Professor Who Forced Students To Stomp On Jesus Re-Hired By Florida College

(Book Worm)  Deandre Poole is the Florida Atlantic University professor who shot to fame (or infamy) when he insisted that a student write the word Jesus on a piece of paper and then stomp on it.

When the student refused, Poole threatened him with suspension. Once word got out, though, it was Poole who found himself put on administrative leave.

Florida Atlantic University has announced that Poole will return to teaching this coming summer. However, to ensure his safety, for the time being he will teach online courses only. Poole says that he received hate mail and death threats following the controversy. (And let us say here that, considering Jesus’ peaceable teachings, it seems peculiar that those who were offended by an insult to Jesus would respond with death threats.)

Surprisingly, Poole describes himself as very religious, referring to Jesus as “my lord and savior.” According to him, he was simply teaching a textbook lesson about “symbols” (presumably as opposed to the real thing that these symbols substitute for). He agrees that “I see how the name Jesus is symbolic.” Given that understanding, it’s peculiar that he would so willingly disrespect such an important “symbol.”

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