[3/31/17]  Last spring we told you about Springfield College’s long-running attack on a tenured English professor who taught a popular “Men in Literature” class.

It forced him to abandon the course – while retaining women-, Native American- and Asian-focused literature courses – and previously accused him of hate speech for putting up a poster that raises awareness about false rape accusations.

Now this “very ordinary college” is trying to fire Dennis Gouws, National Association of Scholars President Peter Wood writes in The Federalist:

On March 27, Anne Herzog, the college’s dean of Arts, Sciences, and Professional Studies, wrote a letter to Gouws placing him on “Official Warning Status.” Herzog’s letter proffers a good deal of smug condescension and a small harvest of details, but none of that will explain what is really happening. The true story is this: a feminist jihad aims to remove from Springfield faculty an English professor who has refused to submit, even after two years of nearly constant bullying.

His faculty page suggests why he’s such a hated figure by administrators and campus activists:

He serves on the executive board of New Male Studies: An International Journal, on the editorial board of The International Journal of Family Research and Policy and on the advisory board of The Foundation for Male Studies.

One of his mainstream research publications is titled “Boys and Men Reading Shakespeare’s 1 Henry 4: Using Service-Learning Strategies to Accommodate Male Learners and to Disseminate Male-Positive Literacy.”

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