CNN in Chaos, Massively Violates Dem’s Talking Points With Praise for Trump

Donald Trump has a contentious relationship with most of the mainstream media. It’s clear that with a few exceptions, he sees establishment outlets as merely mouthpieces for his opponents.

The media, in turn, seems to be no fan of the president… but Trump just received surprising praise from an unlikely source: CNN.

On Thursday, CNN published a piece of political analysis that was downright glowing in its appreciation of the president, at least by mainstream media standards.

The network’s White House corespondent Stephen Collinson’s piece was titled “Donald Trump — keeper of promises,” and it seemed to come out of left field — no pun intended — for a network that has appeared increasingly liberal over the last several years.

“A politician who actually does what he told voters he would do seems almost unfathomable in Washington, a town of broken promises. For Donald Trump, being a president who delivers is especially crucial, since it’s one of the golden keys to his so far unbreakable bond with supporters,” Collinson wrote for CNN.

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