BLM Blocks Heathrow Airport Traffic…


TRAFFIC heading to Heathrow Airport has been dramatically stopped by Black Lives Matter protesters who are lying in the road at the entrance to the hub and blocking the M4.

As thousands of holidaymakers made their way to the airport on Friday morning, they were met with long tailbacks after the protesters spread banners across arterial routes.

Police have drafted in cutting equipment to saw through the chains which the protesters have used to lock themselves to each other and concrete blocks covered with what appears to be tubing.

Helmets were placed on the protesters and a sheet held up blocking their view as specialist equipment was used to hammer through the chains.

It is believed the group are taking action as part of #BlackAugust, a campaign to raise awareness of racism.

The entrance to the airport was blocked by the group who unfurled a giant banner saying Black Lives Matter.

A group of protesters had earlier blocked the main road leading to Birmingham Airport and Black Lives Matter campaigners said further action was planned as traffic also ground to a halt in Nottingham as people lay on the tram tracks.


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