[11/9/16]  A French watchdog, entrusted with assessing the impact of digital technologies on society, has called for the suspension of and a public debate over a new stealthily-issued government decree that allows massive biometric data collection on almost every Frenchmen.

In an effort to crack down on identity theft, on October 30, the French government issued a decree to establish Titres Electroniques Securises (TES), a massive new database that is set to store personal information on anyone who holds a French identity card or passport.

The centralized system will basically incorporate information provided by nationals or legal residents to the authorities when they applied for their French passport or national ID cards.

The biometric data in the new database will include the name of the individual, in addition to their address, eye color, weight, and a marital status. Furthermore, the system will store a photograph of the person as well as their fingerprints.

Those over 12 years old are expected to be entered into the new centralized system. The information retrieved from identity cards will be stored for the duration of 20 years while data garnished from passports will be stored for 15 years.

The creation of TES, which will affect some 60 million people, is France’s first effort to collect and store such a vast amount of population data since Vichy France, essentially the Nazi occupation, 1940-1944.

Following an initial wave of strong criticism, on Monday, the National Digital Council (CNNum), a watchdog that examines the impact of technology on society and the economy, called for the suspension of the decree No. 2016-1460 as it had been issued “without prior consultation” with appropriate experts.


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