It spreads! Drag queens teaching kids becomes phenomenon…’LGBT tolerance’ lessons given to children as young as 2

It was only days ago when WND reported Xochi Mochi made an appearance at the Michelle Obama public library in Long Beach, California, hitting the pro-LGBTQ, transgender, drag-queen friendly, Satanist-approved political hot buttons all in one shot.

Mochi was there to read to young children, a fad that is spreading, with new reports that there now are drag queen story hours for children as young as two years old in the United Kingdom.

It was the Daily Mail that reported that drag queens were being brought into taxpayer-funded nursery schools in the U.K., “so that children as young as two can learn about transgender issues” and be taught “LGBT tolerance.”

Nursery managers reported in the Mail that children need to have the indoctrination so they can “see people who defy rigid gender restrictions.”

The interactions “are the brainchild of Thomas Canham, a Bristol University law graduate and part-time cross-dresser who dismisses traditional notions of masculinity as ‘meaningless,’” the Mail said.

One recent performance included Donna La Mode, who is called “The Fairy Queen of the drag world.”

The move, however, probably isn’t the wisest move to make, a child psychotherapist said in the report.

Dilys Daws, co-author of “Finding Your Way With Your Baby,” suggested the presentations could confuse young children.

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