Health Ranger Developing an Alternative to YOUTUBE

It’s nothing new – another YouTuber has been threatened with a ban for saying things that YouTube dislikes. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has recently released an alarming video declaring he’s going to “water down” his political commentary to avoid being silenced.

Adams runs the website and has often been critical of the government and the pharmaceutical industry, prompting YouTube to threaten to silence him. In his video, titled Sobering Health Ranger ANNOUNCEMENT For YouTube Fans, Adams details just how bad censorship in America has become.

Adams’ video comes on the heels of Twitter’s “purge” of non-leftist accounts, leading many to believe social media is intentionally silencing dissenting views. The death of free speech is imminent.

“Ok, major announcement for the YouTube channel,” Adams says to begin his video. “The Health Ranger YouTube channel will no longer be able to post many politically oriented commentary podcasts because YouTube threatened to shut down the channel if we continue to expose FBI corruption, the fake science lab of the FBI, fake race crime hoaxes, or any other content that the fragile snowflake leftists do no like.”

This should concern everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Free speech shouldn’t be up for debate, and humans should be willing to hear an opposing point of view. Being offended isn’t an option. You either use your free speech to say something back or ignore the speech you dislike (like you do with government corruption and democrats killing kids overseas).

“It’s pretty obvious at this point that YouTube censors or moderators are very very biased people and very psychologically fragile people, beause they openly allow death threats against President Trump, right? They openly allow death threats against the FCC Commissioner; Pai is his name. They openly allow all kinds of death threats or bullying aginst Christians or against heterosexuals or against white males in particular. This is openly allowed all over YouTube. But if you’re a conservative speaker you’re going to be censored.”

Adams also clearly states he isn’t just conservative. He considers himself a “free thinker.” He says he often holds views that are libertarian, progressive, and conservative.

“As a result [of censorship by YouTube] the Health Ranger channel will have to be, sadly, watered down on YouTube to be just the positive commentary…if that’s what you wanna hear, if that’s your life, that, you don’t want reality, you don’t want intelligent commentary…except Trump; Trump is horrible [sarcasm can be heard in the video], than that’s YouTube.”

But Adams does have some good news amidst YouTube’s threats of censorship.

“We are very close now to finishing our own new video system or video hosting system, which will be open to other voices that are being censored including conservative voices, and progressive voices, and libertarian voices. It is in essence competeing with YouTube, but of course, more from an independent media point of view. And we’re close to launching this.”

Although Adams doesn’t have a domain name for the new site yet, he says anyone can go there to hear criticism of the government that is often shut down. Plus he plans on posting more “natural health” and nutrition videos which could be a huge benefit to others.

YouTube can have whatever policy they want, the problem is that they are not applying their rules equally across the board.

Censorship is the antithesis of freedom.

2 Replies to “Health Ranger Developing an Alternative to YOUTUBE

  1. I noticed whenever I mentioned the Jews on the Mike Adams site that I was automatically being removed by his censors, however, I seem to be able to comment on other subjects on his site, though I noticed I kept being taken off his subscription list.

    It seems OK to mention the Jew on his site for most other people when they say nothing of any real importance, the usual one-liners stating disapproval, and such comments can actually serve the Jew because they appear to reveal the author of such comments as an unintellectual type of person, and so are allowed to stand, but if you mention anything that really might get the Jews into trouble, then your comment is gone in a flash. That has been the case on the Mike Adams site for a very long time.

    Now he is delving into politics, and they want to throroughly control him, but no matter what he does, even if he rigorously stops any comments that really expose what the Jews are up to from appearing on his site, when he starts to educate people on how to stay healthy, in their view he is effectively attacking the Jew by helping the gentile people, whom they regard as their enemies, to stay alive longer and in better health, and they will not have that, especially if he starts to get even a little critical of even unnamed PTB in doing so.

    I can appreciate the situation is becoming increasingly Stalinist in the US, just as it is in the UK, as both their governments are amongst the principal powers behind the intended NWO Jewish one world government to come, and some sites are anticipating the day when they will be closed down just for allowing any comments that expose Jewish wrong-doing, so are forbidding them even now, though a huge number do ban them already simply because they are Jew-owned sites with very Jewish site owners.

  2. Update, strangely enough, since writing this, one or two comments by me mentioning Jews have actually successfully been published on the Mike Adams site, maybe he is becoming more Jew-wise.

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