[2/8/17]  Photographs show that a Wichita State University rally against campus carry drew 15 people on Tuesday, counting the speaker.

The rally was in support of proposed legislation that would undo campus carry for law-abiding citizens, forcing said citizens to wander the campus defenseless like everybody else.

According to KMUW, “a small group” of students and staff rallied the Rhatigan Student Center. Their motto was “Carry Minds, Not Guns.”

Freshman Ian Englebright said campus carry “creates more problems than solutions.” He said lawmakers who supported guns for self-defense “think that by having concealed carry on this campus they’re making it safer, when in fact, I feel more uncomfortable because I don’t know if the person next to me has a gun or not.”

The 15 person rally at Wichita State was designed to pressure lawmakers into adopting a revision of the state’s campus carry law. That revision would allow colleges and universities to opt out of campus carry, creating a situation like we currently see in Ohio, where campus carry is legal at the state level but barred by every college and university because some students get nervous when law-abiding citizens are armed for self-defense.

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