Idiots Unleashed In Charlottesville

[8/19/17]  The black guy said this to the white guy, and the white guy said that to the black guy, and before you know it, both idiots are punching the crap out of each other without ever realizing that the same Zionist paid for both statements.

I’m in full support of the race war. Get it started, make it bloody, and get it over with. I’m not supporting either side; I just want to see the morons of both races take each other out of the picture so thinking people may someday prevail.

It’s almost futile to talk to Americans, because most of therm are just too stupid to understand how they’re being constantly manipulated. I explained all of this several weeks before the Charlottesville violence, but the usual gang of idiots were too eager to jump on any bandwagon that provided the security of belonging to a bigger group of “like-minded” people, without ever asking “who’s paying for all of this? Who founded and funded this group?” Please stop being white, and stop being black, and stop being liberal or conservative, and instead simply declare “I’m an American, THESE are my unalienable rights, and they will not be violated”.

If you only had enough sense to see that our Bill of Rights is the ONLY path to everyone’s freedom, equality, and justice, you wouldn’t be so easily led into senseless violence, all to serve the Zionists’ political agenda.

But of course, the idiots are still staring into the Zionist TV for their daily brainwashing session, where every patriot or conservative is a “white supremacist”, and every communist soldier s a “social justice warrior”.

They’re never going to learn, so let them kill each other to reduce a lot of the problems for the rest of us, and take a bunch of morons out of the gene pool. If the planet is overpopulated, killing off some idiots is what’s best for the species, so please do fight over your skin color, you stupid bastards.

And what’s the difference between a K.K.Klansman who wears a white hood, and an Antifa thug who wears a black face mask? Absolutely nothing, and after a hard day’s work at getting idiots to fight each other, the Antifa thugs and the K.K.Klansmen pick up their paychecks at the same office. It’s all done for the benefit of the morons who’ll follow them into folly, battling each other for the TV cameras, so the event can be used to divide Americans across the whole country.

Let’s try this again, a little slower and simpler this time; Your enemies are those who would destroy your Bill of Rights. You’re being used as a tool to accomplish that by being led into war against each other, rather than against your common enemy.

And as the morons attack each other over their skin color, the Zionist TV, the Zionist education system, and the Zionist-controlled politicians keep suggesting, of course, that we need to destroy the Bill of Rights to solve all our problems, when in reality, the solution to our problems lies in ENFORCING the Bill of Rights, which was born out of gun smoke, and will probably have to be preserved the same way.

Please don’t tell me I’m “preaching to the choir.” I don’t write for your entertainment, and I’m not trying to become famous. I belong to the Truth Movement, and if you’re part of the choir, you need to teach these things to someone who isn’t, so we’ll all eventually be singing the same song. If you’re still waiting to see the truth on the television, it’s because you’re an idiot. The truth has only moved from one American to another, and the Zionists have done all they could to stop it.

A “liberal” is just another American who’s fallen victim to communist indoctrination, and exposure to enough truth will cure him of his distorted perception of the world, and his unrealistic political beliefs.

All of “liberalism” is based on lies, and all of that political belief system has been funded by Zionists to advance their objective of world communism. The truth, as borne out by real history, and the exposure of the Zionist’s control of our political, economic, and propaganda machines, will set us all free.

And even though she was a young, and pretty girl, don’t cry for the bimbo who was run down in Charlottesville. She got what she deserved for hanging out with the wrong crowd, and supporting communism in the land of the free. She was with the crowd who wants to “kill all the white people”, so for all I know, one of her comrades may have pushed her in front of the car. It’s probably true that she never even knew who she was fighting for, but people have been working hard to educate Americans for many years now, and she decided to keep her head up her ass.

This is coming to a fight real soon, and it’s NOT a war between blacks and whites, unless we’re all forced to defend ourselves from useful idiots. What we’re seeing is a communist (Zionist) takeover of our country, and these “people” have a long history of finding idiots to do their fighting and dying for them. They’ll slaughter whomever is left after all the real threats have neutralized each other.

White people have the same right to be proud of their race and heritage that everyone else does. I’m proud of being white, I always will be proud of being white, and that has nothing to do with the destruction or oppression of any other race.

Of course, the Zionist propaganda machine, and professors in the Zionist “education” system will insist that I should die for my skin color, and if you let the Zionists do your thinking for you, you’ll pay with your life for that mistake, just like the mindless bimbo who got herself run over.

The Zionists (communists) control the media and education system, and that fact allows them to appear to be much more powerful, and of much greater numbers than they actually are. Don’t be fooled. They’re a small handful of commies who need to be flushed down the drain for good, and they’re easily identified by their display of the usual communist tactics of attempting to erase our history, getting their enemies to fight each other, and finding morons to do their fighting for them.

If you see someone in your neighborhood tearing down the statue of an American hero, you can become the newest American hero by splitting his commie skull with a Louisville slugger. — Jolly Roger

“Communism is the corruption of a dream of justice” — Adlai Ewing Stevenson

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