[1/11/17]  With Republicans in control of Congress, and GOP legislators at the helm in statehouses throughout the nation, 2nd Amendment advocates are confident that the anti-firearm push led by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in recent years has stalled.

National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre contends that now is the time for 2nd Amendment supporters to “go on the offense” in promoting firearm legislation that would help cement Americans’ right to bear arms.

To that end, support from lawmakers throughout the nation is certainly not insignificant.

At present, the NRA reports that about 54 percent of all lawmakers throughout the nation enjoy an “A” rating with regard to support for the 2nd Amendment.

The Trace, an organization which supports stricter gun control laws, recently lamented: “There are now 32 states where more than half of the legislature has received at least an A- from the gun group. In 14 states, that majority is two thirds or greater, making pro-gun bills virtually veto-proof. In Oklahoma, Arkansas, Indiana, Idaho, and Missouri, the number is 70 percent or higher. In Kentucky, the figure is just shy of 90 percent.”

In other words, Democrats in a growing number of U.S. simply do not have the votes to block incoming pro-2nd Amendment legislation.

But gun control supporters are counting on Republican lawmakers who are less favorable to the 2nd Amendment joining Democrats in blocking efforts to expand firearm rights.

GOP lawmakers are already pushing two legislative proposals which give anti-firearm Democrats heartburn.

One effort being considered in a number of U.S. statehouses would make it easier for college administrators to permit students to carry firearms for self-defense on campus.

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