I went to investigate the United Nations vehicles in Hagerstown, Maryland…Here is what I found

Over the Christmas holiday my wife and I went back to Maryland to visit family, and like any other reasonable person, I decided to drive an hour and a half north-west to Hagerstown in hopes of capturing a glimpse of the much-talked-about United Nations vehicles stored in this secret Maryland facility.

Here is what I found….

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m up early, My wife has a day planned with her mother, and family festivities don’t start until late this afternoon, which leaves me plenty of time to update the website and make the trip to Hagerstown. Unfortunately, this will be a solo mission as none of my friends and family share the same passion as me or want to risk getting arrested on Christmas Eve.

Sometimes it sucks to be ‘woke.’

I know this area very well. Hagerstown is just a quick trip up 70 West; this two-lane drag has a notorious workday commute as most sensible people have escaped the crime-ridden Baltimore County in exchange for this peaceful country oasis. Luckily, traveling today will be a breeze.

As I inch closer to my destination, 11841 Newgate Boulevard, I see a sprawling backroad scattered with commercial warehouses, a FedEx hub, a DHL hub and a Tempur Sealy distribution center.

11841 Newgate Blvd
Ironically a company called Liberty Property Trust owns the warehouse at 11841 Newgate Boulevard.

Upon arrival, I’m greeted by a vast chain linked fence with dozens of “No Trespassing” signs posted. The parking lot is empty which is expected on Christmas Eve, but after driving to the front of the building I notice that the entrance gate is unexpectedly unlocked and wide open. Yes, you read that right, the gate was wide open. I could have easily driven my car or walked right through and had unprecedented access to the outskirts of this facility. Since I was by myself and didn’t have anyone to watch my back (and more importantly it was Christmas Eve and didn’t want to inconvenience my family with the possibility of getting arrested) I decided it was best not to go in.

Instead, I make my way around the perimeter of the building hoping to find the highly-discussed U.N. trucks, but I only seem to find a never-ending chain length fence and a pile of unidentified plastic objects in the parking lot.

I finally reach another gate, but this time its locked and a little more intimating.

As I continue to survey the perimeter of this fortress I notice security cameras on the corner of the building. I know I’m getting closer.

To the right of me is the Sealy Matress parking lot.

And to the left of me is the infamous parking lot full of United Nations vehicles.

United Nations Vehicles

Here are some more pictures from a better vantage point, taken directly behind the building in a marshy area.

United Nations Vehicles

United Nations Vehicles

United Nations Vehicles

United Nations Vehicles

United Nations Vehicles

United Nations Vehicles

United Nations Vehicles

As most know, the housing of these United Nations vehicles is nothing new. Back in 2016 the good people over at Allnewspipeline.com first reported this sighting.

Dave Hodges who’s been warning about the U.N. for years also touched on this in September 2017.

Alastair Williamson, proprietor of Stockboardasset.com, even flew a drone over the area and got some amazing footage.

On December 30, 2017 a local town paper based in Martinsburg, West Virginia (approximately 30 minutes away) ran the headline “United Nations vehicles spotted in Williamsport.” The Journal went on to report:

Several different types of United Nations vehicles appear to be ready for shipping or use in Williamsport, Maryland. Some of them are clearly for humanitarian aid, such as tractor trailer tankers and two ambulances. Others are military-style vehicles.

Several residents saw the rows of trucks located near the Kellogg Company warehouse and took to social media. Before long, other people made their way to the location and also shared photos and video.

A man on the scene, who declined to provide his name, said the location is a logistics warehouse for the State Department. He said there is nothing classified or restricted going on at the site. However, he said, the site was being posted “no trespassing” in the attempt to stop more “misinformation” from being spread on social media.

An armed, uniformed Homeland Security officer has been brought in to help establish security and stop people from entering the property. On Friday, “no trespassing” signs were being placed on the fence all around the perimeter.

The unidentified man stated that the gate would be closed. He also claimed that the Kellogg Company had nothing to do with that side of the property. He mentioned that they were getting many calls and a social media post stated that Kellogg was involved with the government.

He claimed that he and the vehicles were a division of the State Department called International Narcotics and Law Enforcement.

The man would not confirm or deny that the vehicles were bound for overseas duty.

So here is what we do know….

We know that the Kellogg’s closed their distribution center sometime in 2017. We also know the U.S. Department of State officially lists this location in their building directory as SA-25.

According to business records the U.S. General Services Administration/Department of State (GSA) signed a 10-year lease agreement sometime in early 2009. Below is the press release from their office, note how this space has direct runway access.

Hagerstown, MD – February 11, 2009 The U.S. General Services Administration/Department of State (GSA) has signed a 10-year lease agreement for their new location in the Liberty Building at Hunters Green II Business Park located at 11841 Newgate Boulevard in Hagerstown, Maryland. GSA is currently leasing 370,000 sf in Topflight Airpark at Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR) and has chosen to relocate their operations due to expiring lease terms.

The Liberty Building contains a total of 554,000 sf of Class A distribution space of which the Kellogg Company currently occupies approximately 215,500 sf. In order to accommodate GSA’s total space requirements of 400,140 sf, an expansion of 61,650 sf will be necessary. Construction for the expansion will begin in March and should be completed by October when GSA plans to fully occupy their new location.

Timothy R. Troxell, CEcD, executive director of the Hagerstown-Washington County Economic Development Commission, comments, “We are excited GSA is relocating within Washington County and will be in the growing, state-of-the-art Hunters Green II Business Park. Their soon to be former location at HGR offers a development opportunity for an aerospace or defense company as the site includes a secured perimeter and direct runway access.”

We can also confirm this location is most likely a storage facility that is housing the vehicles for future deployment by comparing the pictures from the Allnewspipeline article in 2016 and the ones I took on Christmas Eve. But the real question is deployment to where?

Photo Credit: Allnewspipeline

A simple Google search of SA-25 Hagerstown Maryland brings up an interesting State Department PDF that gives some insight into the building and the procedures that go on there, but obviously no mentions of U.N. trucks.

The United Nations is a cancer and its spreading to U.S. soil.

Is it a coincidence that United Nations vehicles are being staged 1.5 hours away from Baltimore, one of the most violent cities in America? Probably not. I think the Federal Government got a rude awakening after watching the Baltimore riots unfold and realized how ill equipped major cities were to handle civil uprisings. Less than one year after the Baltimore riots the U.S. agreed to allow U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts according to this Military Times report:

The United States has announced its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was “proud” and “humbled” to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.

“The Kigali Principles are designed to make sure that civilians are not abandoned by the international community again,” she said, recalling how U.N. peacekeepers left Rwanda before the 1994 genocide and Srebrenica before the 1995 massacre.

Even more alarming is the fact that Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is practically begging the United Nations to come in and help with peace keeping efforts in another violent city, Chicago. Boykin hailed the United Nations as a ‘peacekeeping force’ and warned of the the quiet genocide of gun violence taking place in Chicago.

By design, Boykins is falling right into the hands of the United Nations with his obvious chirps of anti-gun rhetoric by playing the genocide card. As most know the United Nations is one of the most anti-gun organizations in the world and its been widely proven that they’ve had an agenda to rid us of our guns for years. Check out this scathing article written by  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D. of thenewamerican.com that outlines exactly how far the United Nations is willing to go to disarm every gun owner in the world.

Dave Hodges of the Thecommonsenseshow.com has also written tirelessly about the sinister plans of the United Nations for years. Hodges even warned about U.N troops in Chicago almost a full month before Boykins pathetic press conference begging for U.N. troops.


There is no doubt that we are witnessing some sort of future U.N. takeover based on the many sightings of these vehicles, and even troops in US cities.  It is of course an act of treason for U.N. troops to be here policing Americans, but the bigger question is what false flag event will set the stage and allow this to happen without as much as a second thought? The violence in inner cities is most likely just the mustard seed of fear that has been planted, but an even bigger catastrophe is certainly in the works to swing the pendulum of public opinion to not only turn a blind eye, but to actually welcome the presence of the U.N.

Thomas Dishaw is the creator and curator of govtslaves.info and govtslaves.com. You can contact me via email here. If you enjoyed this article please consider making a donation to fund my work, your support is greatly appreciated.

59 Replies to “I went to investigate the United Nations vehicles in Hagerstown, Maryland…Here is what I found

  1. It will start in Chicago, perfect location, middle America. UN vehicle on the East and West coast. BTW sheeple you lord and god Tramp, sorry Trump, will be behind anf allow this. One other point: “We the People” will be on our own, there will be NO, repeat NO 3%

        1. Well if Trump doesn’t stop this, then who’s the sheeple and the hacks? If Trump doesn’t stop this it just proves that he’s a puppet of the globalists just like the previous ten presidents before him. Trump talked the talk, but is he walking the walk? So far, the juries out.

  2. As “Americans” we have a duty that once the UN is deployed on Any street in the US we Must KILL THEM IMMEDIATELY.

    1. U R going to wait? You’ve just been told where many of the ‘items’ are. Sitting ducks in a row.

      typing class:
      ‘Now is the time all good men (& women) come to the aid of the people’.

  3. What you won’t find on this site: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Google, Amazon, Disqus Comments,

    Thanks much for this.

    1. I like your style. Keeping it positive. And you speak the truth of this matter. I concede that point and add my own thanks as well.


    1. I like your optimism, but I don’t think it’s going to end like you think it will.

      There is a reason that America isn’t mentioned in the Bible, and it isn’t due to a deficiency of prophesy. It’s because we’re going down for the count and unworthy of mention in the prophetic time line.

      Still…I’ll be there shoulder to shoulder with anyone fighting invaders of my homeland. Some choices are easy.

      1. America is indeed in the Bible. The “deficiency” is your understanding.
        “America” in Hebrew means “people of the word.”
        Isaiah 18 is absolutely reference to America.(KJV is inferior in this chapter)

  5. I have worked in Hagerstown for the past 15 years, and I can tell you first hand that everyone reporting this is at least a couple years late, those of us in this area who are awake have known about these vehicles presence since 2014. Upon initial local reports they were removed for about a month, then returned in early 2015. At which time I and several others in our area attempted to go public with the info but was ignored. There are also storage containers as well as mini tanker trailers (I assume mobile fuel and/or water reserves) all marked UN. Also in the 2014/2015 time frame these us vehicles were accompanied by about 40 heavily modified Chevy suburbans, all black, with blacked out windows, brush bars, light bars, and heavy duty modified Steele bumpers… those has since been removed, but I can only assume they were DHS/NSA…

  6. Yes, these UN vehicles were brought in under Obama who was obviously pushing racial discord and anti-police rhetoric. With the willing participation of the MSM/CIA PR outlets, they were going to say the police couldn’t be trusted to quell mass riots and civil disorder, and hence require an “independent” UN force. I like to think this nefarious plan has been interrupted, if only delayed, by the election of Trump.

    1. Agree. At least a “temporary”delay for sure.sad that residents of this area came forward in 2014-2015 and pretty much laughed at.they said same things and more.WE AS U.S. citizens DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT ALLOW THE U.N. blue helmet paedophile rapist murderers in OUR COUNTRY,UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE.

      1. The god of the Jews is Satan. (See John 8:44.) If you honor the Jews you are as evil as they are. They are the cause of all the serious problems on earth. If you wish to solve the world’s problems, eliminate the root cause.

        1. The Jews are just like other groups of humans. Evil and good. No worse, no better. To paint them in one swipe of the brush is retarded. Evil is prevalent throughout this planet and getting worse as Satan is working overtime because he knows his time is nigh. Let’s not make enemies of those that might be on the side of righteousness.

  7. The most unfortunate thing here is that article, and other similar ones will be ignored or categorized as fake news. Those of us who listen & pay attention must be prepared especially US Military Veterans. I know EXACTLY what UN troops do to countries, I’ve seen it up close and personal…They are thugs with guns, nothing more, and no law or moral code applies to them.

    1. Yeah, but they’re all a bunch of pussies. Just look how they backed off of Hezbollah in the last “Intiifada”. They are a corporate agency…incapable of swift and decisive action. They will meet the same fate as the now defunct League of Nations. They think Islam is as bad as it gets. They’ve never seen a pissed off American Patriot with a rifle…and they’d better pray they never do.

  8. Unfortunately, both Maryland Senators and the Congressman for the Hagerstown area are Dummycrats, so you can’t ask them to investigate it. I’m sure they’re all for it. This has to be passed on to the Trump Administration somehow so this nonsense can be shut down.

    1. Has it escaped your notice that the U.N. has its global HQ right here in NYC? Why would you think it “strange” that their vehicles (manufactured right here in VA) turn up on someone’s radar?

      And good luck putting your faith in that reprobate in the Oval Office. He’s NOT America’s savior. He’s the tool being used to show America her sins before Judgment is passed. Nothing more, or less. As it was in Nineveh, so are we being called out by God. 60 million murdered infants. Sodomy the Law of The Land. Persecution of Christians on a wholesale scale. Will we repent as Nineveh did? The magic eight ball says,”doubtful”.

  9. I remarked on the Common Sense Show site that if the UN comes into Chicago, they’ll be easy pickings; both for law-abiding citizens, and gangbangers alike. The UN will have an extremely difficult time preventing access in & out of some of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago (and America).

    I live a mile from the Austin neighborhood (where C(r)ook County Commissioner Boykin is from.

    What Boykin & many millions of other need, is a dose of race realism, to acknowledge the root cause of the violence in Chicago & numerous other big cities.

  10. Who exactly do you thinknis on your side should they give the word to invade?

    Examine your lives and your hearts. So many want to believe that when this takes place that God almighty will step in and lead the fight against the UN. If this is the scenario you think will happen, you are seriously mistaken.

    The land is filled with violence, blood, and shear hypocrisy. Most of you will be handed over for slaughter by the very God you claim to represent. There simply is no respect of persons with him.

    He will use these dark days to punish the liars and hypocrites from among the flock. For some this will bring about the necessary purification before his return.

    So open your eyes, get on your knees. Repent and turn back now. A slaughter of unimaginable size will fill this land.

    Some will recognize and turn back, but most will run head long in to their own death believing they were serving Jesus Christ, but their deaths will lead to eternal death, not life.


    1. “Repent’ my rear-end..
      You have been waiting and preaching this nonsense for over 2000 years.
      “He” ain’t coming to help or save you.
      Jesus is the best “control mechanism” ever CREATED BY THE ELITES!
      They have YOU just where they want YOU!
      Foolish drone.
      E-7 Ret.

      1. Good luck with that attitude, dumb ass. and FYI…E-7’s are worthless garbage. Errand boys sent by a grocery clerk to collect a bill. An E7 is someone too lazy or incompetent to become an E9! You had the same twenty years everyone else did. Why stop at E7?

    2. When armed invaders enter MY homeland to overthrow my government, God really doesn’t enter the equation at that moment. Fight or die is supposed to be a basic concept. What’s tripping you up?

      “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” – John Stuart Mill

  11. They will have to do a Whole Lot Better Than That if they want to take over the USA. They won’t even be able to take over 1 major city with what they have – Ha ha ha ha ha :)
    We will be nice, we will let you drive in, stay a while, then we will pick you off ONE BY ONE if needed.

    1. Amen, brother! I think this is all a lot of hot air from folks looking for ad revenue. Look at the circle jerk of citations! All these web sites bounce their “sources” between each other. Hell…half of the web sites aggregated under “censored news dot com” all belong to THE SAME GUY!!! This Natural News dude owns about a half dozen conspiracy sites…ALL citing their own sites as “authoritative sources”.

      And, as you say, even if every bit of it were true, it amounts to nothing in the grand scheme of things. We’d wipe them all out inside two months.

      This is a non issue that someone thinks they can monetize.

  12. “There is no doubt that we are witnessing some sort of future U.N. takeover based on the many sightings of these vehicles,…”

    Total BULL SQUAT!

    Yes. There IS “A doubt”. Several BIG ones, as a matter of fact. All you shitheel paranoid schizophrenics feed off of each other while spreading fear among the gullible populace. You use each other as “sources” like bumpers in a pinball machine.

    I have never seen an article so full of shit in my life. Your lead “investigator” for the article admits he is “afraid to get arrested on Christmas”. Why is that different from any other day to get arrested? Your snitch is a pussified coward as well as an abject rumor monger…much like your editor.

    I’ll believe it WHEN I see it…and I’ve been prepared for such a moment for over forty years. So, IF it does come…I welcome it as an old friend asking me to end his life. The transition will be a small one for me. I’m already on war footing.

    1. Yep! A 30-06 with 4x starlight scope turns those blue helmets into twisted, jagged scrap metal in less time than it takes to think about it. That Texas spirit of independence you guys are so proud of? It ain’t exclusive to Texas.

      To quote Bachman-Turner Overdrive, “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!”

  13. Can anyone think of anything good that the United Nations does in the name of keeping peace?
    From what I see, their idea of keeping peace is disarming the good guys so that the bad guys can slaughter them, then the UN peacekeepers use what’s left of the women for their own purposes in trade for whatever food and resources are left after the bad guys get done.

  14. Other articles I’ve read claim that this site is a distribution site for a manufacturer that makes these vehicles for the UN. If that is the case, why are the larger trucks with the ‘www.pktrucks.com’ from a Company based in Holland? Looks like this site is storage for UN vehicles as has been reported.

  15. Those vehicles are built close to there. That is nothing more than a storage location for vehicles to be prepped for over seas shipping. This was debunked years ago!

    1. but why store them at a State Dept site? why not at the company? they dont have their own parking lot? for that matter, why not at the Port of Balto? on any given day there are tens of thousands of vehicles stockpiled there arriving and being shipped.
      if you’re satisfied with the official explanation, go on with your life, but dont you think its just a LITTLE bit suspicious that for years there are reports of vehicles, then there are calls for their use?
      at least you’ll know the truth if suddenly you see some UN intervention being spun as “spur of the moment” response to a crises. it was planned and prepared for years in advance. of course, it will be too late then

  16. the plastic things in the photos are portable vehicle barriers. you have probably seen them on road way construction, temporary public events, without noticing.
    they are empty plastic shells light enough to be quickly and easily em-placed by hand. then you fill them with hundreds of gallons of water and they weight a half ton. not very effective but quick and easy. will stop a small car, deflect/slow a larger one, an obstacle to people of foot, can be topped with a fence. extremely difficult to move by hand, if staked down-impossible. when you’re done, dump the water and pick them up for reuse.

    portable plastic shells + tanker of water = instant roadblock checkpoint

    fyi dont know the photo date, but the plastic barriers at the site are viewable on google earth as of today. the vehicles are not

      1. time and intensity. apparently kerosene can melt building steel, so why not? of course blm will have to remember to bring enough with them to do the job. gelatinizing would help.

  17. U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.
    They are in danger in Palestine. They have been since 1948.

  18. I try to post pics in articles like this to Pinterest. They won’t let me post any pic on this page. Said the link may link to spam!! Pinterest has censored this website.

    1. Thanks for the heads up….All the ‘socials’ have banned this site…thats why we don’t even put any sharing buttons on here any more…

  19. Talk about a whole lotta crazy talk on here. Where are UN vehicles and equipment suppose to be kept? The US is the biggest contributor to the UN, so I would expect that we keep a stock of equipment and vehicles.

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