[5/17/17]  Some days it’s slow news, some days Chelsea Manning gets released from prison while the CIA-funded Washington Post fans the flames of more Russia nonsense, the New York Times pushes more Syrian war propaganda insisting that Assad is literally Hitler, and evidence finally surfaces of Seth Rich’s connection to WikiLeaks. Julian Assange recently forecast a Niagara-like deluge of leaks following FBI director James Comey’s sacking by the Trump administration, and if today’s revelations are a taster of the meal that’s coming, you’d better not fill up on bread.

Fox News has just corroborated with its own source a story that broke yesterday about a report from former DC homicide investigator Rod Wheeler, who has been working for Seth Rich’s family as a private investigator looking into the former DNC staffer’s murder. Both Wheeler’s sources and Fox News’ assert that Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks leading up to his death, which casts the official story of his murder being the result of a random mugging into serious doubt for anyone who isn’t a glue-huffing imbecile. The Twitter accounts of both WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have been tweeting about this story as well, if you needed a bit more convincing.

So that’s a thing now. Until today, Seth Rich was someone you just weren’t allowed to talk about, like Voldemort or the Rothschilds, but no more. The days when we could be called crazy conspiracy theorists exploiting a man’s death for political gain and upsetting his grieving family are officially over. The police would not be holding onto his laptop if this were some random mugging; we all know what this is. We’re allowed to talk about Seth Rich now, but the Washington Post wants us talking about Russia.