Taxation Is Theft: How To Become a Prior Taxpayer

6 Replies to “Taxation Is Theft: How To Become a Prior Taxpayer

  1. has anyone every won the $50,000 reward
    offered by “we the people foundation ” …
    … to anyone who can show a law requiring Americans to pay an income tax ?

  2. Good way to lose all your property and go to prison. The IRS has unlimited, uncontrolled power, and will hurt you if you refuse to pay taxes. The average citizen cannot afford adequate legal protection against IRS lawyers.

  3. owr, the IRS is a paper tiger that can be handled as easily as a junk debt collector, using the same “laws”. The key is to NEVER create a dispute with them by saying you do not owe them anything.

    Instead, if they send you one of their “you owe us” letters, tell them you will be glad to pay it once they provide proof the “tax debt” is valid by providing a signed return, a valid assessment, and their authorization to collect taxes for the United States.

    They will disappear because they can do none of it. There will be no dispute to take to court. They can and will steal from you if you give them the chance (access to your money), but only an idiot ready to victimized would do such a thing.

    Lose the fear and replace with the knowledge of freedom.

  4. @owr – “Good way to lose all your property and go to prison”
    Only if you’re stupid and don’t follow a program. Research the flags theory, connect with other prior taxpayers, and become a permanent tourist slowly according to a proven plan. There are tax free jurisdictions, you can move your assets to those jurisdiction legally, do your research.
    The thing I don’t like is property taxes.

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