FLASHBACK: Obama Secretly Transferred $8 BILLION DOLLARS To The Muslim Brotherhood…



Outrageous, if true, but not surprising. Who could be surprised at anything the Barack Hussein administration does in favor of terrorists?

Although this story was broken over two years ago it is beyond amazing that it has not been followed up on by our Congress, our federal law enforcement agencies, The Department of Justice (never mind!), our intelligence network, and most unbelievably, our media.

This is NOT just one more SNAFU by an incompetent leader. It is a deliberate, criminal attempt to pay terrorists bent upon the murder of every Jew on the planet. And if you are not Jewish, and believed that that is where Hamas would end their genocide, you don’t understand the ideology of Islam. Christians are next.

Amazingly, when this horrific episode was revealed and publicized by alternative media sources like Powdered Wig, it then simply went away, as America’s mainstream media had no interest in it. It did not fit their liberal narrative nor their assigned role of interference for, and protection of, leftists and their nefarious and treasonous agenda.

Eight billion dollars to a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of every Jew on the planet, and Barack Hussein reportedly signed a deal giving them a territory nearly three times the size of Israel itself and sharing a 150-mile border with Israel, from which they were undoubtedly planning their evil genocide, and the Muslim Brotherhood, another terrorist organization, netted a cool eight billion dollars in the deal. This money was not given to the nation or the people of Egypt, who owned the territory. It was given to a terrorist organization. There MUST be accountability for this.



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