UPDATE: The number is no longer working. Instead, it connects, but does nothing except give a strange noise. It disconnects after about 50 seconds. And there is rumors that this is the backup number: 202 999 3335 but it’s a dc number now..

The internet was buzzing last week about a phone number: 303-309-0004. Callers were greeted by a female voice that said something similar to, “Condition Orange . . . Condition Orange. Situation Delta is in effect.” Strangely enough, when I called before 9/11, it was “condition red.” After the status update, it asks you to enter your “agent code.” Then it reconnects you to a male voice that says random numbers for about 7 minutes.

Is it some secret military phone number that is no longer secret? Or is it a hoax? So far, it seems it could be either one.

Years ago, a group called Project Evil created several similar numbers to test the online cryptographic community. Project Evil wrote, “It all started after the May 2006 talk at LA2600. Datagram spoke about the history of shortwave numbers stations. Afterwards, we all drifted outside and the conversation drifted to Asterisk and VoIP. Suddenly someone said, ‘I wonder if we could do a VoIP numbers station?’ And Project Evil was born.”

This number has all of the trademarks of what Project Evil did. And if it was something involving the government why wouldn’t they just change the phone number?

There is another thing that is a bit unusual: the sequence of numbers, once decrypted, are coordinates. Okay, that’s not unusual at all, right? What’s weird is that at one of these locations was a library dropbox that contained a book with a CD inside of it, according to a forum poster who has been following this story. On that CD is encrypted text files. There is no word yet on what that message is.

WhiteLotus on the General Nonsense Forums said it best, “Somewhere out there someone is pissing themselves with laughter, or shitting themselves in fear.”


From The Opt22 Wiki:

Summary of the Operation

On 9/10/2012, a thread was made on 4chan /b/ titled “Creepy phone numbers thread”. Someone posted a Colorado number: (303)-309-0004. When called, an automated prompt answers your call and asks for an agent number.

People started entering random numbers, some returned a voice calling out 2 digit numbers, which could then be converted to ASCII text. The text first gave coordinates of things like TROOP, AGENT, SUPPLY, SHIP, and AIRCFT. These were located in mainland USA.

Later, when called, the numbers received gave coordinates for an apparent convoy of ships in the Bering straight, heading north. Not long after, the numbers included coordinates for two MIG BOGEY, heading from the area of Irkutsk, Russia. They appeared to rendezvous with the ships. Shortly after a ship called MELTER3 appeared to report an emergency and fire. The ship then stopped reporting valid coordinates and was then tagged as decommissioned. A ship called PAYLD was reported as having deployed.

Later some agent numbers gave noise down the line which was translated as SSTV into satellite images of the North Pole.

One agent number gave a location of Oswega library, the number of a page in a book about first ladies and a date for it to be picked up by. Two investigators went to the library and found a CD in the Book. The CD contained very large files of encoded text, which have been used to decode NATO phonetic alphabet messages sent over the phone. The investigation continues.

A lot more information here

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