[2/16/17]  Senate Republicans may be looking to launch a deeper investigation into former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s relationship with Russian officials, opening a new front in the White House’s war to control public relations in the wake of Flynn’s resignation.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair, Republican Bob Corker, said the public wants a full picture of Russian’s “meddling” in the 2016 election, and wants it fast. And now,  Corker tells POLITICO,  he may want to expand the investigations to include Flynn’s highly irregular conversations with the Russian ambassador over sanctions.

(There are currently no fewer than four Congressional investigations of Russia underway.)

Furthermore, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham says he’s also concerned about the timeline of Flynn’s resignation, how quickly the White House acted, and how involved administration members may have been in facilitating Flynn’s call to Russia. Senators John Cornyn and Roy Blunt, both Republicans, suggested that Flynn might be called to testify in front of Congress.

One lifelong Republican in Ohio, a former judge not in Congress, even suggested that Donald Trump resign over the affair.

Of course, most prominent Republicans are tempering their criticisms by insisting they will also look into whether leaks from the White House or intelligence agencies, which put Flynn’s misdirection into the public light, were intentional.