Coming to America: H&M stores trashed in protest over ‘racist’ ad

THOMAS DISHAW-H&M stores are facing a violent backlash for recently running a racist ad by placing a young African American child in a hoodie that had the words ‘coolest monkey in the jungle’ screen printed on the front.

In an era of super sensitive feeling and hyperactive political correctness, I’m not sure how H&M managed to miss this.

South Africans, on the other hand, have decided to start trashing H&M stores over the ‘mishap.’

Be prepared because this type of violent reaction will be coming to American retailers sooner than you think.

2 Replies to “Coming to America: H&M stores trashed in protest over ‘racist’ ad

  1. I told a number of black,in the late 60’s, there was a difference between, the shooting of JFK and RFK and MLK: When JFK and RFK were murdered the whites did not try to burn down cities in the US. They were not happy

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