25 Survival Uses for Ammo Cans

URBAN SURVIVAL–Old ammo cans are incredibly useful if you’re a prepper. They’re designed to be sturdy, stackable, waterproof, and easy to transport (with handles on the top and the front). That’s why militaries have been using them for decades.

There are several sizes and shapes, but they all have the same basic design which hasn’t been modified since the 1950’s. If you’re a prepper, you should consider acquiring some ammo cans as they have many uses in addition to storing ammo.

In this video, SensiblePrepper comes up with 25 uses for ammo cans. Here’s his list.

  1. Store loose ammo.
  2. Store boxed ammo.
  3. Collect/store casings.
  4. Store magazines (loaded and unloaded).
  5. Make a survival kit.
  6. As a step stool.
  7. Keep tinder dry.
  8. Store matches, lighters, etc.
  9. As a stool for sitting.
  10. Make a vehicle emergency kit.
  11. Store handguns.
  12. Carry water (but don’t drink it).
  13. Wash clothes.
  14. Make a field toilet.
  15. Store medical supplies.
  16. Attach to vehicle (for extra storage).
  17. Build a radio.
  18. Forify your area.
  19. Make a survival cache.
  20. Store important documents
  21. Store seeds.
  22. Store flammable items.
  23. Make a cooler.
  24. Make a heater.
  25. Store electronics.

Be sure to watch the video to hear him explain these applications.

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