Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes President-elect Trump will lift the sanctions just imposed by outgoing President Obama in response to cyberattacks targeting the Democratic National Committee and other campaigns.

“Considering the current transition period in Washington, we still expect that we’ll be able to get rid of such clumsy actions,” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, per RT, a Kremlin-funded media outlet.

Peskov suggested that Putin might delay Russian payback over the sanctions until after Trump takes office, saying “there’s no need to rush” the retaliation. “As it said before, we consider this decision and these sanctions unjustified and illegal under international law,” Peskov said.

Obama’s team seemed to account for the fact that Trump, who has stated his disbelief that Russia was behind the hacks and the leaks of Democratic documents, will soon be taking office when they crafted the sanctions.

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