Venezuela’s Maduro Hires Marxist “Jesus Christ Of Economics” In Last-Ditch Effort To Save The Economy

Maduro Caricature

When socialism fails, your citizens are starving and all hope is lost, you look for… Marxist Jesus? Nicolas Maduro has hired what he calls the “Jesus Christ of Economics” Alfredo Serrano, a 40-year old Marxist economist from Spain as his new main economic advisor.

The previous economic advisor, Miguel Pérez Abad, was fired last week after he endorsed the plan, which called for direct subsidies to the poorest families, the elimination of foreign-exchange controls and a reduction of price controls according to the WSJ.

In a pivot guaranteed to bring a tear to Paul Krugman’s eye, Serrano instead calls for even more state controls on manufacturing and food supply have largely shaped the president’s response to the country’s economic crisis. He travels with Maduro, writes his speeches and proposes ministers. According to senior Venezuelan officials, Serrano has blocked any attempts to coordinate efforts with the private sector.


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