Charlie Brooker: How TV Ruined Your Life…

Charlton Brooker is an English satirist, broadcaster and writer. He is the creator of the anthology series Black Mirror.

In addition to writing for programmes such as Black MirrorBrass EyeThe 11 O’Clock Show and Nathan Barley, Brooker has presented a number of television shows, including ScreenwipeGameswipeNewswipeWeekly Wipe, and 10 O’Clock Live. He also wrote a five-part horror drama, Dead Set. He has written comment pieces for The Guardian and is one of four creative directors of the production company Zeppotron.

One Reply to “Charlie Brooker: How TV Ruined Your Life…”

  1. American TV has taught the American people to be mean, nasty, self serving, greedy, self centered, hateful of people, afraid of people. As I look back at what I watched from the 50’s on to present and some fell for the BS. When I use to complaint to the station, people and to those that made the shows, I was condemned. People would say that “It was entertainment”. TOTAL SHEEPLE

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