Ebay is ‘seriously considering’ accepting bitcoin

On eBay right now, you can buy a Complete Cryptocurrency GPU Mining Rig for $2,586, or a “Just Hodl” (a bitcoin inside joke) hoodie for $33.99, or a “collectible bitcoin gift coin” for 99 cents. There are hundreds of bitcoin-related items, but you can’t pay in bitcoin. Yet.

Scott Cutler, senior vice president of eBay Americas, told Yahoo Finance in an interview this week that the online retailer is “seriously considering” accepting bitcoin, but “we’re not quite there yet.”

Not many retailers accept cryptocurrency as payment, but for one that does accept bitcoin, it’s been a boost to shares. Overstock.com (OSTK) is up more than 250% in the last six months, as it rides the bitcoin phenomenon. The web retailer is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space, as it became the first major retailer to accept bitcoin in early 2014.

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  1. Bitcoin is electronic money the banksters are hyping. They would have ultimate control if we are forced to use it and cash is banned. Bitcoin can bite my a$$.

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