Feds indict Philadelphia officer in corruption case against elite Baltimore police unit

The federal corruption case into an elite Baltimore police unit has spread beyond the city as authorities arrested a Philadelphia officer Tuesday and charged him with helping distribute drugs stolen by rogue local cops.

Eric Troy Snell, 33, of Philadelphia joins eight Baltimore police officers already indicted in the growing scandal that has brought down the city’s once-celebrated gun unit.

Snell attended the Baltimore police academy with Detective Jemell Rayam, one of the eight Baltimore officers indicted. Last year, the two conspired to have Snell sell the cocaine and heroin that Rayam and others in the unit seized from the streets of Baltimore, prosecutors wrote in an indictment.

Snell arranged to sell the drugs, then shared the cash with Rayam, prosecutors wrote.

“Snell pulled out a large wad of several thousand dollars in cash and paid Rayam,” prosecutors wrote of an alleged payout in November 2016.

Snell is charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and heroin. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

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