Online gambling has always been close to the cutting edge of adapting to new technology. Up until now we’ve seen how the ever increasing power and reliability of smartphones has contributed significantly to expanding the market. Primarily this has been through encouraging accessibility, but it looks likely that the next few years are going to be all about enhancing the user experience. Smartwatches and Virtual Reality look set to revolutionize the way people enjoy their favorite casino games.

It’s still early days and the technology is relatively primitive, but given how quickly mobile technology improved it’s fair to bet that we’ll see similar with these too. In this article we’ll take a look at the ways smartwatches and especially VR are set to change the way we gamble.

Smartwatches Are Already Here!

In fact they’ve been around one way or another for a couple of years, but as ever with technology early editions are always going to be slightly limited. However it’s already possible to play slots and certain casino games on a smartwatch screen. Many of the major game development companies are putting significant effort into ensuring that their forthcoming releases can be enjoyed via smartwatches.

The most obvious advantage for gambling on a smartwatch is the flexibility that it has to offer. It’s even easier than using a smartphone, and ideal for both money and fun play while out and about. There’s also the added advantage of discretion should this be an issue.

With the release of smartwatches that have their own internet connectivity and can operate independently of smartphones, expect to see considerable developments very soon indeed. There’s still plenty of work to be done but it won’t be long before people will be able to Red Flush Online Casino games on the smallest screen of all!

Virtual Reality Will Be A Game Changer

Impressive as developments will certainly be with smartwatch gaming, virtual reality is promising to be the format that’s going to revolutionize social gambling. Online casinos have been striving for years with relatively little success to add a social factor to their sites. Imagine being able to don a VR headset – probably powered via a smartphone – and play casino games such as roulette, poker and craps with friends and strangers while interacting together!

The technology is still being developed but you can bet that all the major casinos are speculating – and investing – heavily in this sector already. It’s widely expected that the price of VR headsets will plummet just as the technology continues to improve. We’ve already seen this with smartphones and tablets, and given that VR is essentially for now just an add-on component there’s no reason the same rules shouldn’t apply.

It’s reported that very primitive, experimental versions of simple VR games are already near completion. As ever slots leads the way, in this case because the interface to operate a machine would be relatively easy to translate into a 3D environment. The real test will be when it comes to card games and throwing dice.

One of the small issues which has been aired regarding VR casinos involves quite how realistic the environment may end up being. After all bricks and mortar casinos are highly regulated regarding licensing and operational standards. What happens when people across the world can basically enjoy being ‘in’ a casino whenever they choose? It’s unlikely to prove an issue in the long term but does certainly raise an interesting issue.

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