[2/2/17]  Wednesday morning was a big day for gun legislation in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Following the passage of a bill that would allow those with a concealed and carry permit over the age of 21 on the state’s college campuses, the Wyoming House of Representatives passed a bill that would remove restrictions on where you can take a gun assuming you have a concealed weapons permit.

The bill passed on a vote of 47-13.

House Bill 137 would repeal gun free zones in government meetings, such as the Wyoming Legislature or any other meeting of a governmental entity.

The bill goes on to state that no person with a concealed weapon will be allowed to carry a concealed firearm into private property where the owner of the property or the owners’ representative provides notice by written or oral communication that the person is carrying a concealed weapon is forbidden on the property.

HB194, named “The School Safety and Security Act,” was also passed by the House on Wednesday.

The bill would allow possession of firearms by school district employees on school property giving rule making authority to school districts.

In order to carry the weapon, the employee would be required to hold a conceal and carry license.

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