Christians feel four of the ten are no longer important

In a famous scene from “History of the World: Part I,” Mel Brooks portrays Moses descending Mount Sinai carrying three stone tablets after receiving God’s laws.

Moses then proclaims to the people: “The Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen …”

He then accidentally drops and shatters one of the tablets, and declares: “Oy … ten! TEN Commandments! For all to obey!”

Now, a brand-new survey in real life is showing a somewhat similar scenario, with many Christians willing to drop four of the Ten Commandments from their life.

According to a poll by YouGov, only six of the ten are important to British Christians, with most saying the other four are not “important principles to live by” in the 21st century.The six that folks are more inclined to follow are the ones that deal with relations with other people.

YouGov explains:

Unsurprisingly the commandment that the most Brits think is still important to live by is thou shalt not kill, at 93 percent, joint with thou shalt not steal. In the case of both commandments, they were seen as still important by 94 percent of Christians and 93 percent of those with no religion.

Not bearing false witness (telling lies) about others came third among all groups, with 87 percent of all Brits, 90 percent of Christians, and 86 percent of those without a religion saying that it is still important to live by.

Close to three quarters (73 percent) of the population at large say that not committing adultery is still a top life principle, including 69 percent of non-religious Brits and 76 percent of Christians.

Honoring thy father and thy mother is still an important rule to follow for 69 percent of all Britons, including 78 percent of Christians and 60 percent of the non-religious.

The final commandment that holds majority support is the Christian God’s instruction that people not covet the possessions of others. Six in ten (61 percent) of the public as a whole say this is still a good rule to live by, including 72 percent of Christians and 52 percent of those with no religion.

The four commandments which many Christians feel are less relevant today are the first four in the Decalogue, specifically those that deal with mankind’s relationship with God.

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