Biometric Enrollment Centers Rollout Across U.S. Airports

(Adam Vrankugi)  MorphoTrust, along with the TSA, has recently opened six new TSA Pre✓ biometric enrollment centers throughout the United States.

New locations include the Boston Logan Airport, Charlotte Douglas International, Pittsburgh International, Tampa International, Orlando International and Lambert-St. Louis International. TSA PRE✓ is a biometric expedited screening process for frequent travellers.

“The TSA Pre✓ program continues to grow with more than 300,000 registered passengers since the application program expanded last year,” Charles Carroll, senior vice president for identity services at MorphoTrust said. “These airport openings complement the efforts at our IdentoGO Centers across the country, providing easy access to this quickly-growing program.”

Using biometrics to expedite the travel process is a growing theme. In fact, a new survey released by Accenture this week found that a majority of U.S. citizens are willing to share their own biometric data for fast travel. That being said, the survey also found that though people are enthusiastic about these programs, few have used them to date.

Reported previously in, MorphoTrust also recently announced the opening of several other biometric enrolment centers for the TSA’s Pre ✓ program.

According to MorphoTrust, it is the authorized service provider for the TSA Pre✓ application program under its Universal Enrollment Services contract with the TSA. This contract also covers TWIC card and HTAP enrolments.

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