[12/31/16]  Would it lead to the wild, wild west, or would it make the streets safer? That’s the debate over a proposal to allow gun owners in Indiana to carry without a state permit.

Rick Geary, owner of Falls City Firearms in Clarksville, Indiana, has been buying and selling guns for years. He says if you can legally own a gun, you should not need permission to carry it.

“I’m a more guns, less crime kind of guy,” Geary said. “I think the more people that carry, it would be better.”

That’s the idea behind a bill to be filed for the 2017 Indiana legislature. It would eliminate the need for a state permit to carry a gun. It’s a process that includes checks by both state and local police, a waiting period and more than a $100 in fees.

“And I think that’s wrong that people should have to go through all those hoops, and pay the state a fee to exercise a constitutional right,” said State Rep. Jim Lucas (R- Seymour), the bill’s sponsor.

Austin Whobrey got his permit in 2013, and carries his pistol on his hip.

“It’s just a little slip of pink paper, about $150,” he said.

Whobrey supports the bill, but understands why some would be concerned about losing a potential safeguard.

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