10 gifts for shooters, hunters of every budget

Christmas is just around the corner and lighted trees everywhere are begging for presents. We at Guns.com put together a list that will put smiles on the faces of hunters and shooters this holiday season, and with prices from $15 to $425, there’s something for every pocketbook.

Skeleton Optics

We’ve been wearing the Scout model in Mossy Oak patterns for over a month now, and they’ve become our new go-to shooting and fishing shades. Skeleton Optics utilizes polarized Zeiss lenses with what they call “Tri-pel” coating that resists everything from salt water to mud, sweat and oil. Like the Scout, many of the models are unisex, and I enjoy the Mossy Oak Winter frame color with Bronze Titanic lenses.

The glasses come packed in a silky drawstring pouch inside a semi-rigid zipper case with a one year manufacturer warranty. So far, they’ve been banged around in hunting pack, tossed in a range bag, and just plain used with no lens scratches or wear. If camo is not your thing, they offer several other styles and numerous other colors and patterns. In addition to Zeiss glass, Skeleton uses Italian-made frames. If that’s not enough, one more big plus—they are an American veteran-owned small business. Our Scout Mossy Oak shades retail for $200 and make a nice buy for durable shooter’s eyewear.

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