[11/30/16]  The title of the conference was “Confronting Vaccine Resistance,” and the audience consisted of medical students and other in the medical profession.

The video starts with NYU law professor Mary Holland and Suzanne Humphries, MD on their way into the talk.  Mary said she wanted to ask the panel how their perspective squares with informed consent.

After the three hour conference, Suzanne discussed what was said at the talk with Polly Tommey on the Vaxxed Bus. (Suzanne’s remarks are transcribed below.)

During the 45 minute interview, Suzanne described how pro-industry forces see parents who question vaccines, and it’s clear that medical students are being schooled to ridicule, intimidate and threaten those parents who are concerned about safety. Doctors and future doctors attending this session couldn’t possibly miss the thinly veiled message that anyone in the medical profession who doesn’t support every vaccine 100 percent will be dealt with severely. Dr. Bob Sears was a focus of the pro-industry panel as well as Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

Sears was held up as an example of bad medical practices, in other words: this is what happens to dissenting professionals. Andy was the fraud, and to convince the audience, they lied about what was in the Lancet article.

I felt I needed to transcribe exactly what Suzanne said to Polly because there is so much important information here. We can all be grateful that Suzanne had the opportunity to be there and hear this firsthand.

It’s clear that med students are being indoctrinated to believe that it’s their duty as doctors to vaccinate every child. Even giving a medical exemption will be scrutinized. If these industry spokespeople get their way, there won’t be any need for laws to remove exemptions—doctors simply won’t give any.

It isn’t enough that Wal-Mart offers shoppers vaccines for flu, pneumonia, shingles, meningitis, hepatitis, and even HPV, the audience was told that even dentists should be vaccinating their patients!

These medical students were told that there is no such thing as a serious vaccine reaction, and informed consent is not needed when it comes to giving vaccines. Above all, they heard that there is no need to investigate the claims of anyone talking about side effects.

Doctors are being taught to demand compliance from parents–No exceptions.

What really disturbed me was how readily Dr. Pan talked about what he threatened to do to the legislators in California if they didn’t support SB277. 

These industry supporters will go after lawmakers as well as doctors.

The doctors were told that there are plans are for more and more vaccines to be mandated for all of us, especially those in the health care field. Most of all, the pharma-controlled medical profession will tolerate no one–doctors, nurses, patients–who won’t comply.

Here is what Suzanne Humphries had to say about the vaccine promotion conference at NYU:

Suzanne: “It’s just more social engineering, brainwashing of medical students. … It was intended to help medical students. Never look at what we’re saying, never think they have a reason to look at what we’re saying, and how to talk to their patients.

“Paul Offit had some recommendations for the medical students which was to be passionate and go down swinging.”

Suzanne acknowledged that Dorit Reiss allowed her to come into the meeting, even though “she has made a very valiant attempt at destroying my reputation. She didn’t mind having me in the meeting.”

“My intention going in was simply, as I tell all of my audiences that they should read wisely on both sides and understand both sides, I do the same. So I’m interested in what they’re thinking to see if there is any logic or compassion or rationale in what they’re doing. I sat there and took notes…

“There were essentially three speakers. Dr. Pan was first. They introduced him as a hero and there couldn’t have been more hero worship….

“Dr. Offit spoke next, and Dorit spoke last. …

“There was a lot of joking and putting down of the anti-vaccine [movement], and the audience was laughing. So the audience, I believe, mostly was made up of  medical students. The medical students were addressed over and over again….The object was to tell them the story in as short and summarized as possible, leaving out what I would consider the pertinent details. 

“There was Dr. Pan who started with a iron lung picture…. David Oshinsky was in there today. I actually found some value in his book, but of course he did what a lot of other people do, which is they tell a really good story and they rubbish Andrew Wakefield. …

“That’s what Dr. Pan did. He basically gave a summary, he started out with the iron lung, then he rubbished Andy. Nobody tells the story accurately. …

“Then we were told about the Philadelphia measles outbreak and the nine deaths, and how Andy ‘faked’ the data, and that allowed all this horrible stuff to happen all over Europe, the UK, and the United States because of his ‘faked’ data. …

“There was also a comment about Dr. Wakefield, that he could have shown the measles virus in the intestine, he could have shown the proteins, and he never did, which we know is not true. That was Dr. Offit that said that. 

“Then it was a Bob Sears brutality fest, because he of course is the poster child for deviating from the blessed vaccine schedule. So everybody took some potshots at Dr. Sears. It seems to me like it was now very obvious to me that this was a concerted effort that has been long premeditated in getting him wiped off the board. …

“We heard a lot about the measles epidemic in California. …That’s the poster for why we need to prevent any further outbreaks, because, look, we had it happen, we can’t afford to let this happen, this is what happens when vaccination rates go down. 

“Laughably, Richard Pan talked about the pertussis outbreak in 2010, and he linked that to non-medical exemptions, which if anyone has listened to my talk that I did in Phoenix very recently, he doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to defending that vaccine. That vaccine doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter how many people get it. It works for a short period of time, at best. Everybody is eventually going to get pertussis. And we’ve got mutated strains that are specific to vaccinated populations, because like antibiotics, this vaccine does that….

“They said we need to tighten the exemptions. And then there was this interesting statement about, ‘what we saw in California was a very small demonstration compared to Dr. Pan when some of the other demonstration he’s had where there’s been ten to twenty thousand people, he thinks that we were lucky just to have a few thousand.’ He said, ‘What we have usually is a bunch of parents against vaccines debating a bunch of educated doctors who are for vaccines. And how can anybody take the side of the parents when you have these doctors that are educated and for vaccines?’

“And I’m sitting there, ‘Well, because nobody will give me a mainstream camera, that’s why. And there are lots of me’s out there. There are lots of doctors that actually have never spoken to their colleagues, who are against vaccines, who aren’t vaccinating their own children, and who have read and understand the risks and the potential benefits.

Suzanne said attendees were told that Mexico had such a high vaccination rate and that’s why they had so few cases as a result of the California outbreak.

Suzanne cautioned listeners.

“Don’t give them too much credit. What this was  was a little meeting…and the goal was to get them to see the absurdity in what the anti-vaccine movement is about, to see that we have been misguided for 200 years, and to make them never look at us, never want to even know what we have to say. That’s the goal of this meeting today. 

“At one point Paul Offit asked the audience members how many people—he put a slide up of the Vaxxed [bus] and of course told everybody and made fun of the bus being out here. … ‘The crazy anti-vaxxers are there, they have not a leg to stand on, they’re delusional, and our real problem is that vaccines don’t prevent autism. So that when the child just gets autism, we’re going to blame the vaccines’—because—he said that, that’s his new one liner joke—vaccines don’t prevent autism. …

“So at one point, he asked the audience, how many people have heard of the movie. I would say maybe fifteen people raised their hands out of perhaps eighty. And then he asked how many have seen, and not one person in the audience raised their hands. 

“And he said, ‘This is what always happens. Nobody watches this, nobody listens to them.’ And he went to give a summary of what Vaxxed was about and what happened with Thompson, and it was such a distorted and Cliffnoted summary, that it didn’t even give anyone in the audience anything to hold on to to go looking…

“It was really a brainwashing session for doctors. That’s really all it amounted to as far as I’m concerned. It’s part of social engineering that’s been going on since the 1920’s. This kind of the modern day version of it.

“Dr Pan said that …there were death threats to Senator Allen, that Del Bigtree tells people to use their guns—now, that the legislators are afraid, there’s harassment, and there’s stalking, especially of people of color.  

“Now I would like to say something because there is—there are crazy people on both sides—…Please, no threats to anybody.  I’m asking you this. …

“I’m not saying that they were outright lying. I think they mostly lied by omission, and they did a lot of putting down of the opposition, and the audience was laughing and joining right along with it.

“They said that there was a lot of hype and extremism on our part,… They said that the legislators are intimidated. Dr. Pan said he had a talk with the legislators in California, and what he told them was that they can vote however they want, but if they vote against SB277 and there’s an outbreak of any disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine, that he’s going to call them out, he will make their name public as voting against it—and then he showed a slide of everyone who voted against it—…so after he talked about the intimidation, he basically told us that he intimidated the legislators. That’s how it looked to me….

“At [Dr. Pan’s] very last closing statement, he showed the cover of TIME Magazine, and he said, ‘TIME Magazine called me a hero, so now my mother is finally impressed….

“Dr. Offit’s talk was called, ‘Vaccine Wars, who’s winning?’ He started with small pox, … and how it eradicated the disease from the face of the earth. He talked about the history of the pro-vaccine… 1982 Vaccine Roulette. It made everybody afraid of the DTP. There was a flood of lawsuits. 

“And he said what they realized twenty-five years later, …back at the time of this DTP vaccine, that there were a flood of lawsuits using the whole cell vaccine.

“He said, ‘We were a little slow to react to this. Twenty-five years later we realized that those children who had their reactions, had something called Dravet’s Syndrome, and it wasn’t vaccine related. …

“So I wonder if they’re testing today before they give the shot to see if anybody has this terrible genetic disorder. 

“He said that thankfully, because the poor vaccine companies were being very reluctant to make vaccines, and they were going out of business, that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act stopped ‘the bleeding.’ 

“Another notable comment was that the HPV vaccine ‘prevents against death more than any other vaccine, except maybe the flu’—and [Offit] got very impassioned when he was talking…very impassioned talking about ‘How could anybody not want to give a vaccine that is going to prevent these cases of cancer into the future. It’s absolutely absurd, and of all the things to complain about, this HPV vaccine should be supported because it’s an anti-cancer vaccine.’…


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