FLASHBACK: Actor Corey Feldman Tried to Warn About Hollywood’s Pedophile Problem and Was Mocked

Back in the 1980s, Hollywood teen idols Corey Feldman and Corey Haim appeared in several films together and were known as the “Two Coreys.” In the 2000s, they were even in a television series together with the same name. Sadly, Haim passed away in 2010 following a drug overdose. Shortly after, Feldman became outspoken in his theory that the sexual abuse the two of them received at the hands of Hollywood producers and actors had in part caused Haim’s descent into addiction.

In a video unearthed by the Daily Wire, back in 2013 Feldman appeared on an episode of “The View,” where he once again claimed to have been the victim of sexual abuse for years. For saying this, then-host Barbara Walters accused Feldman of “damaging an entire industry” with his claims. Walters appeared to dismiss Feldman outright.

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