[1/31/17]  KARINA MARTIN-Three armed men attempted to rob La Casona, Venezuela’s presidential house in Caracas on Monday.

The three men attempted to remove military weapons January 30, according to local media reports, and miraculously managed to escape.

Bolivarian National Police (PNB) confirmed the incident, which was caught on a surveillance camera posted on the main avenue of La Carlota.

The residence is considered a military security zone. But despite this, the three men were able to escape without being detained by security.

The attempted robbery occurred at approximately 1:40 a.m. local time, when neighbors reported the sound of detonations.

According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence’s annual report, Venezuela is in fact the second most violent country in the world, and Caracas, the most dangerous city.

In 2016, Venezuela was estimated to have maintained a rate of 91.8 violent deaths per 100,000 residents, and a total of 28,479 deaths overall, according to multiple agencies.

The Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice said that Caracas has been the most dangerous city in the world with 120 deaths per 100,000 inhabitant since 2015.


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