Why Is the UN Protecting Child Rapists?

After decades of horrors, somebody has finally decided to “do something.” The United Nations and its “peacekeeping” forces have long been known as a haven for pedophiles, child molesters, and rapists — a place where men willing to put on UN blue helmets can get guns, access to vulnerable children, and even “diplomatic immunity” to protect them from justice for their ghastly crimes. UN so-called aid workers are also deeply involved, according to top UN officials. Estimates suggest there are some 60,000 sexual abuse victims of UN officials each decade, maybe more. And so far, with the UN protecting the child rapists and abusers from prosecution, very little has been done to deal with the horrifying crisis.

While the UN has recently started to admit that it has a problem, the reality is that the perpetrators are almost all still roaming free. Indeed, many still work for the UN! And instead of punishing abusers and rapists, the ones who face punishment — former UN human rights official Anders Kompass, for example — are typically those who try to blow the whistle and protect the children from further abuse. Left to its own devices, and absent much media scrutiny, the UN is likely to continue doing nothing but talk in perpetuity. In fact, some leading internationalists have even called for giving the UN more power in response to the horrors.

Faced with that reality, a new organization of attorneys, former UN officials, and advocates for victims was recently founded to end the impunity and protect the innocent. The Switzerland-based non-governmental organization (NGO), known as Hear Their Cries, released a statement on World UN Day condemning the “ongoing child rape epidemic” that has plagued the UN for so long. At a press conference in Washington, D.C, last month, the group called for UN member governments to create a joint investigation protocol to end the abuse and the impunity surrounding it.

“The United Nations does not effectively investigate and prosecute perpetrators of child rape,” explained Peter Gallo, a Hear Their Cries board member and a former investigator with the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS). “This must change.”

That the UN and its military forces have a massive problem with child rape and sexual abuse has been well known to readers of this magazine and a handful of other media outlets for many years. A 2009 survey done by Save The Children U.K. in the UN-occupied Ivory Coast town of Toulepleu found that four out of five underage girls admitted to being raped on a regular basis by UN troops, according to U.S. diplomats cited in multiple media outlets.

A recent investigation by the Associated Press, meanwhile, uncovered thousands of allegations of rape, pedophilia, and sexual abuse by UN troops over a decade. Some of the victims were as young as nine years old. In the Central African Republic, international “peace” troops on a UN mandate were raping children with impunity, too. And when UN official Kompass passed the information along to French prosecutors in an effort to protect the children, top UN officials conspired to destroy him. Today, Kompass says he is skeptical that ethics can ever return to the UN.

Even the UN admits all of the child rape that has been reported is just the tip of the iceberg. In its own 2016 review, the UN found 311 victims of rape and sexual abuse by UN “peace” troops — and many of those victims were young children. As the UN itself admits, just a tiny fraction of the rapes and assaults are actually reported to authorities.

And it goes beyond the UN’s disgraced “peace” military. “First, sexual exploitation and abuse is not a problem of peacekeeping, it is a problem of the entire United Nations,” said Socialist UN Secretary-General António Guterres. “Contrary to the information spreading that this is a question related to our peacekeeping operations, it is necessary to say that the majority of the cases of sexual exploitation and abuse are done by the civilian organizations of the United Nations, and not in peacekeeping operations.”

So if most of the UN’s rapes occur outside of its “peace” operations, that means there are at least 600 known victims per year. “One in seven rapes is reported in the United Kingdom,” Hear Their Cries says on its website. “If say one in ten rapes were reported against the UN, this 600 victims a year would represent 6000 actual victims PER YEAR, or 60,000 in a decade. This must stop. Help us stop this abuse.”

Andrew MacLeod, an international attorney and former UN official involved with Hear Their Cries, recently published an excellent column in the U.K. Independent newspaper. Among other concerns, he blasted the UN’s misleading rhetoric focusing on “sexual abuse” and “indiscretion.” Pointing to a brutal incident against a 14-year old child by a mob of UN troops near Bambari airport in the Central African Republic, he said change begins with proper terminology. “This is the gang rape of a child,” he wrote. “You paid for this gang rape through your taxpayer funds to the UN.”

In a separate piece published at Breitbart, MacLeod noted that of all the accusations of child rape that the UN has investigated and substantiated, not one single child rapist has been referred to authorities for prosecution. “The UN uses legal and sovereign immunity claims to prevent prosecution,” he wrote. “The UN chooses not to waive immunity and therefore uses this legal fiction to protect child rapists rather than the children.”

In a more recent Independent column, MacLeod pointed out that the UN could allow the child rapists to be punished — but it chooses not to. “Unfortunately, there is a Convention on United Nations Privileges and Immunities which gives legal protection from prosecution for a UN staff member performing his or her duties,” he wrote. “Amazingly some think that child abuse falls within the definition of performing duties and therefore legal immunity from prosecution should apply.” Blasting the “moral abhorrence” of any UN official who believed raping children was part of their job duties, MacLeod called for the UN Secretary-General to waive immunity “in the interests of justice,” which is allowed, as well as offering a “permanent waiver of legal immunity for child sex crimes.” No word yet from the UN on whether it would submit to those conditions.

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