Month: February 2016

Vice Chair of DNC Quits, Endorses Bernie Sanders

(NOC)  Hawaiian Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Tulsi Gabbard resigned Sunday. In an email to the DNC, Tulsi explained her reasons for her resignation: “I have taken my responsibilities as an officer of the DNC seriously, and respected the need to stay neutral in our primaries. However, after much thought and consideration, I’ve

Trump disavows David Duke endorsement

(Rebecca Savransky)  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump disavowed white nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke in a tweet Sunday. The GOP front-runner said on CNN’s “State of the Union” he didn’t know anything about Duke and would need to research his connections before deciding whether he would condemn them. “I have

MSNBC to sever ties with Melissa Harris-Perry

(Paul Farhi)  MSNBC intends to part ways with host Melissa Harris-Perry after she complained about preemptions of her weekend program and implied that there was a racial aspect to the cable-news network’s treatment, insiders at MSNBC said. Harris-Perry refused to appear on her program Saturday morning, telling her co-workers in an email that she felt

TWITTER shutting down Hillary critics?

(Kyle Olson)  Bernie Sanders supporters are saying their Twitter account was “censored and locked down” after they criticized Hillary Clinton. @GuerrillaDems — which goes by the name “Guerrilla Socialists” — was shut down Thursday. Twitter admits to censoring #WhichHillary, days after Twitter Exec held fundraiser for@HillaryClinton. #FeelTheBern — RoseAnn DeMoro (@RoseAnnDeMoro) February 26, 2016

Food Industry Plots How To Ban Raw Milk

(Daniel Jennings)  A major food industry trade organization is spearheading the opposition to the legalization of raw milk sales and the easing of restrictions throughout the United States. The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) is urging legislators throughout the country to not relax restrictions on its sale. “Loosening the regulations surrounding raw milk … would

BREAKING: US government releases its 2015 financial statements

(Simon Black)  Hot off the presses, the US government just published its audited financial statements this morning, signed and sealed by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. These reports are intended provide an accurate accounting of government finances, just like any big corporation would do. And once again, the US government’s financial condition has declined significantly from

J.C. Penney Launches One Cent Deals

(Hadley Malcolm)  Penny hoarders, bring your loose change to J.C. Penney this weekend. The retailer is launching a campaign Sunday offering certain items in its private label collections for just 1 cent. In a bid for the “modern American mom,” Penney is hoping the promotions — running all year and deemed “Penney Days” — will help drive traffic,

Walmart Announces Layoffs At Home Office

BENTONVILLE-Walmart has made another round of layoffs. According to Bao Nguyen with Walmart Media Relations, the positions that had been filled were eliminated on Thursday (Feb. 25). Nguyen stated, “Today’s action is part of a routine process where we evaluate the positions skills and experience we need in our technology organization. It’s something we’ve done

Venezuela is shipping gold to pay debt

(Patrick Gillespie)   Venezuela is shipping gold to Europe so that it can pay its debt. Venezuela sent $1.3 billion worth of gold bars to Switzerland in mid-January, according to data from the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. That gold was shipped out just weeks before two big debt payments due this month, totaling $2.3 billion.

Sears Announces Major Layoffs At Corporate Office

(Corilyn Shropshire)  The parent of struggling retailers Sears and Kmart said Thursday it eliminated 250 positions after posting fourth-quarter losses following a dismal holiday shopping season. The layoffs at Sears Holdings represent a “mix of positions in various units and roles across the organization,” spokesman Chris Brathwaite told the Tribune. Brathwaite also said 151 open

Another Big Retailer Announces Store Closings

(Phil Whaba)  Kohl’s KSS 2.66% will close 18 stores in 2016 in anticipation of another year of meager sales gains. The number may not sound huge, but it’s the first time the retailer has had a store-closing campaign. Earlier this month, Kohl’s reported comparable sales rose a modest 0.4% during the holiday season. Now the

Dick Smith to close all stores, 3000 staff to go

(Catie Low)  Entrepreneur and adventurer Dick Smith has accused the private equity group that listed the Dick Smith electronics stores in a $520 million public float of “destroying” the business and putting close to 3000 staff out of work after receivers, Ferrier Hodgson, announced it was shutting down the troubled chain. The founder of the

Man Faces Charges for Cursing out IRS

(Michael Cohn)  A taxpayer has been charged with mailing a threatening communication after he responded to a notice from the Internal Revenue Service about overdue taxes by scribbling a profanity on the letter and mailing it back to the IRS. Enrique Santiago of the Bronx, N.Y., allegedly wrote, “I do not live at this address

VA initially denies wheelchair to dying veteran

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – He fought for our freedom. Now the Department of Veterans Affairs had denied his. Contact 13 has the story of a dying veteran whose simple wish for mobility was initially rejected by the embattled government agency that’s supposed to help those who served. VA doctors diagnosed Vietnam veteran David McKinney-Smith’s

NY Times Reporter Murdered in Dominican Republic Spoke about Psychotronic Warfare and MK-ULTRA

(Abreu Report)  The Washington Post has announced that former New York Times reporter Sarah Kershaw was found asphyxiated due to strangulation in the Dominican Republic. The Washington Post reported that Ms. Kershaw’s body “was found Monday at her apartment in Sosua, where she moved with her husband, William Norton, in 2014. Norton was being questioned

GMO Labeling Law Dubbed ‘DARK Act’ Is Being Considered by the Senate

(Willy Blackmore)  Campbell’s Soup, the rare major food company to embrace mandatory GMO labeling, released images in early January of a SpaghettiO’s can with labeling language it said meets the Vermont standards. Below the Nutrition Facts panel, shoppers will see a few lines of type that read: “Partially produced with genetic engineering. For more information

School districts spending millions on ‘white privilege’ training for teachers

SAN FRANCISCO – There’s no question that the Pacific Educational Group, a San Francisco-based education consulting company, is a successful for-profit enterprise. It’s a standing tribute to American capitalism, and the success that entrepreneurs of all races can experience in a free market economy. Of course PEG’s overt mission is to improve educational opportunities for

Plaintiffs had no First Amendment right to take cellphone video of police, federal judge rules

(Debra Weiss)  A federal judge in Philadelphia has ruled that citizens don’t have a First Amendment right to take cellphone videos of police unless they are challenging or criticizing the police conduct. U.S. District Judge Mark Kearney ruled (PDF) on Feb. 19 in consolidated cases involving Richard Fields and Amanda Geraci, the Legal Intelligencer (sub.

GOP Judiciary: No hearing on Obama court nominee

(Alexander Bolton)  Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have come to a consensus decision to not have hearings or a vote on a Supreme Court nominee in 2016. “We believe the American people need to decide who is going to make this appointment rather than a lame-duck president,” Senate Republican WhipJohn Cornyn (Texas) told reporters

Household Debt Increases to $12 Trillion

(Ali Meyer)  Household debt increased by $51 billion in the fourth quarter of 2015, and now totals $12.12 trillion, or more than $40,000 per household, according to a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This level of debt is 4.4 percent shy of the record-high household debt of $12.68 trillion seen in

1 in 4 Americans on verge of financial ruin

(Catey Hill)  The rich keep getting richer. The rest of us aren’t so lucky. According to a survey released Tuesday by of more than 1,000 adults, nearly one in four Americans have credit card debt that exceeds their emergency fund or savings. And that’s partially because many people, in addition to their debt, don’t

Venezuela Begins Printing 500 and 1000 Bolivar Bills, Signs Oil Deal with Russia

(Caracas)  Venezuela’s Central Bank announced Monday that it would begin printing 500 and 1000 Bolivar bills while phasing out bills of smaller denominations. The move comes in response to the country’s soaring inflation– born of an economic crisis triggered by the collapse of global oil prices– which averaged 141% in 2015, according to official figures

US sends 5,000 tons of ammunition to Germany

(The Local)  More than 5,000 tons of ammunition has arrived at a US Army depot in Germany as Washington increases its military activity in Europe. “This critical shipment will help us continue to enable the Nato alliance,” Colonel Matthew Redding told US military newspaper Stars and Stripeson Sunday. “The fact that it’s the biggest single

Marco Rubio is winning the Wall Street fundraising race

(Ginger Gibson)  Republican Marco Rubio’s presidential run has drawn more money from Wall Street donors than any other candidate, according to a Reuters review of campaign finance disclosures, shoring up his position as his party’s establishment alternative to front-runner Donald Trump. The U.S. senator from Florida has received more than $4 million from the employees