7 Best Underground Bunkers And Storm Shelters You Can Buy Online

You can own your own missile command center and underground bunker, or your own ex-defence nuclear fallout facility. Underground bunker sales have skyrocketed recently and it is no wonder with the way the world is at the moment. Some of them are easy too, just order online, dig a hole and get it dropped in and you have just secured yourself one of these underground bunkers or storm shelters.

For those that have it, a bunker is the perfect way to hide out until the dust settles. Whether you are using it for a place to store your food, your supplies, or you’re making it into a livable environment just in case a nuclear or chemical attack, or a storm happens in your neighbourhood, a bunker serves its purpose in a modern day world, there’s no doubt about that.

If you were considering buying one, you are definitely not alone. Records show that sales have been on a rapid increase over the past two years, even more so given the tension between the US, North Korea and Russia and the increase in heavy storms and hurricanes. And those sales haven’t just been by doomsday preppers either. More cashed up life-insurance seekers have been buying up available millionaire bunkers from Vivos and the Atlas Survival Condo.

So are there any left? Thankfully, the hardcore doomsday preppers haven’t snapped them all up just yet. We’ve found some bunkers that you can get right now all the way from ex-defense missile silos to in-the-ground DIY bunkers and storm shelters.

1. Underground Communication Bunker, Kansas, US

This 10-acre property, complete with an underground communication bunker is a nuclear-hardened underground centre ready to withstand anything. Let’s just say that if the end of the world was coming, I’d want to be cooped up in here.

The space of the underground area is huge at almost 12000 square foot of free-to-roam space. It has an on-site well and a 10,000-gallon stainless steel water storage unit with duel sewage ejector pumps all in place and functional with a working bathroom.

The rooms are pretty big with two-foot wall and ceiling thickness and then an extra four foot of earth on top of that. For air filtration, it runs on a closeable system to keep clean air in the bunker and works alongside a 225kw generator which is located in its own room.

As for the entrance, it has 3000lb blast doors with an escape hatch and decontamination shower to remove any possible nuclear, biological or chemical radicles you may be carrying on your skin or clothing.

You can view the eBay listing for the property here

2. Ex-Defense Missile Launch Center, Missouri, US

This is an ex-Department of Defense military installation with an amazing build site well underground. It sits 35-feet below ground level and has more than 2000 square feet of bunker space. To access the facility, you either have an elevator shaft (currently not working) or a catwalk ladder system.

For the entry, it has two thick blast doors and an escape hatch and nearby the front is an air pump, a pump for the drains and the sewage. It also has the benefit of being EMP proof, which is a big concern at the moment for the US electrical grid system.

For the above ground centre, it is more than 4,136 sq ft with five bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has all of its basic necessities too, such as a large fridge, oven, stove, dishwasher and water heater as well as the electrics with heating, internet and a secure access room to go into the bunker.

For the property, it is nine acres of farmable land with a chained fence and barbed wire. There’s also a helicopter pad (if you have one) to get there in a rush.

Underground bunkers and storm shelters

You can check this one out here.

3. Nuclear and EMP survival shelter, Arizona, US

This half-completed project is mobile, which is a great feature as you can pick it up in the back of a truck and park it out the back of your house or property for when the sh-t hits the fan. So what is this thing? It is an EMP shelter, which means if you step inside, you are going to lose any phone signal.

It goes a step further than that, this little survival shelter is a liveable area with beds, supply storage area and the necessities. The interior plumbing is done for this to be a self-contained nuclear, biological and chemical proof shelter with a power source, filter, solar panels and everything else you’d need.

Underground bunkers and storm shelters

You can check out this portable NBC survival shelter here

4. Underground shipping container bunker, your backyard, Oklahoma

These guys are in the business of constructing pop-up underground shelters in Oklahoma. Their steel bunkers have a 10-year warranty against leaks and corrosion and exceed the standards set by FEMA.

The best thing about these is you can choose the size you want, where you want to have it, and they will deliver it for free.

For the specifications of the build of the bunker, it has:

  • Thick 1/4″ steel
  • EF5 Tornado rating
  • Wide doors, with one at each end
  • Door seal and deadbolt
  • Gas assisted door lift
  • Free delivery

Underground bunkers and storm shelters

You can check out Oklahoma Shelters steel bunkers here.

5. Underground Granger safety shelters

These Granger safety shelters are a unit you can order online and they get delivered to your door. These have been quite popular in cyclone and hurricane areas because they are affordable and do the job pretty well. 

However, I wouldn’t want to be spending more than a week in one of these as they are only for short emergencies (which weather ones generally are). The Granger shelter uses a polymer construction which is thick and insanely durable. It has a 500-year lifespan as well so it’s something you could pass down to the kids or keep on the property if you live in an area regularly affected by cyclones.

For the build, it has a thick aluminium door which exceeds FEMA standards and is gas assisted. It has an LED lighting system, non-float design and a limited lifetime warranty.

Underground bunkers and storm shelters

You can check out Granger Safety Shelters here.

6. Torshel underground storm shelters

Torshel is another popular brand of small-scale storm shelters that are a great addition to the backyard for protection. These shelters can easily fit a couple or a family as they hold between 4-8 people and are quite affordable (less than $4000 last I looked).

These shelters are made out of thick steel and comply with FEMA’s guidelines for shelter standards.

They have:

  • Steel construction
  • 1/4″ steel plate doors
  • Easy lifting door
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • Commercial grade weatherproofing
  • Removable built-in steps and seating
  • Built-in ventilation
  • Exceeds FEMA guidelines
  • Jack stand and hydraulic Jack, 8 tons

Underground bunkers and storm shelters

You can check out Torshel storm shelters here.

7. Survive-A-Storm below-ground shelter

This underground tornado storm shelter uses a vertical stair ladder uses bench seating all the way around the sides of this contained unit to maximise its 10x6ft spacing.

It also comes with:

  • Electric and telephone conduits
  • Indoor carpeting
  • 10-gauge steel construction with 1/4 in. floor and reinforcements for superior strength
  • Triple-locking, single-lever latching mechanism with keyed door handle
  • Perimeter steel bench seating for optimal comfort and structural support
  • Double-welded construction for a watertight seal
  • Hydraulic jack and mounting points ensure you can open your door even if it’s obstructed by storm debris

If you are looking to purchase underground bunkers or shelters, make sure you identify what it is you are after before you commit to the purchase, as some storm shelters will not be NBC (Nuclear, Biological or Chemical) proof.

When you are considering your strategies in the event of a nuclear attack, ensure you have the right equipment to survive and remain protected with the right NBC gas mask and protective equipment.

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