[11/17/16]  Americans are demanding tech companies censor the internet, and China is loving it.

Facebook agreed Monday to join Google and crack down on “fake” news by cutting funding from advertisements for creators of content deemed questionable. This comes in response to accusations that phony news stories on Facebook, Google and Twitter helped swing the election for President-elect Donald Trump.

The shocking move is receiving praise in one of the “worst abusers of internet freedom.”

The 3rd World Internet Conference is currently taking place in Wuzhen, China. The censoring of America’s internet surfaced as a topic at the meeting, revealed the Washington Post Thursday.

The nature of America’s internet made Trump’s rise “inevitable,” explained Robin Li, the founder of Baidu, commonly referred to as China’s Google.

“I don’t think anybody knows why Trump won, but it’s a good move that the U.S. is trying to regulate social media; it’s overdue,” said Kam Chow Wong, a former Hong Kong police officer, told the Washington Post. “If you regulate in an appropriate manner, it will make it more useful, then it will be more free.”

Cyber terrorism on social media was identified as the cause of the 2014 pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.


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