The 5 Best Ways To Stockpile On A Tight Budget

When funds are tight, and the budget for your stockpile needs is small, what should you do?

Here are the five best ways to save money while building your stockpile supply of food on a budget.

1. Define your budget.

That is, define the amount you can spend weekly or monthly so that you can plan and prioritize purchases. The amount that you can budget toward your stockpile is ideally tracked separately from your other funds. You even can set up a separate bank account (such as a savings account) and have money transferred to it on a recurring basis (from a paycheck or from your main account). Having a separate fund or account for your stockpile will allow you to clearly define what your budget is, and it will allow you to take advantage of sales on items you use.

2. Plan and prioritize.

Whether you are starting your stockpile or are adding to an established stockpile, evaluating and prioritizing the most likely needs for your stockpile is a smart move. Prioritize the likely threats to your power supply and your ability to access resources. Ask yourself: Why are you stockpiling, and what is most likely to occur that will make you rely on your stockpile? Is it a flood or a windstorm that is more likely to hit your area? First focus on getting a stockpile ready for a short-term outage before you move on to long-term needs.

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