Loud Booms Reported Near The Chilocco Indian Reservation In Oklahoma

(Thomas Dishaw) I received a tip from a concerned resident regarding “Loud Booms” near the Chilocco Indian Reservation near Newkirk Oklahoma. I thought this was some very interesting information that needed to be shared with our readers. These booms keep popping up all over the US with no logical explanation. There was virtually a news black out on this unexplained event. We will be breaking more details as they come in. Here is the detailed message ¬†from a resident in the area.

You need to spend a little time researching the Chilocco Indian Reservation near Newkirk Oklahoma. One week ago, two loud booms came from the area similar to the ones in the Northeast a few weeks ago…the noise was terrifying. Only a handful of residents live in the area because of the size of the reservation and the police only received a couple of calls….I personally know the police captain and I live one mile from there.

The reservation is secured and workers must have a FBI clearance to work there. Homeland Security trucks and civil trucks continually come in and out of the area with items concealed on trucks over the last couple of months. I asked one of the workers driving out “what are you guys doing in there? and replied, I only do what I am told and that is all I can tell you”. I have an elevated outpost 1 mile from there and will send you further details and pictures as they develop. Here is the Google map…note the south complex is blurred…. Lat/Long…. 987814, -97.069874. The Google Map address is: N3328 Rd, Newkirk, OK 74647. The map is blurred on the south side of the reservation building structures. near Newkirk Oklahoma.

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