blind-eye to the problems we have outlined above.

We all sincerely hope that we don’t have to encounter a collapse scenario, but simple wishful thinking might not be enough; best to balance continued optimism with sound preparation.

Obama Administration Wants To Tax Your Driving By The Mile

( Pete Kasperowicz)  The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive.

The plan is a part of the administration’s Transportation Opportunities Act, anundated draft of which was obtained this week by Transportation Weekly.

The White House, however, said the bill is only an early draft that was not formally circulated within the administration.

“This is not an administration proposal,” White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said. “This is not a bill supported by the administration. This was an early working draft proposal that was never formally circulated within the administration, does not taken into account the advice of the president’s senior advisers, economic team or Cabinet officials, and does not represent the views of the president.”

News of the draft follows a March Congressional Budget Office report that supported the idea of taxing drivers based on miles driven.

Among other things, CBO suggested that a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax could be tracked by installing electronic equipment on each car to determine how many miles were driven; payment could take place electronically at filling stations.

The CBO report was requested by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (D-N.D.), who has proposed taxing cars by the mile as a way to increase federal highway revenues.

Obama’s proposal seems to follow up on that idea in section 2218 of the draft bill. That section would create, within the Federal Highway Administration, a Surface Transportation Revenue Alternatives Office. It would be tasked with creating a “study framework that defines the functionality of a mileage-based user fee system and other systems.”

The administration seems to be aware of the need to prepare the public for what would likely be a controversial change to the way highway funds are collected. For example, the office is called on to serve a public-relations function, as the draft says it should “increase public awareness regarding the need for an alternative funding source for surface transportation programs and provide information on possible approaches.”

The draft bill says the “study framework” for the project and a public awareness communications plan should be established within two years of creating the office, and that field tests should begin within four years.

The office would be required to consider four factors in field trials: the capability of states to enforce payment, the reliability of technology, administrative costs and “user acceptance.” The draft does not specify where field trials should begin.

The new office would be funded a total of $200 million through fiscal 2017 for the project.


Report: Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can’t Read

 (WWJ) – According to a new report, 47 percent of Detroiters are  ”functionally illiterate.” The alarming new statistics were released by the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund on Wednesday.

WWJ Newsradio 950 spoke with the Fund’s Director, Karen Tyler-Ruiz, who explained exactly what this means.

“Not able to fill out basic forms, for getting a job — those types of basic everyday (things). Reading a prescription; what’s on the bottle, how many you should take… just your basic everyday tasks,” she said.

“I don’t really know how they get by, but they do. Are they getting by well? Well, that’s another question,” Tyler-Ruiz said.

Some of the Detroit suburbs also have high numbers of functionally illiterate: 34 percent in Pontiac and 24 percent in Southfield.

“For other major urban areas, we are a little bit on the high side… We compare, slightly higher, to Washington D.C.’s urban population, in certain ZIP codes in Washington D.C. and in Cleveland,” she said.

Tyler-Ruiz said only 10 percent of those who can’t read have gotten any help to resolve it.

The report will be used to provide better training for local workers.

- View a copy of the report –  (.pdf format)


Jobless Claims Hit 8-Month High

(Reuters) – The number of Americans filing for jobless aid rose to an eight-month high last week and productivity growth slowed in the first quarter, clouding the outlook for an economy that is struggling to gain speed.

While the surprise jump in initial claims for unemployment benefits was attributed to factors ranging from spring break layoffs to the introduction of an emergency benefits program, economists said it corroborated reports this week indicating a loss of momentum in job creation.

New claims for state jobless benefits rose 43,000 to a seasonally adjusted 474,000, the highest since mid-August, the Labor Department said on Thursday. Economists had expected claims to fall to 410,000.

A second report from the department showed nonfarm productivity increased at a 1.6 percent annual rate, braking from a 2.9 percent pace in the fourth quarter. The growth pace was above economists’ expectations for 1 percent.

“We do not think that the entire rise in claims over the last month can be explained by special factors alone,” said Harm Bandholz, chief U.S. economist at UniCredit Research in New York. “It seems instead as if the improvement in the labor market slowed a bit.”

Reports this week showed weaker employment growth in the manufacturing and services sectors in April. Data from payrolls processing firm ADP Employer Services also showed a step back in private hiring last month.

The claims data falls outside the survey period for the government’s closely watched employment report for April, which will be released on Friday. Nonfarm payrolls increased 186,000 last month, according to a Reuters survey, after rising by 216,000 in March — which was the most in 10 months.

But the odds are high for an even lower number. The anticipated slowdown in hiring is mostly blamed on high food and gasoline prices, which clipped economic growth in the first quarter. Still, the unemployment rate is expected to have held at a two-year low of 8.8 percent.

U.S. stocks opened lower on the claims report, while government debt prices rose for a sixth straight session. The dollar gained against the euro after the European Central Bank offered few clues on the timing of the future interest rate increases.


Other reports on Thursday showed a late Easter boosted sales of clothing and other holiday-related items in April, but retailers warned rising costs and a weak labor market would dampen purchases over the next several months.

While special factors were blamed for the rise in claims last week, even the four-week moving average of unemployment claims — a better measure of underlying trends — increased 22,250 to 431,250, the highest since November.

A Labor Department official attributed the surprise surge in claims last week to spring break layoffs in New York, which added 25,000, and the start of an emergency benefits program in Oregon, which brought in new claimants, including some already on the regular programs.

There were also additional claims from the auto sector, related to plant shutdowns because of parts shortages in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Deadly tornadoes that struck parts of the country could also have accounted for small number of claims, the labor official said.

The New York spring break fell outside the dates the department uses for seasonal adjustments to account for the holiday nationwide.

Even though claims trended higher the previous week, some economists cautioned against reading too much into last week’s surge and expected claims to come down in the weeks ahead.

“We are hesitant to take too strong of a signal from the recent increase in claims data and will look to upcoming reports before suggesting that the upturn in claims is a sign that the labor market has lost momentum,” said Michael Gapen, a senior economist at Barclays Capital in New York.

But the productivity report offered some hope for the labor market recovery.

While the step back in productivity was flagged by a sharp pull back in economic growth in the first quarter, it also suggested businesses have probably little room to continue cost cutting strategies and may soon need to step up hiring.

Productivity — which measures hourly output per worker — rose rapidly in the past two years, peaking at an 8.9 percent rate in the second quarter of 2009. Businesses are estimated to be sitting on $2 trillion in cash.

The economy grew at a 1.8 percent pace in the first three months of this year after expanding at a 3.1 percent rate in the fourth quarter.

The productivity report showed a rebound in unit labor costs, which rose at a 1 percent rate in the first quarter after declining 1 percent in the prior period, but still remaining tame.

High food and energy prices have stoked inflation fears, but Federal Reserve officials see limited scope for a broad pick up in price pressures.


Silver: Runaway Move, Correction, Or Crash?

(The Daily Gold)  Silver attempted to take out 50 on Monday of this week and instead had a big reversal day as it temporarily ran out of gas.  Then after testing 45 the following day silver has moved higher after the Bernanke press conference and is once again approaching 50.  For the very short term silver appears to be trapped in the 45/50 box and is awaiting a break either above or below this box.

Silver has only been trading above 40 for 14 trading days, so even though it is testing 50 it really hasn’t been in the 40s for very long.  This means silver has no support levels of significance in the 40s either if it was to turn sharply lower.  The first real level of support on the chart occurs around 36.

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

The runaway move silver has had so far appears to have started right at the beginning of April as silver has barely been below the 8 day moving average all month, and has only had 3 down days all month.  A break below 45 on silver likely puts a halt to the runaway move, and from there silver could undergo a correction or potentially a crash all the way back down to the 200 day moving average.  What happens with the dollar should have a major effect on whether silver corrects or crashes.  The dollar has had a swift decline recently but is likely overdue for a bounce and has some support around 71.

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

In 2006 silver only had a correction off of its first parabolic top, and made a new higher high as the dollar plunged.  Silver found support above the 50 day moving average on that correction.  Notice how silver plunged to the 200 day moving average after its final top.

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

In 2004 silver crashed off of its spike top all the way back down to its 200 day moving average.  It temporarily found support at the 50 day moving average for a few days but ultimately that didn’t hold on the way down to the 200 day moving average.

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

A lot has been made of mining stocks failing to keep up with silver during the later stages of this rally.  From this long term chart of the HUI Gold Miners index it appears that mining stocks have lost upside momentum during previous major tops in gold and silver.  There is a clear negative divergence between the price and the RSI and MACD Histogram towards the top.  The same negative divergence is playing out currently.

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

The last chart shows some potential zones to keep on the lookout for as this move in silver plays out.  Keep in mind silver hasn’t been above 40 for very long so even a 20% move lower from here only takes silver down to where it was just a few weeks ago.

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

Source: Silver: Runaway Move, Correction, Or Crash?

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto
<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

<a class="wpGallery mceItem" title="gallery2" href="" rel="prettyPhoto

Read more at Daily Gold

LIES- No Live Footage Of Osama Bin Laden Raids

Alexander Higgins)   The head of the CIA admitted yesterday that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events, basically proving several days of news reports were lies.

For days now several officials inside the US Government and several corporate media outlets have reported that President Obama and other US officials watched live video footage of the Osama Bin Laden assassination raid inside the situation room at the White House.

Several Sources and News Organizations Reported Obama Watched Live Video Of The Bin Laden Raid From The White House Situation RoomSeveral Sources and News Organizations Reported Obama Watched Live Video Of The Bin Laden Raid From The White House Situation Room

Obama Watched Bin Laden Die On Live Video As Shoot-out beamed to White HouseObama Watched Bin Laden Die On Live Video As Shoot-out beamed to White House

Obama Watched Him DieObama Watched Him Die

All of those stories — LIES! CIA Chief Admits There Was NO Live Video Footage Of Osama Bin Laden Compound Raid

The head of the CIA who was responsible for delivering the live video feed to the White House situation room admitted in a PBS interview there was no live footage of the raid.

The Head Of The CIA Admitted yesterday there was no video footage of the raidThe Head Of The CIA Admitted yesterday there was no video footage of the raid

Yes, the  stories we have been hearing for days, lies. The dramatic media reports, told over and over again in graphic detail to make it sink into our heads that Bin Laden has finally been killed, nothing more than sick imagination of those writing the script for this massive propaganda piece.

That’s correct, newspeak right out of a chapter of Orwell’s  1984. All lies planted into our high by a lying federal government.  Obama and all of the other officials who told all of our corporate media outlets they watch live video of Osama Bin Laden being assassinated, an intriguing story that never happened.

Osama bin Laden dead: Blackout during raid on bin Laden compound

The head of the CIA admitted yesterday that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events.

By Steven Swinford 10:25PM BST 04 May 2011
Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

A photograph released by the White House appeared to show the President and his aides in the situation room watching the action as it unfolded. In fact they had little knowledge of what was happening in the compound.

In an interview with PBS, Mr Panetta said: “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on. And there were some very tense moments as we were waiting for information.

“We had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.”

Mr Panetta also told the network that the US Navy Seals made the final decision to kill bin Laden rather than the president.


“To be frank, I don’t think he had a lot of time to say anything. It was a firefight going up that compound. And by the time they got to the third floor and found bin Laden, I think it – this was all split-second action on the part of the Seals.”

The President only knew the mission was successful after the Navy Seals commander heard the word “Geronimo” on the radio, a code word from commandos reporting that they had killed bin Laden.


[…] According to Pakistani authorities one of bin Laden’s daughter’s, who was present during the raid, claimed that her father was captured alive before he was killed.

There was also growing doubt about the US claims that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies involved in the raid.

Lieutenant General Asad Durrani, former head of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service, said it was “inconceivable” that his government was unaware of the US raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.

He claimed his country was forced to deny any knowledge of the raid to avoid a domestic backlash.  […]


Lieutenant General Durrani, however, said that the denial was a “political” maneuver by the intelligence services to avoid claims that they were working too closely with the US.



So, the story about watching a live feed in this photo was a total lie, and this photo…

Was staged!

Bottom line here is either this entire raid never happened, they didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden, or the US Seals killed Osama and the other alleged “terrorists” at the scene in some manner so hideous that politicians and bureaucrats in this photo are afraid will come out and be tied to them. For example, not one wants to be party to having a building full of “alleged terrorists” surrendering and then taking them down stairs in front of a group of woman and children were they were executed on the order of the President or some other high level official in the room.

Yet this is exactly the scenario that Bin Laden’s 12-year-old daughter, who was in the Bin Laden compound during the raid, has told news reporters happened. She says the US Navy Seals captured Osama Bin Laden alive and then later executed him in front of his entire family. Looking at the photos of the other dead “terrorists” on the scene it appears every one of dead men was bleeding from the back of their heads like they were forced onto their knees and shot execution style.

Most in the CT crowd think this never even happened in the first place and it is all one big psych op because OBL was killed years ago.

The idea that this never happened makes some sense here as well. Why would all of the officials in the photo above allow newspapers to run stories for days stating they were watching a live video feed when they never were? Why?


Blackout During Raid On Bin Laden Compound

(Steven Swinford)  Leon Panetta, director of the CIA, revealed there was a 25 minute blackout during which the live feed from cameras mounted on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

A photograph released by the White House appeared to show the President and his aides in the situation room watching the action as it unfolded. In fact they had little knowledge of what was happening in the compound.

Mr Panetta said: “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on. And there were some very tense moments as we were waiting for information.

“We had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound.”

Mr Panetta also revealed that the US Navy Seals made the final decision to kill bin Laden rather than the president.

He said: “The authority here was to kill bin Laden. And obviously, under the rules of engagement, if he had in fact thrown up his hands, surrendered and didn’t appear to be representing any kind of threat, then they were to capture him. But they had full authority to kill him.

“To be frank, I don’t think he had a lot of time to say anything. It was a firefight going up that compound. And by the time they got to the third floor and found bin Laden, I think it – this was all split-second action on the part of the Seals.”

The President only knew the mission was successful after the Navy Seals commander heard the word “Geronimo” on the radio, a code word from commandos reporting that they had killed bin Laden.

The absence of footage of the raid has led to conflicting reports about what happened in the compound. According to Pakistani authorities one of bin Laden’s daughter’s, who was present during the raid, claimed that her father was captured alive before he was killed.

There was also growing doubt about the US claims that Pakistan’s intelligence agencies involved in the raid.

Lieutenant General Asad Durrani, former head of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence service, said it was “inconceivable” that his government was unaware of the US raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound.

He claimed his country was forced to deny any knowledge of the raid to avoid a domestic backlash. The ISI’s official line has been that bin Laden’s compound had “slipped off our radar” after it raided the building in 2003 while hunting for another senior al-Qaeda operative.The agency claims it was unaware that bin Laden was hiding there.

Lieutenant General Durrani, however, said that the denial was a “political” maneuver by the intelligence services to avoid claims that they were working too closely with the US.

He said: “It is more likely that they did know [about the raid]. It is not conceivable that it was done without the involvement of Pakistani security forces at some stage. They were involved and they were told they were in position.

“The army chief was in his office, the cordons had been thrown around that particular place. The Pakistani helicopters were also in the air so that indicates that it was involved.

“[There are] political implications back home. If you say that you are involved there is a large, vocal faction of Pakistani society that will get very upset because we are carrying out repeatedly these operations with the Americans.”


LEAKED-Photos From Bin Laden Raid


Photographs acquired by Reuters and taken about an hour after the U.S. assault on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad in Pakistan show three dead men lying in pools of blood, but no weapons.

The photos, taken by a Pakistani security official who entered the compound after the early morning raid on Monday, show two men dressed in traditional Pakistani garb and one in a t-shirt, with blood streaming from their ears, noses and mouths.

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Obama Declines To Release Osama Bin Laden’s Final Photos

(Matthew Borghese)  President Barack Obama has decided that the United States will not release photographs taken of Osama bin Laden after he was killed. The photos were taken by U.S. Navy SEALs after a brief shoot-out in Pakistan that claimed the life of the al Qaeda founder and leader.


“I’ll be candid that there are sensitivities here in terms of the appropriateness of releasing photographs of Osama bin Laden in the aftermath of this firefight,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

The White House is confident they killed the right man and says DNA samples taken from the corpse prove with 99.9 percent certainty that the deceased is in fact bin Laden.

The corpse was given a burial at sea from the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) in the Arabian Sea.

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About 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps

(Sarah Murray)  Growth in the food stamp program appeared to reach a plateau in February — with 14.3% of the population relying on the safety net program.

The number of food stamp recipients was essentially flat in February, the most recent month available, with 44.2 million Americans receiving benefits, according a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

(See a sortable breakdown of the data here.)
The food stamp program ballooned during the recession as workers lost their jobs or saw their hours and income reduced. The rise in recipients has begun to flatten in recent months, which may mean that as the economy is improving fewer Americans are seeking to join the program. Enrollment in the program is still high though, with 11.6% more people tapping benefits in February than the same month a year earlier.

Food stamp numbers aren’t seasonally adjusted though, meaning a variety of factors could influence the monthly tallies and the program could grow again in coming months.

Mississippi and Oregon were among the states with the largest share of the population utilizing food stamps in February: At least one in five residents in each state were receiving benefits.
Wyoming had the lowest rate of recipients with just 6.6% of the state’s residents using food stamps.

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20 Creative Guerilla Marketing Campaigns

(Designer Daily)  We are so overwhelmed with advertising everywhere that it becomes hard for creative agencies to make ads that stand out. Guerilla advertising is a great way to make unusual, surrealistic visuals and situations that passers by will remember. Here is a selection.

1. Superette – Short shorts

The bench that turns you into a walking advertisement if you are wearing short shorts. Via Trends Now.

2. Spiderman 2

Pretty clever, the urinal that stands out. Via Business Week.

3. Folgers Coffee

Seen in New York, how would you not go grab a coffee there? ViaGothamist.

4. Mr. Proper

I would be curious to know how many people actually notice this ad. ViaHungry for Ads.

5. National Geographic shark bus

Enter the shark, a cool optical illusion for this National Geographic ad on a bus. Via Cool optical illusions.

6. Submerged Gotham

Cool idea to promote the movie “The day after tomorrow”, it gives the illusion that NYC has been submerged by the waters. Via Business Week.

7. Smart, fits everywhere

Feels good not to be in the same category as the big boys. Via Really good adv.

8. Smart Brabus

Small but poweful, I think the message just got across the bridge. ViaReally good adv.

9. Dental implants

Unmissable ad, I’m sure all the bowlers that went there remembered it. Via AdGoodness.

10. 3M security glass

Trying to prove the quality of the product, I doubt it was real bills in there. Via Business Week.

11. Gold’s gym elevator

The right ad at the right spot, not sure I’d go to the gym to look like that guy though. Via Ads of the World.

12. The Sopranos campaign

A bit creepy, but certainly noticeable. Via Hungry for Ads.

13. Vijay Barbecue sales

Using the street’s material to create your ad. Via Smooth Harold.

14. Amnesty International

As often with Amnesty, powerful imagery to raise awareness for Human Rights. Via

15. Looking for Seafood

Shells at the beach, what a great idea to let wanderer explore. ViaFairmittlung.

16. Big Pilot’s watches

Letting you try their watches even in the bus, a good idea to bring people at the shop. Via Sharenator.

17. Axe Exit

A new understanding of the Exit boards. Via CherryFlava.

18. Casino di Venezia

Travelers waiting for their luggage often hope for luck when standing around, great idea. Via Adoholik.

19. Mini Cooper boxes

Adding would-be boxes of Mini Cooper cars on piles of trash, great way to explain how small and practical the car is. Via Geeker.

20. Alteco Super Glue

Way to make a point about the strength of that superglue. Via I Believe in Advertising.


US Federal Reserve’s United Federation Of North America Note Ready For Circulation

(Press Core)  The United States Federal Reserve bankers are already prepared for a hostile merger of Canada with the United States with the aid of Stephen Harper.  The same bankers who orchestrated the United States Wall Street swindle ($12.5 trillion bailout the Federal Reserve bankers swindled from the American taxpayers –  as of December 1, 2010) are banking on Stephen Harper winning a majority on May 2, 2011.  They are laying in wait until Harper wins a majority and dissolves Canada, the Canadian flag and the Canadian Dollar.  The Federal Reserve’s North American Union Note (sample image above) has already been printed to replace the US Federal Reserve Note, the Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Pesco.

Why is the Federal Reserve printing North American Union Notes?  The United States is financially bankrupt – thanks entirely to the Federal Reserve Bankers.  The Federal Reserve Bankers orchestrated the largest swindle in the history of the United States, and the World, by fraudulently declaring loses of $billions.  These bankers fraudulently declared that their banks would fail unless the US government paid them $trillions in bailout money.   Both George W Bush and Barack Obama were willing conspirators in the massive swindle of over $12.5 trillion from the American taxpayers.  Because Bush and Obama handed over $trillions to the federal Reserve bankers the United States has no money to finance its social programs, its health care system, the American peoples’ pensions, its military, its government and all of its financial obligations.  The Japan earthquake and tsunami added to the US economic woes as the second largest holder of US debt can no longer support the US economy.   Japan is itself faced with the massive financial burden of rebuilding and can no longer afford to buy the US debt.  China can clearly see that the U.S. financial system is effectively insolvent and is now starting to dump the worthless US federal Reserve Note.

The Federal Reserve bankers have been working for years to destroy the United States as we know it.  Their goal is to bankrupt the United States.  By bankrupting the US the US government will be forced to dissolve the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights in favor of a North American Union with Canada and Mexico.  As the United States is the largest forced trading partner (NAFTA forcibly took control of the Canadian commerce) with Canada the Federal Reserve bankers has been preparing and is ready to force Canada into merging with the US to form a North American Union – one controlled by the Federal Reserve bankers.

A Stephen Harper majority is key to forming the Federal Reserve bankers’ North American Union.  The Federal Reserve bankers’ plans for a takeover of Canada in 2009 were defeated in 2008 when Stephen Harper won only a minority government.  In 2008 the Feds were so sure that Harper would win a majority that they printed $billions in North American Union Notes dated 2009.

The accompanying article photo above is a sample of the 2009 Federal Reserve North American Union Note.  Click your mouse on the sample image to enlarge it.  The counterfeit note is concrete evidence of the Federal Reserve bankers’ conspiracy to destroy the United States in order to form a Federal Reserve banker controlled North American Union.

The Note Reads – “Federal Reserve Note.”  It has a Federal Reserve bankers adopted NAU flag (blue with 3 white stars that represent Mexico, the US and Canada) above the words “The United Federation of North America”.  Below it the Federal Reserve bankers boldly claims “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TRANSNATIONAL TENDER BY UNION OF THE NORTH AMERICAN REPUBLIC ESTABLISHED AND AUTHORIZED BY THE FREE TRADE AND RECOVERY ACT OF THE CENTRAL BANK APPROVED BY THE U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE BANQUE DU CANADA AND BANCO DE MEXICO” .

The note is a complete fraud.  In the United States – The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties,  coin Money, regulate the Value thereof. The Federal Reserve bankers’ NAU Note unlawfully eliminates the US Congress power to coin the US money.  It is a fraud because it eliminates the vote of the US citizens, the Canadian citizens and Mexican citizens.  Its claim of legal tender is based entirely on the Federal Reserve created free trade agreement.  The Federal Reserve bankers claims totalitarian authority over the United States, Canadian and Mexican people.  Their worthless North American Union Note isn’t approved by the people of the United States, Canada and Mexico.  It is only approved by itself.  It fraudulently claims that it is approved by the central banks in the US, Canada and Mexico.  Those central banks could never approve such a scheme as they are mandated by the elected representatives of the people of the United States, Canada and Mexico.   Here in Canada the Bank of Canada’s (BANQUE DU CANADA) mandate is to conduct monetary policy in a way that promotes the economic and financial well-being of Canadians – not to a foreign owned Federal Reserve Banks.

What does this mean for Canadians?  It gives Canadians another very good reason not to give Stephen Harper a majority government.  I am Canadian, are you?  I support Canada, do you?  I will defend Canada, will you?

14 Signs That The Collapse Of Our Modern World Has Already Begun

(NaturalNews) A lot of people believe the world as we know it is going to end on December 23, 2012. Nonsense, I say. The far more honest answer is that the end of the world as we know ithas already begun. And it doesn’t mean the end of the world; it means the closing of one era and the birth of a new one. It is a transition between the ages. This particular transition, however, promises to be the most tumultuous and costly transition humankind has ever seen.

But don’t wait around for December2012to look for the signs. Here are 14 signs that the world as we know it is unraveling right now.We are living through the end of one era and thebirthof a new one. In thefuture, they’ll look back and call this all one moment inhistory, but when you’re living through it, it seems to move forward at almost a snail’s pace. But make no mistake: We are living through the opening chapters of the end of the world as we know it, and on the other side of all this will emerge a new world that’s very different from the one we know today.

#1 – Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis- At first it seemed like a fluke; but now it’s a pattern. Theweatheris becoming increasingly extreme. Over 120 tornadoes recently struck the U.S. Midwest. Texas is on fire and suffering through an extremedrought. And where there aren’t fires and droughts, there are floods. This is only the beginning… watch for more freak weather over the next 18 months.

#2 – The silence of the bees- Colony Collapse Disorder continues to accelerate across NorthAmerica. We already know it’s being caused in part by chemicalpesticides(and possibly worsened byGMOs), but the chemicalindustryis engaged in a full-on cover-up to deny this truth while thepollinatorsof our world suffer a devastatingpopulationcollapse. (…)

#3 – Thefailureof nuclear science- TheFukushimacatastrophe proves one thing: Scientists are dangerously arrogant in their planning of large-scale projects, and they fail to account for the awesomepowerof Mother Nature. Nuclearsciencepromised us clean, greenenergy– but now it has delivered asilent, invisible poisonthat’s infecting our planet.

#4 – The vicious pursuit of Wikileaks- In an age of such rampant deceit, there is no room for the truth. So those who tell the truth (Wikileaks) are viciously pursued as if they were criminals.

#5 – The rise of the medical police state- The armed SWAT raids on Maryanne Godboldo in Detroit are only the beginning (…). The truth is that the medical system uses guns to force its vaccines and chemotherapy onto children and teens across America. The medical system has become so utterly useless, corrupt and dangerous that it must actually invokeguns in peoples’ facesjust to “convince” people to take itsmedicine. This is a gunpoint-enforcedmedical monopolythat exists as a threat to ourhealthand our freedoms.

#6 – The increasing frequency of food shortages andcrop failures- Notice the spike infood prices? That’s just the beginning: Foodpriceswill continue to skyrocket in the years ahead due to extreme weather, the loss of pollinators and the globalcontaminationof crops by GMOs. Realfoodis becoming increasingly scarce in our world. You might want to think about starting a home garden…

#7 – The runawaydestructionof the world by energy companies- Theradioactive falloutfrom Fukushima isn’t the only way in which energycompaniesare destroying our world: Don’t forget about the Deepwater Horizon and the massiveoilspill in the Gulf of Mexico — a spill that isn’t over, by the way. They’restillspraying Corexit in the Gulf one year later!

#8 – The continuedGMOcontamination of our planet- This may be the worst chapter in the comingcollapse: Thewidespread geneticpollutionof our planetthrough GMOs. This is a crime againstnatureand against humanity. It is a “gene spill” that may never be contained as it spreads its deadly DNA across the world’s foodcrops, leading to crop failures and starvation (…). The use of GMOs is the closest thing to “Satanic” that you’ll find in modern agriculture. The agenda behind this is pure evil.

#9 – Thetyrannyand criminal crackdowns targeting real food (raw milk)- When you can’t even sell honest farm food to your neighbors without being targeted and arrested by the cops, something is terribly wrong with the world. But this is happening today, all across America. Now the feds are even targeting the Amish! (…)

#10 – The escalation of the counterfeiting of themoneysupply- In a failed economic system approaching collapse, the moronic leaders can only think of “solutions” that actually accelerate their own downfall. The runaway counterfeiting of money by the Federal Reserve (with its “quantitative easing” and other counterfeit methods) is a classic sign that the end of our current system is fast approaching. The economic insanities are obvious to anyone who can still do math.

#11 – The plummeting intelligence of the masses- One of the most disturbing signs that we’re already in the collapse is the great dumbing-down of the masses. The drooling, CNN-watchingtelevisionzombies who dominate our landscape offer absolutely nothing of value to the world. They are the “mindless consumers” who get vaccinated, watch television and eat processed, pasteurized junk food. They’re on psychiatric meds and believe everything thegovernmenttells them. Most of thesepeople, of course, won’t make it through the collapse.

#12 – The complete and utter fabrication of the mainstream news- Much of the mainstream news is now utterly and completely fabricated these days: The reporting on Obama’s long-form birth certificate; the news about the war in Libya; the coverage of the economy and the U.S.debt… it’s all so utterly false and unbelievable that an intelligent person watching the news can’t help but explode with laughter. It is a sign of this collapse that the information sources relied upon by the masses are unable to report the truth anymore and must resort to weavingpolitically expedient fictionson everything from health care and medicine to the fate of the U.S. dollar itself.

#13 – The ongoing pharmaceutical pollution of our world- Beyond the GMO contamination and theradiationcontamination of our world, we are also experiencing the masspharmaceutical contaminationof our planet. It’s not just the pharma factories that dump their products into the rivers (…); it’s also the fact that well over half the population is now takingdrugsalmost daily, and those drugs pass right through their bodies and end up in thewatersupply where they contaminate the fish ( Even beyond that, the drugs end up in thehuman sewage sludgethat’s packaged and sold as “organic soil!” (…)

#14 – Theradioactivecontamination of the globalfood supply- Here’s one that’s really insidious: The global food supply is now contaminated with the radioactive fallout from Fukushima. We’re told the levels are “low,” but we’re not told the truth of how radioactive cesium isotopes persist in the food supplyfor centuries. How is the human race going to survive its exposure to CT scans, radioactive food, chestX-rays, TSA body scanners and even the secret DHS mobile X-ray vans that can penetrate yourbodywith X-rays as you’re walking into a football stadium? The total radiation burden on the human race is now reaching a point ofmass infertility. That may be the whole idea, actually.

It’s accelerating, too

December, 2012 may be a useful date as some sort of mid-point in the crisis, or perhaps as a trigger date for some further acceleration of society’s rapid unraveling. But make no mistake: We are already living in the collapse of ourmodern world.And you have a front-row seat!(Exciting, huh?)

Think about what’s happening around you these days. These are the signs of the last, desperate clutches of acivilizationbuilt on utterly unsustainable practices that don’t value life on our world. These are the End Times of the corporate oligarchy; the monopolistic for-profitcorporationmachine that destroyed everything in our world in exchange for a slightly higher quarterly earnings report.

In the quest for more money, humanity has sacrificed its food supply, its pollinators, it’s oceans, forests and soils. Greed-driven humans have used other humans as medical experiments and cannon fodder. We have created wars to sell more bombs, and we’ve invented disease to sell psychiatricchemicals.

These are the practices of a failed civilization… and one whose days are numbered. Watching it all crumble is far more interesting than watching it continue its destructive ways, of course, because those of us paying attention realizea future civilization must rise up in the place of this one after the collapse.

Say goodbye to the false power of institutions

It would be nice if our future leaders remembered the importance of liberty andpersonal responsibility, of course. The answer to all the world’s problems, it turns out, isfreedom– freedom in medicine, freedom in economics and freedom from government tyranny.

Because, let’s face it: The root cause of most these problems that are bringing down our world right now isbad government. It is bad government (Big Government) that approved the GMOs. Bad government enforced the medicalmonopolyand allowed the pesticides to kill thehoneybees. Bad government drove us into inescapable debt and costly foreign wars. Bad government outlawed health freedom and protected the monopolistic practices of the food companies,drugcompanies and chemical companies.

The downfall of modern human civilization is, as you probably guessed, also the downfall of the very idea that Big Government creates a bettersociety. Because if there’s one idea that needs to stay dead after the collapse, it’s the idea that We the People somehow need another group of people (government workers) to live off our hard work while hounding us with their false authority, directing every little detail of our lives.

What we need in our world isn’t more government, butmore freedom. If we had freedom, integrity and personal responsibility, we wouldn’t even be facing the global collapse that has already begun. But alas, the human race is an infant species and it must learn some lessons the hard way, it seems.

This lesson should be long remembered: If you let the corporations, the banks and the governments run your economies, your farms and your lives, they will enslave you and steal your future while you sleep; they will inject silent poisons into the very world around you until you awaken one day to find that all you created has been destroyed. They will promise you paradise but deliver only death.Beware of any entity that is not a living person– no government, no institution, no corporation has a soul, nor a heart, nor a conscience. They are forces of organized destruction that decimate those things we hold dear while delivering to us things that will only enslave us orharmus.

Beware the corporation; the government; the non-profit institution working as a front group for private industry. Never allow yourself to be ruled over by any institution which exists only as a fictional construct organized from the projection of human greed.

And be ready for the acceleration of the collapse. Because if you are reading this,you are the future of the human race. You have a duty to stay alive, keep your genes intact, and be around to help create the Next Society after this one crumbles into history.

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White House To Release Bin Laden Death Photo

(Drudge Report)  President Obama decided Tuesday morning to release at least one photo showing Osama Bin Laden's death, a top source claims.

The images, being described as 'graphic', are bound to stir emotions in the east and the west, and will likely become the most viewed photographs in modern history.

One image shows a bullet wound to his head above his left eye.

Will it remove all doubt about the death?

The exact timing on the release is being debated.



A New Low For The US Dollar

(Taxing Tennessee)  What does the dollar’s unprecedented weakness mean? A lot of things:
It reflects the world’s deep mistrust of our monetary and fiscal policies. In a sense, the dollar’s value is akin to the price that foreigners are willing to pay to gain access and exposure to the U.S. economy. The very weak dollar is a sign that the U.S. is a very unattractive place to do business these days.

The Fed is supplying more dollars to the world than the world wants to hold. As a corollary, the Fed is setting U.S. interest rates at a level that is lower than they should be to balance the world’s demand for dollars with the supply of dollars.

U.S. exporters may get a temporary boost, since a cheap dollar makes it easier for them to undercut foreign competitors. But the cheap dollar will tend to boost the price of all imported goods, and that in turn will increase the cost of living for everyone. Eventually, higher inflation will erode whatever advantage exporters might enjoy today. You can’t devalue your way to prosperity.

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Obama Ready To Release Photo Of Dead Osama Today

(Infowars)  ABC News is reporting that Obama and national security officials are considering releasing a photo of Osama bin Laden’s corpse today.

“We are looking at releasing additional information, details about the raid as well as any other types of material, possibly including photos. We want to understand exactly what the possible reaction might be to the release of this information,” counterterrorism adviser John Brennan told “Good Morning America.”

Officials are also talking about releasing helmet cam videos of the raid by Navy SEALS.

“Any types of material related to the raid, we need to make sure that we make the right decisions. What we don’t want to do is to compromise potential future operations by releasing certain things, so we’re looking at all of this and making the right decisions,” Brennan said.


White House Modifies Osama Bin Laden Account

(Josh Geirstein)  The White House backed away Monday evening from key details in its narrative about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, including claims by senior U.S. officials that the Al Qaeda leader had a weapon and may have fired it during a gun battle with U.S. forces.

Officials also retreated from claims that one of bin Laden’s wives was killed in the raid and that bin Laden was using her as a human shield before she was shot by U.S. forces.

At a televised White House briefing Monday afternoon, Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan said bin Laden joined in the fight that several residents of the Abbottabad, Pakistan, compound put up against the Navy SEALs during the 40-minute operation.

“He [bin Laden] was engaged in a firefight with those that entered the area of the house he was in. And whether or not he got off any rounds, I quite frankly don’t know,” Brennan said.

At a Pentagon briefing earlier in the day, a senior defense official said bin Laden used a woman as a human shield so he could fire shots. “He was firing behind her,” the official said.

In another background briefing early Monday morning, a senior administration official also said bin Laden put up a fight. “He did resist the assault force. And he was killed in a firefight,” the official said.

However, during a background, off-camera briefing for television reporters later Monday, a senior White House official said bin Laden was not armed when he was killed, apparently by the U.S. raid team.

Another White House official familiar with the TV briefing confirmed the change to POLITICO, adding, “I’m not aware of him having a weapon.”

“The bottom line is the team that entered that room was met with resistance and took appropriate action,” said a third American official.

The White House on Monday night declined to elaborate on the nature of the resistance bin Laden allegedly put up. However, an official confirmed that the Al Qaeda founder was shot twice, once in the head and once in the chest.

At the Monday evening briefing for TV reporters, a senior official also corrected what Brennan described earlier as “my understanding” that the woman who acted as a shield for bin Laden was one of his wives and was killed.

“A different guy’s wife was killed,” a different official familiar with the briefing for TV reporters said Monday night. Bin Laden’s wife was “injured but not killed,” the official said.

Another official familiar with the operation said it did not appear that any woman was used as a human shield, but that the woman killed and the one injured were hurt in the crossfire. The official said he believed Brennan had mixed up the episode involving bin Laden’s wife with another encounter elsewhere in the compound.

“Two women were shot here. It sounds like their fates were mixed up,” said the U.S. official. “This is hours old and the full facts are still being ascertained as those involved are debriefed.”

In another discrepancy, Brennan said during his on-the-record briefing that bin Laden’s son Khalid was killed in the attack. However, the official White House transcript had the counterterrorism adviser saying it was another son, Hamza, who perished in the raid.

The White House didn’t offer a reason for any of the changes. However, Brennan noted during his televised briefing that his information came from reports from the scene as well as live video feeds of the raid. “I wasn’t there,” he said.

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8 Things Kate Does Not Know About The Royal Family

(DTOM)  1. The Royal Family is not the most powerful family in England. And no it is not J.K. Rowling either. The most powerful man in England is and probably the most powerful man in the world, is Evelyn de Rothschild. Evelyn is the head of the most powerful banking family ever in history. The Rothschild wealth was estimated in 1900 to be over 1/2 of the net worth of the world. No doubt a century of debt and war has increased their wealth. The Rothschilds own controlling interests in many of the world’s central banks and ultimately own most of the world’s wealth through the debts they create.

“I care not what puppet  is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The  man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the  British Empire and I control the British money supply.” -Nathan Rothschild

“Give me the control of the credit of a nation, and I care  not who makes the laws.” -Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild

2. Her new grandfather in-law is an Elitist, Psychopath that fascinates about “culling excess” population of humans. Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, wrote in his foreward to If I Were An Animal, “I just wonder what it would be like to be reincarnated in an animal whose species had been so reduced in numbers than it was in danger of extinction. What would be its feelings toward the human species whose population explosion had denied it somewhere to exist…. I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus.”

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” -Prince Philip

“The great difficulty about “life” is that we humans are part of it, and it is therefore almost impossible to study objectively…. It therefore tends to be anthropocentric and gives scant attention to the welfare of all the other life-forms which share this planet with us.” -Prince Philip

“Human population growth is probably the single most serious long-term threat to survival. We’re in for a major disaster if it isn’t curbed–not just for the natural world, but for the human world. The more people there are, the more resources they’ll consume, the more pollution they’ll create, the more fighting they will do. We have no option. If it isn’t controlled voluntarily, it will be controlled involuntarily by an increase in disease, starvation and war.” -Prince Philip

I don’t claim to have any special interest in natural history, but as a boy I was made aware of the annual fluctuations in the number of game animals and the need to adjust the “cull” to the size of the surplus population.”-Prince Philip

3. The Royal family helped create Hitler’s Nazi regime. The British started secretly funding the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, through Britain’s Lord Norman and Germany’s former Reichsbank president Hjalmar Schacht, who got eventual backing of all of the major industrialists in Germany.  The highest levels of British society secretly backed Hitler including Neville “Peace in our time” Chamberlin, British press magnate Lord Beaverbrook, Governor of the Bank of England Montagu Norman and most notably King Edward VIII.

The ultimate plan was to have the Fascist Germans get involved in a bloody stalemate with Communist Russians, while the British and the Americans consolidate their grip on the world especially the Middle East where all of the oil was. Under Hitler, the whole of the country would be forced into national service in order to rebuild Germany. Once Hitler took power, Norman Montagu and the Bank of England supplied Hitler’s regime with ample credit and even visited in May 1934. Hjalmar Schacht was rewarded by Hitler his old post as the president of the Reichsbank. During the American Depression, millions were being pumped into Hitler’s Germany as they built tremendous power.

“After WWI, Germany fell into the hands of the international bankers. Those bankers bought her and they now own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities. The international German bankers have subsidized the present Government of Germany and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up threat to the government of Bruening. When Bruening fails to obey the orders of the German International Bankers, Hitler is brought forth to scare the Germans into submission… Through the Federal Reserve Board over $30 billion of American money has been pumped into Germany. You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany… Modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories. All this was done on our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total.”

-Congressman Louis T.McFadden (D-PA) who served twelve years as Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency.

4. The Queen came to power because her uncle, King Edward VIII, was a Nazi sympathizer. They would like to say he gave up his crown for love, but the truth of the matter is the British could not have a king that supported the growing Nazi threat. I wonder if the King speech would have stuttered saying Sieg Heil?
5. The Royal family was such strong supporters of the Nazi regime, that Rudolf Hess flew secretly to England to stop the feud between the two countries he loved. On May 10th 1941 Rudolf Hess who was Hitler’s Deputy in the Nazi party made a daring flight to Scotland in hopes of negotiating a peace with the Royals. Unfortunately for him, the Royals no longer were in control of the state and Rudolf  was captured and sentenced to life in prison. After many attempts he finally committed suicide at the ripe old age of 93 in 1987.

6.The apple does not fall far from the tree. Here is William’s brother Harry at a party dressed as a Nazi and making out with a girl dressed as an Nazi officer. This is most shocking because so many British citizens died directly from the Nazis that they created. This cannot be passed off as some young prank especially given his family’s history.

7. The British Royal family changed it’s last name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor because of it’s German royal lineage. Most people don’t even know that the Royals have last names like us commoners, but they do. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was the marriage of two German dynasties. In fact, many of the aristocracies across Europe are interrelated and preside over many European countries. Through this intermarriage, the Royal families have very little in common with their serfs.

8. The Elitist Royal family will never truly accept Kate into their circle. Kate and William seems like nice people but the world she is entering will never accept her. They are Elitist, Psychopaths that see others as a means to power. They never accepted Diana and made here life miserable. I only hope that William will stand up for her, unlike his father. Diana was never accepted as an equal and they were jealous of her acceptance by the common people. When she divorced Charles they were glad to be rid of her but never wanted her to be happy. They became furious when she became the lover of Muslim Dodi al-Fayhed. The two were killed in a much publicized death in Paris. Dodi’s father, Mohamed al-Fayed, believes was a conspiracy by the Royal Family to kill his son and Diana. Now al-Fayed says that he has letters from Prince William himself that says he is struggling with that very possibility.

I hope this article is enough to get people to stop fawning over these Elitists that enslave humanity through war and debt. They do not care about you or your family. Their wealth is derived off of your backs and the deaths of many others in third world nations. They are not to be admired or even given any attention to. This whole wedding has been one of many distractions the Elite put in front of you to keep you from seeing the truth, that our way of life hangs precariously in the balance. If you want to become and aware for a post-dollar world, please join the Sons of Liberty Academy, where you can learn for free more truths about how the world really works.


Can US Offer Final Proof Of Osama’s Death?

(Sky News)  The circumstances surrounding Osama bin Laden’s reported death raise urgent questions over how the US is so sure it got its man.

US officials have said DNA testing has proved the al Qaeda leader was killed in a villa in Pakistan.

They have also identified him by facial recognition.

But photographs of Bin Laden after his reported death have not been released.

The fact his body was buried at sea has so far only added to the speculation, although as a Muslim, he had to be laid to rest as quickly as possible.

Under Islamic law, people can only be buried at sea if they died there, or if there is a risk their body will be exhumed or dug up if buried in the ground.

The release of a photograph purporting to show bin Laden’s corpse – which was later confirmed to be a fake – added to the confusion.

Journalists have not yet had the opportunity to ask more than a few questions of the Obama administration about details of Bin Laden’s death.

A former British ambassador to the US, Sir Christopher Meyer, told Sky News: “I imagine we will see proof.

“I can’t concede the US president would go out to make a statement to the world that bin Laden is dead without being able to produce evidence that he is dead.

“I think we will see some evidence – DNA or photographic – to prove there is not still some phantom Osama bin Laden riding the Tora Bora mountains.”

The announcement is not the first time the world has heard of Bin Laden’s death. Claims that the US and Britain kept up a pretence he was alive in order to continue their war on terror have been dismissed as conspiracy theories.

It has been suggested that bin Laden died nearly 10 years ago during the battle for Tora Bora in Afghanistan, either from a US bomb or from kidney disease.

And as for his audio and video statements, their authenticity has continually been questioned.

One of his video statements, released just days before the October 2004 US presidential election, was said to have been crucial in helping George Bush secure a second term in office.

But his statement from December 2001, when he was seen to confess to the 9/11 attacks, has attracted the most attention.

Bin Laden had insisted numerous times, through the Arab press and in video statements, that he had no involvement with the atrocities. His sudden confession was picked up on by doubters.

Additionally, his appearance in the December 2001 video was markedly different. He sported a black beard, not his usual grey one, his pale skin had become darker and he had a different shaped nose.

He also looked in good health – a contrast to his earlier gaunt appearance – and critics have pointed to the fact he is seen writing a note with his right hand, although he was left-handed.

In total, Bin Laden is thought to have released around 40 statements since 9/11, many of them with clear references to events at that time.

When Uday and Qusay Hussein – the sons of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein – were killed in a firefight with US troops, authorities relied on photographs of their bodies to convince people they were dead.

And when Saddam himself was executed, video footage of his death and subsequent photographs seemed to give final proof of his death.


Navy Seals Snatch Computer Discs From Bin Laden Raid

(Mike Allen)  The assault force of Navy SEALs snatched a trove of computer drives and disks during their weekend raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound, yielding what a U.S. official called “the mother lode of intelligence.”

The special operations forces grabbed personal computers, thumb drives and electronic equipment during the lightning raid that killed bin Laden, officials told POLITICO.

“They cleaned it out,” one official said. “Can you imagine what’s on Osama bin Laden’s hard drive?”

U.S. officials are about to find out. The material is being examined at a secret location in Afghanistan.

“Hundreds of people are going through it now,” an official said, adding that intelligence operatives back in Washington are very excited to find out what they have.

“It’s going to be great even if only 10 percent of it is actionable,” the official said.

Savoring the military and intelligence triumph, officials late Monday described new details about how the mission unfolded:

The SEALs took fire on their way to the compound’s third floor, where bin Laden had been sleeping, officials said. The encounter with bin Laden lasted only seconds, and ended with a kill shot to his face.

The team’s photos of bin Laden are gruesome, complicating officials’ deliberations about whether to release them.

Officials also have images of bin Laden in a white shroud before his burial at sea.

The raid was not supposed to last more than 30 minutes. The forces finished in 38 minutes, even though they lost one of their choppers and had to go to a back-up plan.

Four helicopters were used in the raid. Two went in, and two were in reserve.

Hovering above the compound on the way in, one of the choppers developed a mechanical problem that caused it to lose lift, officials said. The pilot made a controlled landing, according to the officials. When he couldn’t get the bird airborne again, the SEALs blew it up and left in one of the reserves.

Officials described the reaction of the special operators when they were told a number of weeks ago that they had been chosen to train for the mission.

“They were told, ‘We think we found Osama bin Laden, and your job is to kill him,’” an official recalled.

The SEALs started to cheer.

Radioing a commander on Sunday, the team reported the capture with a pre-arranged signal: “Geronimo!”

Read more:

Julian Assange: Facebook Is An ‘Appalling Spying Machine’

(Ed Oswald)  Julian Assange claims that Facebook is complacent in providing the U.S. government with a way to spy on its citizens, calling it “the most appalling spying machine ever invented.”

The controversial founder of Wikileaks made the comments in aninterview with Russia Today that aired on Monday. Assange is currently in England and is awaiting extradition to Sweden over sexual assault charges filed by two women last year.

Has Facebook automated government snooping?

Facebook and other sites all have built-in methods for U.S. intelligence personnel to snoop on users of the site, Assange claims. Users’ information, including names, locations, relationships, friends, and communications are all there for the government to see, and Assange appears none too happy about it.

“It’s not a matter of serving a subpoena, they have an interface they have developed for U.S. Intelligence to use,” Assange told Russia Today’s Laura Emmett. “Now, is it the case that Facebook is run by U.S. Intelligence? No, it’s not like that. It’s simply that U.S. Intelligence is able to bring to bear legal and political pressure to them.”

The idea that Facebook could be used as a spying tool is nothing new–the Justice Department has already begun training its personnel on how to use social networking sites as tools in evidence gathering. Local law enforcement has also been known to use social networks for evidence gathering on suspects.

Assange’s claims do not revolve around these methods, which would typically involve a subpoena or an undercover cop. What he is saying is that the government is getting free reign to spy as it wants without going through the usual legal channels.

“Everyone should understand that when they add their friends to Facebook, they are doing free work for United States intelligence agencies,” Assange said.

Facebook is already facing increasing criticism over privacy issues, and more attention to the topic could harm its reputation even more. Spokesperson Andrew Noyes takes issue with Assange’s characterization.

“We don’t respond to pressure, we respond to compulsory legal process,” Noyes told PCWorld in an email. “There has never been a time we have been pressured to turn over data-we fight every time we believe the legal process is insufficient.”

Noyes did say that Facebook’s policies governing the release of data to government officials are dependent on the laws of that particular country, and that the site “respects that standard.”


Silver Shield: Banksters Covered 26 Million Silver Oz Short Position

(Silver Shield)  The CFTC released it’s commitment of traders report for the last Monday’s Silver Smack Down. And it shows the big guys used the raid to cover -5,209 short contracts (each contract is 5,000 oz. of silver) which is a little more than 26 million ounces of short silver. I wonder how much they covered with a much larger raid last night?

This is a huge development. As soon as these guys either cover their shorts or they fail to deliver the physical metal it will be game over. (Remember we have less than 38 million ounces in the registered inventory of the CRIMEX.

World wide silver production is 735 million ounces and the banks are still short 258 million ounces or 51,644 contracts. They have a long way to go.)

The big question is, if we are in a blow off, parabolic, unsustainable top, why are the banksters covering their shorts?

Got Physical Silver?

Are We at A Precious Metals Top?

( Lloyd Blankfein)  The last week has seen a wild ride in the precious metals. Along with this wild ride, has come an increase in margin requirements on the futures exchanges which on some level should align the margin deposit with the actual riskiness of the underlying investment/speculation. For instance, the margin requirement for silver was raised to $14,500 on Friday, but on a 5,000 ounce contract, that only covers a $2.90 change in price. Any more movement would put the exchange at risk because participants would not have deposited enough money to cover a potential loss. And so it was last night, that silver opened weak, and traded off $6 in a matter of minutes, which suggests to me that the exchange could easily double the margin from $14,500 to $30,000. Some brokerage houses have been imposing double margin requirements of their customers. Incidentally, gold barely moved during silver’s dramatic sell-off last night.

The seeds for Sunday nights move started on Friday, when it seemed as if silver could not get off the mat, while gold climbed 2%, or about $30 an ounce. This is a divergence of massive proportions. In fact, a close look at the tick chart of the gold silver ratio (see attached) shows that the ratio started to diverge on Friday, and continued into last night’s opening with a spike higher.

Over the past few weeks, I have received many links and articles forwarded by readers about the precious metals. Since this has been my over-riding macro-strategy, most readers tend to think of me first when taking in the incredible rise of precious metals. On the one hand, the incredible rise in prices looks quite parabolic, which ultimately means that the near vertical rise will be followed by an equally impressive decent. I agree with that assessment, from a technical market analyst’s perspective. In fact, I embraced that stance for a brief time period over Easter weekend. However, despite the technical picture which looks precarious, there are still fundamental reasons why precious metals will continue to outperform all other asset categories.

* As a Marc Faber, in a past newsletter, once quoted:

“When that which you have expected for a long time comes about, it usually takes a different form than what you would have expected.”

This is not an exact quote, but it gets to the point that precious metals are moving significantly higher than any other asset class over the last 10 years, on almost all time frames. Currently, the collapse of the dollar and an imminent demise in our financial system are not upon us, conditions which I consider required for gold to spike above $5,000 an ounce, and silver well above $100 an ounce. Nonetheless, the precious metals have risen well above what most people would have expected within this time period, me included.

This leaves me trying to separate out my fundamental view that precious metals will go a lot higher over the course of the next few years, with the over-bought technical nature of the run-up to the current highs. My gut tells me that one can make some money by taking some positions off the table (taking profits) and waiting for a correction to re-load. However, I have tried that in the past on a limited basis, and usually, I was wrong and had to buy back into my position at higher levels. So whatever I do on this sort of basis will only be for a small amount of my position, and preferably in options

Here is a summary of what others are saying about precious metals:

Howard Ruff: Has been a big proponent of silver for the last few years, and he is one of the guiding lights which clued me into precious metals a few years ago. In his newsletter a week ago, he re-asserted his contention that the metals will go a lot higher. He also said he could not advise anyone on how to counter-trade the current rally, but that silver and gold will go much higher over the long term. And despite silver’s out-performance vis-a-vis gold over the last 8 months, he still thinks it will continue to out-perform gold by a large margin.

Eric Sprott, on his quarterly conference call last week, reaffirmed his belief in his long precious metals strategy, with the addition of the idea that silver should out-perform gold going forward, despite silver’s dramatic run so far. Eric also views the mining stocks, which have lagged over the past few weeks, as a buying opportunity. Eric runs his hedge fund which is long precious metals (bullion and mining stocks) and shorts US equities, which in my opinion, is a great way to go. For the record, Sprott’s track record is +24.9% annualized since it was started 9 years ago.

Most other market prognosticators warn caution towards the precious metals, and notably silver. In fact, I would say that the general consensus is to be cautious towards initiating new positions in silver and gold to a lesser extent. It is due to this general consensus of caution, which leads me to want to fade this cautious approach. Before I convince you that you should invest your life savings in silver, let me share with you the bearish indicators which cause me concern:

1> The shares of the SLV ETF have dramatically dropped over the last 5 trading days, by an 12.4 million, represents about 12 million ounces of silver. This refers to some form of liquidation going on.

2> The open interest in the silver futures contract has dropped by a whopping 20,000 contracts, or about 1/7th of the total open interest, representing 100 million ounces. Liquidating markets as new highs are being made usually indicate that an interim top is near. Such an occurrence reminds us that the markets are now liquidating at these levels, and accordingly, will lose some of its strength. This is not always an indicator that we are at a top, but it was at the interim high in 2006. As the next graph on the attachment shows, open interest dropped dramatically, 149,000 contracts down to 110,000, or a 26% drop. What followed was one last high without much change in open interest, and then a 30% drop in the price of silver, from $15 to $10, in the span of one month. If such an event were to occur today, my gut feel tells me that we will get a new high in the $53-$54 range, with a correction to about $40. I will be monitoring the technical divergences in the RSI if we make a new high, according to the parameters I sent out two weeks ago.

3> Along the lines of declining activity in gold, the CFTC’s commitment of traders report show a corresponding large drop in the number of commercial players short positions. On some level, this also removes latent buying power from the market.

4> Last week, there were 97% bullish consensus amongst silver futures traders for many days in a row. That sets an all time record for excessive bullishness, and usually this is a precursor to a market top.

Now let me share something which is decisively bullish:

There is backwardation in the pricing of silver futures, meaning there is not enough silver around to cover the needs for future delivery, with an implied squeeze over the near term. As I have mentioned before, usually there is a stable relationship between the price of spot silver and the futures. In fact, during 2010, the futures contracts out in time should be about 0.77% higher as one goes out in time for each year forward. As of Friday’s close, the difference between Dec 2011 and Dec 2013 futures contracts was -0.35 pts, or -0.72%, instead of being +1.54% as the historical relationship indicates. In other words, there is not enough silver around for arbitragers to deliver against Dec 2011, and buy Dec 2013 futures. The profit potential is 2.26%, which does not sound like much, except for the fact that if all you needed to put up was the current margin rate of 10%; (Commercial players get a lower margin rate than speculators). That still adds up to a double digit return over 2 years. And the reason why this arbitrage is not possible is because silver is in tight supplies, and the arbitragers cannot borrow, or rent out the silver for these purposes.

Then there is the whole range of fundamental reasons why silver (and gold) should do better over time which I have espoused in past blogs, so I will not bore you today, assuming you have actually made it this far. One last look at the gold chart will show that gold is nearing the upper end of its very neat channel. The 10 year chart, using weekly data, has the top of the trend channel crossing around $1650. The largest correction we have seen in this ten year span was the correction into November, 2008, of 33%. The 2.5 year chart since the recent low in 2008 has the channel crossing around $1610 today, and $1630 by month end. A high in that zone later this month, with technical divergences would be a good sign that we are at an interim top, and perhaps one worth trading. For the meantime, I will stick with my long term holdings, mixed with a smattering of put options.


The 9 Places Where Inflation Is Crushing Us

(Jeff Reeves)  The Federal Reserve would have you believe that everything is fine, focusing on core inflation rates and ignoring broader measures of inflation as they affect food and energy. These commodity-driven prices, as our central banking overlords would have you believe, are naturally more volatile and shouldn’t be overstated.

You would think after Fed bureaucrat William Dudley was castigated for talking up the affordability of iPads while ignoring real family expenses, our Federal Reserve officials would have woken up to reality. But after the publicity stunt by Chairman Ben Bernanke on Wednesday, it’s clear that the Fed — and perhaps many Americans as a result — is in denial when it comes to the inflationary trends crippling U.S. households. Read about how the Fed’s reckless policy has created a catastrophic bubble on

While it’s all well and good for investors to focus on surging precious metals and the profit opportunities there, let’s not overlook the dark side of inflation that is eating away at family budgets. Here are nine crushing costs of inflation that are breaking many American households:

1. Beef

In a revised forecast Monday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said consumers will see higher price tags on ground beef and steak, projecting 6% to 7% increases year over year. That’s up from a previous forecast of just 4.5% to 5.5% inflation for beef prices. Beef prices have surged in the last several months as supplies shrink, exports boom and grain costs soar.

2. Pork

Don’t think you can just switch from cow to pig to avoid this trend — pork could see retail price increases of as much as 7.5% over 2010 levels according to the USDA.

3. Grains

Even going vegetarian is more expensive than it was a year ago. Corn prices have doubled, from $3.49 a bushel in July to well over $7.70 currently. Wheat prices have rolled back a bit in recent weeks, but topped 2008 highs in February to set a new record and remain very high currently.

4. Gasoline

The average U.S. price of a gallon of gasoline has jumped about 12 cents over the last two weeks to $3.88, with the highest average price for gas tallying $4.27 in Chicago. This is with oil at $112 a barrel — if crude prices reach 2008 peak levels of $145, four bucks for gas may seem cheap.

5. Copper

The price of copper at the end of 2008 was just $1.30 per pound. Currently, copper is trading around $4.30 after setting a record of $4.60 in February. Unlike gold and silver, which are largely used in luxury goods or as investments, copper is used in a wide range of household items — from electrical wiring to air conditioners to water pipes. Read about how gold could hit $5,000 soon on

6. Diapers

Consumer-products company Procter & Gamble PG +0.18%  said this week that list prices for Pampers are up 7% on average over last year, with even Pampers wipes up 3%. To be clear, that’s not a retail price hike, just a cost increase to stores. Retailers will decide how much of those price increases to pass along to shoppers. Kimberly-ClarkKMB +0.04% , maker of Huggies, said Monday it plans to raise prices for similar reasons — rising costs for the petroleum products and paper pulp that go into the diapers. It will be the third such announcement for Kimberly-Clark since the middle of March.

7. Paper towels and toilet paper

If you don’t have infants, you’re not off the hook. P&G also said that Charmin toilet paper and Bounty paper towels are both listing for 5% more now with retailers and distributors than they were a year ago. KMB’s diaper price update will also be accompanied by a boost for its flagship Kleenex tissues.

8. Shipping surcharges

Freight shipper United Parcel Service UPS -.00%   will be hiking its fuel surcharges from 7.5% to 8.5% as of May 2 for ground freight and from 13% to 15% for air freight. That really hurts small businesses. If you are a storekeeper simply trying to keep your shelves stocked, you have no choice but to pay more and endure smaller margins — or hike prices yourself and add to this inflationary mess.

9. Wages

Perhaps the most insidious factor of our current inflationary spiral is the fact that while all these other items are costing more, household purchasing power is shrinking because wages and salaries aren’t keeping up. While the consumer price index rose 2.7% in March to clock the fastest 12-month pace since December 2009, a staggering 18% of personal income is now made up government transfer payments while wages account for just 50.5%. That’s the lowest since the government started keeping records in 1929.Read about how inflation has helped doomed Obama to just one term on

Jeff Reeves is editor of As of this writing, he owned a long position in Bank of America stock. Follow him on Twitter via @JeffReevesIP and become a fan ofInvestorPlace on Facebook.


Obama: Bin Laden’s Death A ‘Good Day’ For America

(Kimberly Dozier)  Declaring the killing of Osama bin Laden “a good day for America,” President Barack Obama said Monday the world was safer without the al-Qaida terrorist and mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. His administration used DNA testing to help confirm that American forces in Pakistan had in fact killed bin Laden, as U.S. officials sought to erase all doubt about the stunning news.

A U.S. official says Osama bin Laden went down firing at the Navy SEALs who stormed his compound.

“Today we are reminded that as a nation there is nothing we can’t do,” Obama said of the news bound to lift his political standing and help define his presidency. He hailed the pride of those who broke out in overnight celebrations as word spread around the globe.

An elite crew of American forces killed bin Laden during a daring raid on Monday, capping the world’s most intense manhunt, a search that spanned nearly a decade.

Bin Laden was shot in the head during a firefight and then quickly buried at sea. White House officials were mulling the merits and appropriateness of releasing a photo.

As spontaneous celebrations and expressions of relief gave way to questions about precisely what happened and what comes next, U.S. officials warned that the campaign against terrorism is not nearly over — and that the threat of deadly retaliation against the United States and its allies was real.

Senior administration officials said the DNA testing alone offered near 100 percent certainty that bin Laden was among those shot dead. Photo analysis by the CIA, confirmation by a woman believed to be bin Laden’s wife on site, and matching physical features like bin Laden’s height all helped confirmed the identification.

“We can all agree this is a good day for America,” a subdued Obama said during a Medal of Honor ceremony in the glimmering White House East Room.

Still, it was unclear if the world would ever get visual proof.

Senior U.S. officials said bin Laden was killed toward the end of the firefight, which took place in a building at a compound north of Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. His body was put aboard the USS Carl Vinson and placed into the North Arabian Sea.

An official familiar with the operation said bin Laden fired on U.S. forces and was hit by a barrage of carefully aimed return fire.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because aspects of the operation remain classified.

The official says two dozen SEALs in night-vision goggles dropped into the high-walled compound in Pakistan by sliding down ropes from Chinook helicopters in the overnight raid.

The SEALs retrieved bin Laden’s body and turned the remaining detainees over to Pakistani authorities.

Traditional Islamic procedures for handling the remains were followed, the officials said, including washing the corpse, placing it in a white sheet.

Across the government, Obama’s security team used the occasion to warn that the campaign against terrorists was hardly over.

“The fight continues and we will never waver,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday. Her comments had echoes of former President George W. Bush’s declaration nearly a decade ago, when al-Qaida attacks against America led to war in Afghanistan and changed the way Americans viewed their own safety.

Turning to deliver a direct message to bin Laden’s followers, she vowed: “You cannot wait us out.”

U.S. Capitol Police put on a conspicuous show of force Monday morning with 10 vehicles amassed near Constitution Avenue with their lights flashing and doors and trunks open. Officers armed with automatic weapons kept watch on every vehicle that passed.

Obama himself had delivered the news of bin Laden’s killing in a dramatic White House statement late Sunday. “Justice has been done,” he declared.

Officials say CIA interrogators in secret overseas prisons developed the first strands of information that ultimately led to the killing of bin Laden.

The military operation that ended his life took mere minutes, and there were no U.S. casualties.

U.S. Blackhawk helicopters ferried about two dozen troops from Navy SEAL Team Six, a top military counter-terrorism unit, into the compound identified by the CIA as bin Laden’s hideout — and back out again in less than 40 minutes. Bin Laden was shot after he and his bodyguards resisted the assault, officials said.

Three adult males were also killed in the raid, including one of bin Laden’s sons, whom officials did not name. One of bin Laden’s sons, Hamza, is a senior member of al-Qaida. U.S. officials also said one woman was killed when she was used as a shield by a male combatant, and two other women were injured.

The compound is about a half-mile from a Pakistani military academy, in a city that is home to three army regiments and thousands of military personnel. Abbottabad is surrounded by hills and with mountains in the distance.

Critics have long accused elements of Pakistan’s security establishment of protecting bin Laden, though Islamabad has always denied it, and in a statement the foreign ministry said his death showed the country’s resolve in the battle against terrorism.

Bin Laden’s death came 15 years after he declared war on the United States. Al-Qaida was also blamed for the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 people and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 American sailors in Yemen, as well as countless other plots, some successful and some foiled.

“We have rid the world of the most infamous terrorist of our time,” CIA director Leon Panetta declared to employees of the agency in a memo Monday morning. He warned that “terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge” the killing of a man deemed uncatchable. “Bin Laden is dead. Al-Qaida is not,” Panetta said.

Retaliatory attacks against the U.S. and Western targets could come from members of al-Qaida’s core branch in the tribal areas of Pakistan, al-Qaida franchises in other countries, and radicalized individuals in the U.S. with al-Qaida sympathies, according to a Homeland Security Department intelligence alert issued Sunday and obtained by The Associated Press.

While the intelligence community does not have insight into current al-Qaida plotting, the department believes symbolic, economic and transportation targets could be at risk, and small arms attacks against other targets can’t be ruled out.

In all, nearly 3,000 were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks.

As news of bin Laden’s death spread, hundreds of people cheered and waved American flags at ground zero in New York, the site where al-Qaida hijacked jets toppled the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Thousands celebrated all night outside the White House gates.

Many people said they were surprised that bin Laden had finally been found and killed. John Gocio, a doctor from Arkansas who was gathering what details he could from TV screens at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, marveled: “After such a long time, you kind of give up and say, `Well, that’s never going to happen.’ ”

A couple of people posed for photographs in front of the White House while holding up front pages of Monday’s newspapers announcing bin Laden’s death.

The development seems certain to give Obama a political lift. Even fierce critics such as former Vice President Dick Cheney praised him.

But its ultimate impact on al-Qaida is less clear.

The greatest terrorist threat to the U.S. is now considered to be the al-Qaida franchise in Yemen, far from al-Qaida’s core in Pakistan. The Yemen branch almost took down a U.S.-bound airliner on Christmas 2009 and nearly detonated explosives aboard two U.S. cargo planes last fall. Those operations were carried out without any direct involvement from bin Laden.

The few fiery minutes in Abbottabad followed years in which U.S. officials struggled to piece together clues that ultimately led to bin Laden, according to an account provided by senior administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the operation.

Based on statements given by U.S. detainees since the 9/11 attacks, they said, intelligence officials have long known that bin Laden trusted one al-Qaida courier in particular, and they believed he might be living with him in hiding.

Four years ago, the United States learned the man’s identity, which officials did not disclose, and then about two years later, they identified areas of Pakistan where he operated. Last August, the man’s residence was found, officials said.

“Intelligence analysis concluded that this compound was custom built in 2005 to hide someone of significance,” with walls as high as 18 feet and topped by barbed wire, according to one official. Despite the compound’s estimated $1 million cost and two security gates, it had no phone or Internet running into the house.

By mid-February, intelligence from multiple sources was clear enough that Obama wanted to “pursue an aggressive course of action,” a senior administration official said. Over the next two and a half months, the president led five meetings of the National Security Council focused solely on whether bin Laden was in that compound and, if so, how to get him, the official said.

Obama made a decision to launch the operation on Friday, shortly before flying to Alabama to inspect tornado damage, and aides set to work on the details.

Administration aides said the operation was so secretive that no foreign officials were informed in advance, and only a small circle inside the U.S. government was aware of what was unfolding half a world away.


Associated Press writers Ben Feller, Matt Apuzzo, Erica Werner, Pauline Jelinek, Robert Burns, Matthew Lee, Eileen Sullivan and Laurie Kellman contributed to this story.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

Declaring the killing of Osama bin Laden “a good day for America,” President Barack Obama said Monday the world was safer without the al-Qaida terrorist and mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. His administration used DNA testing to help confirm that American forces in Pakistan had in fact killed bin Laden, as U.S. officials sought to erase all doubt about the stunning news.

“Today we are reminded that as a nation there is nothing we can’t do,” Obama said of the news bound to lift his political standing and help define his presidency. He hailed the pride of those who broke out in overnight celebrations as word spread around the globe.

An elite crew of American forces killed bin Laden during a daring raid on Monday, capping the world’s most intense manhunt. Bin Laden was shot in the head during a firefight and then quickly buried at sea. White House officials were mulling the merits and appropriateness of releasing a photo.

As spontaneous celebrations and expressions of relief gave way to questions about precisely what happened and what comes next, U.S. officials warned that the campaign against terrorism is not nearly over — and that the threat of deadly retaliation against the United States and its allies was real.

Senior administration officials said the DNA testing alone offered near 100 percent certainty that bin Laden was among those shot dead. Photo analysis by the CIA, confirmation by a woman believed to be bin Laden’s wife on site, and matching physical features like bin Laden’s height all helped confirmed the identification.

“We can all agree this is a good day for America,” a subdued Obama said during a Medal of Honor ceremony in the glimmering White House East Room.

Still, it was unclear if the world would ever get visual proof.

Senior U.S. officials said bin Laden was killed toward the end of the firefight, which took place in a building at a compound north of Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. His body was put aboard the USS Carl Vinson and placed into the North Arabian Sea.

Traditional Islamic procedures for handling the remains were followed, the officials said, including washing the corpse, placing it in a white sheet.

Across the government, Obama’s security team used the occasion to warn that the campaign against terrorists was hardly over.

“The fight continues and we will never waver,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday. Her comments had echoes of former President George W. Bush’s declaration nearly a decade ago, when al-Qaida attacks against America led to war in Afghanistan and changed the way Americans viewed their own safety.

Turning to deliver a direct message to bin Laden’s followers, she vowed: “You cannot wait us out.”

U.S. Capitol Police put on a conspicuous show of force Monday morning with 10 vehicles amassed near Constitution Avenue with their lights flashing and doors and trunks open. Officers armed with automatic weapons kept watch on every vehicle that passed.

Obama himself had delivered the news of bin Laden’s killing in a dramatic White House statement late Sunday. “Justice has been done,” he said.

Officials say CIA interrogators in secret overseas prisons developed the first strands of information that ultimately led to the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The military operation that ended bin Laden’s life took mere minutes, and there were no U.S. casualties.

U.S. Blackhawk helicopters ferried about two dozen troops from Navy SEAL Team Six, a top military counter-terrorism unit, into the compound identified by the CIA as bin Laden’s hideout — and back out again in less than 40 minutes. Bin Laden was shot after he and his bodyguards resisted the assault, officials said.

Three adult males were also killed in the raid, including one of bin Laden’s sons, whom officials did not name. One of bin Laden’s sons, Hamza, is a senior member of al-Qaida. U.S. officials also said one woman was killed when she was used as a shield by a male combatant, and two other women were injured.

The compound is about a half-mile from a Pakistani military academy, in a city that is home to three army regiments and thousands of military personnel. Abbottabad is surrounded by hills and with mountains in the distance.

Critics have long accused elements of Pakistan’s security establishment of protecting bin Laden, though Islamabad has always denied it, and in a statement the foreign ministry said his death showed the country’s resolve in the battle against terrorism.

Bin Laden’s death came 15 years after he declared war on the United States. Al-Qaida was also blamed for the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 people and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 American sailors in Yemen, as well as countless other plots, some successful and some foiled.

“We have rid the world of the most infamous terrorist of our time,” CIA director Leon Panetta declared to employees of the agency in a memo Monday morning. He warned that “terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge” the killing of a man deemed uncatchable. “Bin Laden is dead. Al-Qaida is not,” Panetta said.

Retaliatory attacks against the U.S. and Western targets could come from members of al-Qaida’s core branch in the tribal areas of Pakistan, al-Qaida franchises in other countries, and radicalized individuals in the U.S. with al-Qaida sympathies, according to a Homeland Security Department intelligence alert issued Sunday and obtained by The Associated Press.

While the intelligence community does not have insight into current al-Qaida plotting, the department believes symbolic, economic and transportation targets could be at risk, and small arms attacks against other targets can’t be ruled out.

In all, nearly 3,000 were killed in the Sept. 11 attacks.

As news of bin Laden’s death spread, hundreds of people cheered and waved American flags at ground zero in New York, the site where al-Qaida hijacked jets toppled the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Thousands celebrated all night outside the White House gates.

Many people said they were surprised that bin Laden had finally been found and killed. John Gocio, a doctor from Arkansas who was gathering what details he could from TV screens at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, marveled: “After such a long time, you kind of give up and say, `Well, that’s never going to happen.'”

A couple of people posed for photographs in front of the White House while holding up front pages of Monday’s newspapers announcing bin Laden’s death.

The development seems certain to give Obama a political lift. Even fierce critics such as former Vice President Dick Cheney praised him.

But its ultimate impact on al-Qaida is less clear.

The greatest terrorist threat to the U.S. is now considered to be the al-Qaida franchise in Yemen, far from al-Qaida’s core in Pakistan. The Yemen branch almost took down a U.S.-bound airliner on Christmas 2009 and nearly detonated explosives aboard two U.S. cargo planes last fall. Those operations were carried out without any direct involvement from bin Laden.

The few fiery minutes in Abbottabad followed years in which U.S. officials struggled to piece together clues that ultimately led to bin Laden, according to an account provided by senior administration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the operation.

Based on statements given by U.S. detainees since the 9/11 attacks, they said, intelligence officials have long known that bin Laden trusted one al-Qaida courier in particular, and they believed he might be living with him in hiding.

Four years ago, the United States learned the man’s identity, which officials did not disclose, and then about two years later, they identified areas of Pakistan where he operated. Last August, the man’s residence was found, officials said.

“Intelligence analysis concluded that this compound was custom built in 2005 to hide someone of significance,” with walls as high as 18 feet and topped by barbed wire, according to one official. Despite the compound’s estimated $1 million cost and two security gates, it had no phone or Internet running into the house.

By mid-February, intelligence from multiple sources was clear enough that Obama wanted to “pursue an aggressive course of action,” a senior administration official said. Over the next two and a half months, the president led five meetings of the National Security Council focused solely on whether bin Laden was in that compound and, if so, how to get him, the official said.

Obama made a decision to launch the operation on Friday, shortly before flying to Alabama to inspect tornado damage, and aides set to work on the details.

Administration aides said the operation was so secretive that no foreign officials were informed in advance, and only a small circle inside the U.S. government was aware of what was unfolding half a world away.


Associated Press writers Ben Feller, Matt Apuzzo, Erica Werner, Pauline Jelinek, Robert Burns, Matthew Lee and Eileen Sullivan contributed to this story.


Media Runs Fake Photo To Illustrate Bin Laden Death Propaganda

(Paul Joseph Watson)  Killing Osama bin Laden is a pretty big deal. You’d think that it would be in the interests of US forces to take a snapshot of the elusive terror leader to milk the propaganda value of such a momentous turn of events, and yet the corporate media has given us nothing but a years old fake picture. This makes little sense, unless of course, somebody is trying to hide something, namely the fact that Osama’s dead corpse has been on ice for the best part of a decade.

According to some reports, Bin Laden’s body has already been hastily “buried at sea,” meaning that the comic book story of his dramatic killing is based solely on the less than credible word of the U.S. government.

Of course, it’s probable that we’ll be treated to seeing all the gory details in due course once Osama’s corpse has been properly thawed and suitably presented for public consumption.

But the fake photo, which is still being used by the likes of the Daily Mail and the London Telegraph even after it was proven to be a contrived hoax that has been circulating on the Internet for years, fits perfectly with everything surrounding the Bin Laden myth – the fake video tapes, the fake audio tapes, the fake claim of responsibility for 9/11.

Everything about the Bin Laden myth that has been rapaciously whipped up by the establishment over the last 10 years has been fake, so why worry about putting out a fake photo and claiming it represents the freshly dead remains of the world’s most wanted?

We don’t need MSNBC to tell us, “We think that bin Laden ‘death photo’ is a fake,” because we know it’s a fake. It’s been knocking around on the web since before Obama even took office.Here it is featured in a story released over a year ago. As Stokes Young illustrates, the bloodied face of Bin Laden is an obviously contrived composite image created from an image of Osama that dates back over 10 years.

But that didn’t stop TV news stations across the Middle East, as well as major newspapers in Britain like the Daily Mail and the London Telegraph, amongst a host of others, from passing the fraud off as evidence of Bin Laden’s death.

Media Runs Fake Photo To Illustrate Bin Laden Death Propaganda 020511top2

Despite the fact that Bin Laden’s corpse has almost undoubtedly been safely stored in a highly secure U.S. government morgue since at least 2002, the political grist to be enjoyed by an administration that has plummeted to the depths of unpopularity knows no bounds, which is why Obama victoriously proclaimed Osama’s “death ” during a speech last night almost as if the president himself had pulled the trigger.

The birther controversy and NATO’s indiscriminate murder of children in their pursuit of Colonel Gaddafi will now be swept under the rug and Obama can build his campaign for 2012 on the lie that he was the president who finally brought the evil boogeyman to justice.

Never mind the fact that numerous public officials went on the record to plainly state that Bin Laden has been dead for years and that the announcement of his demise was being kept back until the most politically expedient time.

As Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones document, from FBI counterterrorism official Dale Watson, to former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, to Pakistani icon Benazir Bhutto, to CFR members, to Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, all voiced publicly what the evidence clearly indicated, which is that Bin Laden died in late 2001.

The fact that a deluge of provably fake video and audio tapes were released by an organizationwith direct ties to the Pentagon in the years that followed illustrated how the military-industrial complex was keen to prolong the Bin Laden boogeyman myth as a backdrop against which to launch their takeover of the middle east under the umbrella of the “war on terror”.

But don’t think for a minute that final “confirmation” of Osama’s death will mean an end to the “war on terror” and U.S. troops pulling out of Afghanistan, just as the capture of Saddam Hussein did absolutely nothing to speed a U.S. exit out of Iraq.

If anything, the announcement of Osama’s death will only lead to more warfare and bloodshed in the region. Whether genuine or contrived, terrorist retaliation plots are already in the works and when they are unleashed, the establishment will point to them as a justification for more air strikes, more invasions and more regime change plots disguised as humanitarian aid.

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In life, Bin Laden’s propaganda value as an Emmanuel Goldstein hate figure was immense, but in death his usefulness to the US military-industrial complex will, for a time at least, only increase.

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.


Group Of Deaf, Mute Friends Stabbed At Bar After Thug Mistakes Sign Language For Gang Signs

Alfred Stewart, 31, who is deaf, and some friends were partying at a bar when a gang-banger mistook their sign language for gang signs.

(Philip Caulfield)  Alfred Stewart, 31, who is deaf, and some friends were partying at a bar when a gang-banger mistook their sign language for gang signs.

A group of deaf friends were stabbed at a bar in Florida after a woman mistook their sign language for gang signs.

Alfred Stewart, 31, was partying at the Ocean’s Eleven Lounge in Hallendale Beach, Fla., with some friends who were also deaf on Saturday night when the group’s signing caught the eye of gang-banger Barbara Lee.

The 45-year-old Lee though the group was throwing gang signs at her, and responded by flashing gang signs back at them, cops said.

The group motioned for her to leave them alone.

Eventually, Lee left the bar but returned with two members of her crew, 19-year-old Marco Ibanez and a 17-year-old who was not identified, cops said.

Ibanez allegedly pulled a knife and began stabbing Stewart and his friends.

Stewart and three of his friends were taken to a hospital and treated for stab wounds.

A bouncer at the bar who had a bottle smashed over his head in the melee was also taken to the hospital. None of the injuries were life-threatening, officials said.

Lee, Ibanez and the 17-year-old were arrested and charged with aggravated battery.

Stewart’s mother, Brenda, said there was no way her son was making gang signs.

“Only sign language,” she told WSVN television. “That’s the only way all of them, they do sign language.”

Barbara Lee, 45, and Marco Ibanez, 19, were arrested after the stabbing. (WSVN-TV)

Read more:

Christian Arrested For Reading The Bible In Public

(Lori Sanada)  On February 2, 2011, one assistant pastor and two elders from Calvary Chapel of Hemet, California, went to the Hemet DMV before it opened and one of the men started to read the Bible aloud.  Less than thirty minutes later, he was arrested for “impeding an open business” under Penal Code Section 602.1(b).

Shortly after the men arrived at the DMV and began to simply read the Bible out loud, a security guard approached Mark Mackey as he was reading the Bible and told him to stop.   The men believed that they had a First Amendment right to free speech as they were standing in a planter within the parking lot and were located on public property.  Further, they were not interfering with any business of the DMV and were not yelling or disturbing the peace.

About ten minutes later, a California Highway Patrolman approached Mr. Mackey as he read, took the Bible out of his hands, and arrested him.  As the CHP officer was arresting him and putting him in his patrol car, the two men who were with him – Assistant Pastor of Calvary Chapel Hemet, Brett Coronado, and Ed Flores – asked the officer, “What law was he breaking?”  Instead of identifying a legal violation, the officer asked, “Were you preaching too?”  After continuing to ask the officer for the legal violation, Pastor Coronado and Ed Flores were also arrested by another CHP officer who had come to the DMV and were also cited for “impeding an open business.”  Neither Pastor Coronado nor Mr. Flores ever read the Bible out loud anywhere on DMV premises.

The charge of “impeding an open business” was enacted in large part to protect businesses against protesters who block the doors of an open business.  At the time of the arrest of these men, the DMV was closed, and they were standing at least fifty feet away from the entrance.

“This is an abuse of power on the part of the CHP,” said Jennifer Monk, Associate General Counsel for Advocates for Faith & Freedom.  “The arresting officer could find no appropriate penal code to use when arresting these men.  The purpose of the arrests appears to have been to censor them.”

After their arrests, these men were released, and the District Attorney has not at this time pursued any criminal charges.  Prior to the arrest and during the arrest, Pastor Coronado and others videotaped the actions of the CHP, and a link to the edited footage can be found below.  Advocates for Faith & Freedom has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of these three men for violation of their right to free speech and for unlawful arrest.

“Whether this was an intentional violation of our clients’ constitutional liberty or whether this was an act of ignorance on the part of the CHP, this lawsuit is important in order to preserve the liberty to read the Bible aloud on public property without fear of criminal prosecution,” said Robert Tyler, General Counsel for Advocates for Faith & Freedom.

A copy of the complaint can be found here.

For an edited version of the video footage from this arrest, please click here.


Florida Senate Sneaks RFID Drivers License, Internet ID Into Transportation Bill

(Adrian Wyllie)  The Florida Senate Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability on Wednesday approved an amendment to include “electronic authentication,” as well as “biometrics” to Florida Driver’s licenses. In addition, the amendment to SB 1150, which passed committee on a 12-0 vote, instructs the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to provide a security token that can be electronically authenticated through a personal computer.

This new amendment lays the groundwork for radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to be implanted into drivers’ licenses. In much the same way that merchandise in a warehouse includes RFID tags to track items through the distribution process, RFID tags on drivers’ licenses would give authorities an additional tool to track anyone carrying a drivers’ license within the reception range of an RFID reader.

The Real ID Act of 2005, implemented in Florida on January 1, 2010, has integrated the more expansive personal data set collected by drivers’ license issuing agencies in the participating states into a national database.

In Florida, this database already includes biometrics in the form of computer facial recognition data, collected at the time one’s DHSMV photo is taken. Sheriffs’ departments in at least 22 Florida counties tap into the database as part of their facial recognition system, or FRnet, and feed real-time images from video cameras to instantly identify anyone whose face is in these cameras’ field of view.

This FRnet database, which is accessible to federal, state, and even local municipal agencies, also contains highly personal information, including scans of birth certificates, social security cards, marriage licenses, and other documents.

Also in the amendment is a provision for the DHSMV to provide a “security token that can be electronically authenticated through a personal computer.” It is unclear from the amendment whether the driver’s license itself would act as the token or a key fob/USB device would be issued.

The Obama Administration has recently pushed for the assignment of a single, unique authentication key for Internet users, which many are calling the “Internet driver’s license.” Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and White House Cybersecurity czar Howard Schmidt met with computer industry leaders in January seeking input on how this new system would work. Locke confirmed that they in the process of drafting a “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” and said that the Internet ID would likely come in the form of a “smart card.”

The stated goal of the Obama Administration strategy is to provide online consumers an easy way to securely access Internet retailers or financial services without having to remember multiple passwords, while reducing online fraud.

Schmidt brushed off the obvious government surveillance potential of this new technology by saying, “Let’s be clear: We’re not talking about a national ID card.”

But effectively, the Real ID Act has turned the individual states’ drivers’ licenses into a national ID card. Should this amendment to SB 1150 become law and be implemented, it would give federal, state and local government agencies the ability to easily and stealthily track all Floridians without warrant, in violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Schmidt also used a similar claim to one used during the national health care debate, which was that participation would be voluntary. In Florida, that may mean that one would have to opt out of getting a driver’s license to avoid the additional governmental tracking systems.

The Real ID Act already specifies that beginning in 2013, Americans must have a Real ID compliant driver’s license or identification card in order to access government services or buildings. This includes the ability to pass through a TSA checkpoint at the airport or enter a federal courthouse.

Will we soon need a Real ID driver’s license to access the Internet or go to Wal-Mart? Given the White House’s recent plans, and the Florida Legislature’s willing compliance, it seems that it is only a matter of time.SOURCE

15 States With Soaring Gas Prices

(Gregory White)  While we may not be at $4 gas everywhere in the U.S., from the looks on it we’re well on the way.

The latest survey from AAA shows 7 U.S states with gas prices over $4 a gallon, and many very close to breaching that barrier.

It’s unknown whether the economy will crack under the pressure of rising gas prices, but in the past, the $4 per gallon mark has been psychologically significant.

We’ve ranked the 15 states with the highest gas prices in America, and included their year-over-year price change in percentage form, so you can know just how much the pressure is growing.

#15 Massachusetts

#15 Massachusetts

Image: AP

Regular Gas Price: $3.898

Price One Year Ago: $2.852

Gas prices up 37% in the past year.

Source: AAA

#14 Oregon

#14 Oregon

Regular Gas Price: $3.894

Price One Year Ago: $2.982

Gas prices up 31% in the past year.

Source: AAA

#13 Pennsylvania

#13 Pennsylvania

Image: By MikeSheridan89 on Flickr

Regular Gas Price: $3.895

Price One Year Ago: $2.869

Gas prices up 36% in the past year.

Source: AAA

#12 Nevada

#12 Nevada

Image: wikimedia commons

Regular Gas Price: $3.922

Price One Year Ago: $2.965

Gas prices up 32% in the past year.

Source: AAA

#11 Ohio

#11 Ohio

Regular Gas Price: $3.940

Price One Year Ago: $2.750

Gas prices up 43% in the past year.

Source: AAA

#10 Rhode Island

#10 Rhode Island

Regular Gas Price: $3.955

Price One Year Ago: $2.918

Gas prices up 36% in the past year.

Source: AAA

#9 West Virginia

#9 West Virginia

Image: Wikipedia

Regular Gas Price: $3.960

Price One Year Ago: $2.892

Gas prices up 37% in the past year.

Source: AAA

#8 Wisconsin

#8 Wisconsin

Image: Wikimedia

Regular Gas Price: $3.971

Price One Year Ago: $2.887

Gas prices up 38% in the past year.

Source: AAA


Gaddafi’s Son Joins Libyan Protesters

(Press TV)  According to the reports, Saif al-Arab, Gaddafi’s youngest son, who was sent by his father to cooperate with Libyan security forces in the massive crackdown on pro-democracy protesters joined forces with the demonstrators in the eastern city of Benghazi on Thursday.

Saif al-Arab, who is widely regarded as the most low-profile of Gaddafi’s sons have also hinted that his father would commit suicide or flee to Latin America in the face of rising public outcry over his tyrannical rule.

Saif al-Arab is said to have had the backing of combat troops and had military equipment that was dispatched to the eastern parts of turmoil-hit Libya.

Gaddafi’s eldest son, Muhammad does not possess any political positions, but his is chairman of two big telecommunications companies which owns and operates cell phone and satellite.

The other son of Gaddafi, al-Saedi, managed to sign for Italian Serie A team Perugia in 2003 via his father’s money and power abuse. But he played only one match before failing a drug test. He was formerly on the board of the Italian team Juventus, of which 7.5 % is owned by a Libyan consortium, but stepped down to join Perugia.

Gaddafi’s other son, Hannibal Gaddafi made the relations between Libya and Switzerland sour in July 2008 when he was arrested in Switzerland for allegedly beating a servant at a hotel.

In retaliation, Gaddafi withdrew about $5 billion from his Swiss bank accounts and threatened to stop exporting oil to the country, forcing the Swiss government to apologize for the arrest.

The move comes as several intelligence and military officials in the third largest city, al-Bayda have stepped down , while a major general in the eastern city of Tobruk has castigated Gaddafi’s regime for its heavy-handed assault on protesters.

Major General Suleiman Mahmoud, the commander of the armed forces in Tobruk, has stated that he has resigned and now has sided with protesters, adding that soldiers and civilians are under fire from aircraft, and this was an important reason for him to join the people.

“We are on the side of the people…I was with him [Gaddafi] in the past but the situation has changed…he’s a tyrant.” Mahmoud told Al Jazeera, adding that the troops led by him had switched loyalties.

“We are supporting the Libyan people and the soldiers and civilians are hand in hand we are against any aggressions,” he added.

At least 1,000 people have been killed in Tripoli by airstrikes conducted by the Libyan military in a desperate move meant to quell the popular uprising, according to some reports.

Meanwhile, a total of 130 Libyan soldiers have been executed for refusing to open fire on protesters.

Pro-democracy demonstrations inspired by the popular revolutions that deposed decades-long rulers in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia, have engulfed Libya since Feb 15.

Tens of thousands of people have continued to spill out into the streets of the eastern city of Benghazi and other major cities calling for the ouster of the 68-year-old Gaddafi.

Gaddafi, who came to power 41 years ago in a bloodless military coup, delivered a televised address on Tuesday in which he vowed to fight on to his “last drop of blood” and called on his supporters to take to the streets to confront the protesters.


Silver Down Big Today On Increased Margin Requirements

(Thomas Dishaw) CME Group raises margins for silver futures as  prices soar over the past week. Higher margins take effect Monday making requirements of a 5,000 ounce  contract  to be $14,513,up from $12,815. Maintenance  requirements or additional capital to hold the contract overnight will increase to $10,750 from$9,500.

We will have to see how China and Europe react to opening market downturn. And No, This is not the time to get scared and get out of the market. We need to keep the pressure on and continue to buy  on any dips that occur.