Millennials think they’ll earn six figures by age 30, expect to work until age 90

Photo Credit YouTube Screenshot
Photo Credit YouTube Screenshot

What do millennials expect when it comes to paychecks and retirement?

Plenty of them don’t think they’ll hit the jackpot with their pay, while others expect big-time salaries.

Millennials also estimate they might not retire until age 80 or 90, though some said they are aiming for age 60, or joked they might marry rich and stop working immediately.

And watch out, financial advisers: Most said they don’t expect to hire a professional to help them prep for retirement. That could help explain why low-cost robo-advisers have gained traction.

These views from millennials on their financial futures come in a video released this month by investment research firm Morningstar’s MORN, +0.61%  U.K. unit.

The four-minute video is worth watching — and here it is in full:


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