[3/20/17]  It ain’t socially inept loners blogging in their underwear. It’s “REAL REPORTERS“, “REAL ACADEMICS” and real “DEEP STATE” paid troll operatives.

Baltimore Sun Deputy Opinion Editor Trish Bishop recently smacked me upside the head for quoting her out of context. She was right.

The reason, I was had by a clever alteration of an opinion she had written that went so far as to link to a website that appeared to be the Sun’s.

That is the sort of fake news source being complained about of late by establishment, mainstream media salaried journalists, those California Democratic US Senator Dianne Feinstein calls, “real reporters” are the usual fake news sources.

A Fake News Common Example:

Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Dwight Van Horn, his department’s firearm expert at the time, phoned me around 1996 with a tip. He said a “real reporter” at LA’s KABC-TV asked him to identify and comment on what the reporter said was a dangerous new type of gun with incredible destructive power that gangs had acquired.

The dangerous new gun that “real reporter” showed Van Horn?

It was an ordinary Model 1911 Colt.45, the same iconic pistol the U.S, Army adopted years before W.W.I and millions of civilians have owned since about 1912.

Despite that fact, the “real reporter” put together a story that set new standards for flat out lies and hysteria — “blood will run in the streets!” — to elicit public panic and prohibitive legislation. It was the latest in a series of fake news KABC-TV stories about firearms stretching back into the 1970s. KABC’s liberal pundit, Bill Press, told me the station’s management encouraged such stories as a matter of righteous anti-Second Amendment political advocacy. National news organization managements have apparently done the same.

So that MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer, Touré Neblett and Dylan Ratigan could go into histrionics about the danger posed to our black president by armed, racist white men, the 2009 video clip below of a white-shirted man carrying an AR type rifle at an Obama speech was intentionally edited to support that narrative.

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