Pornographic Books for Kids Spark CALIFORNIA School Board War

A series of wildly inappropriate books forced on school children in California turned into a war between concerned parents who want to be notified, on one side, and tax-funded proponents of sexualizing children without parental consent on the other. While outraged parents won a minor (and temporary) victory in this particular case, similar battles are being fought across America — and, eventually, parents are going to lose.

Last month, Conejo Valley Unified School District Board meeting became a battlefield. Parents and certain school board members realized that, without so much as parental notification, children were being exposed to unimaginable perversion and pornographic filth under the guise of teaching “literature.” They were able to get a policy adopted requiring parental notification for books with pornographic content.

The books being peddled to children in California (and across America) include, for example, claims that everybody masturbates and that God would approve, along with graphic scenes involving fornication and perversion, among other highly inappropriate matters. Even under the new policy, some of the filthy books are not even labeled in a way that would trigger parental notification.

4 Replies to “Pornographic Books for Kids Spark CALIFORNIA School Board War

  1. Pedophile grooming has become mainstream with the schools. Parents had better take control of their children’s education by whatever means in order to save them.

  2. We tried to tell you all about how BAD Common Core was but you all thought we were just crazy Constitutionalists wanting to thump our bibles at you and force prayer down your throats. Common Core is now the new “worst set of ideas” ever for educating our children. It literally dumbs them down, throws out reading, writing and math and throws in social justice training, collectivist training, teaches that parents, religion and family is “oppressive” and only the state can be dependable enough to guarantee your equality in today’s evil American/Western capitalist and private property, individualism and personal responsibility are what keeps the inequality so bad and to trash it all for communist collectivism under UN rule. SERIOUSLY! THAT IS WHAT IT IS!

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