SILENCE! Twitter, YouTube scrubbing all content and banning all users who question the official (false) narrative on the Florida school shooting

A few years from now, looking back on why Twitter collapsed and YouTube was abandoned by every intelligent person, we’ll remember what these totalitarian tech giants did in February, 2018. Starting a few days ago, both Twitter and YouTube began scrubbing all videos and tweets that don’t follow the “official narrative” on the Florida school shooting.

Anyone who questions the wisdom of the school students-turned-propagandists — who were all probably eating Tide pods a week ago — is immediately banned and silenced. Only one side of this “debate” is allowed to exist: The side that worships the lunatic Left’s demands that all law-abiding Americans surrender their self-defense firearms because a group of traumatized school kids were shot at by their own lunatic classmate.

The insanity, stupidity and derangement of all this is beyond description. YouTube, Google, Twitter and even Facebook have now decided to pick a political side and silence all opposing viewpoints. Online platforms that once hosted conversations and debates are now nothing more than lunatic liberal echo chambers of cognitive illiteracy combined with demanded obedience. That’s why I have now dubbed the delusional Left an “obedience cult.”

Now, more than ever, the internet needs free speech alternatives to Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. All these left-wing extremist tech companies have now decided to crush the speech of their political opponents and transform the entire internet into a “libtard bubble” of blabbering idiots who literally believe that school children should not be protected by armed citizens. (Yes, they actually want to make sure all schools remain “gun-free zones” so that mass murderers can continue to target them…)

Via The Gateway Pundit:

David Hogg Unleashes Boycott Rampage After Twitter Threatens to Ban Anyone ‘Targeting’ Parkland Students or ‘Topics They Are Raising’

The Gateway Pundit was the first publication to question the media’s motives for propelling a select few students into the spotlight following the shooting. They all have one thing in common; they want to fight the gun lobby and the NRA.

We knew an anti-second amendment movement was effervescing; we were right.

David Hogg has launched a boycott-the-NRA rampage from his Twitter account and the social media giant is protecting his activism by banning anyone who harasses questions him.

On Wednesday, Twitter Safety released a statement regarding the Parkland students. Anyone ‘harassing’ (disagreeing with) the students will be banned.

Twitter also said something very interesting. They are using ‘anti-abuse tools to weed out malicious automation around these individuals and the topics they are raising.’

In other words, if you dare question or refute anything these teenagers say, you risk being banned from the platform. These teenagers are royalty. How dare you question their wisdom.

Twitter Safety tweeted: We are actively working on reports of targeted abuse and harassment of a number of survivors of the tragic mass shooting in #Parkland. Such behavior goes against everything we stand for at Twitter, and we are taking action on any content that violates our terms of service.

Shortly after Twitter released this statement, Parkland student-turned-anti-gun-activist, David Hogg unleashed a boycott rampage from his Twitter account.

Hogg is targeting the NRA and any corporation that has a partnership with the NRA.

So if you dare refute Hogg, you will be taken off of Twitter. See how this is all coming together?

David Hogg unleashed boycott-the-NRA rampage on Twitter targeting every corporation he could think of that partners with the NRA and one by one, the corporations acquiesced to Hogg and severed ties.

If you think this is just a coincidence, we have some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you.

This was a coordinated attack on firearms and the NRA.

CNN calls on YouTube to silence InfoWars in order to obliterate all videos questioning the official false narrative of the Parkland shooting


CNN and other news outlets are lobbying to have YouTube terminate our entire channel by false insinuating we are saying the Florida school shooting was a hoax and that we are “bullying” the students.

We have never said that the shooting was a hoax, just that some of the students being highlighted by the media as staunch advocates for gun control may have been coached on what to say.

The fact that CNN attempted to script a town hall event, and then called one of the survivor’s and heroes of the shooting a liar when he exposed them for it, shows that it is in fact CNN which is bullying students.

CNN also bullied and harassed an old lady outside her home in Florida this week, a move that was widely condemned by media personalities across the political spectrum.

This is an unprecedented level of censorship. A news network is campaigning for another news network to be censored and terminated simply to strangle their competition.

In Russia, the government shuts down dissident media outlets, in the United States, CNN apparently thinks that is its role.

YouTube is censoring videos more than ever and Infowars has become one of their main targets.

The internet giant pulled down the following videos on the Parkland, Florida school shooting, and according to CNN YouTube will ban The Alex Jones Channel outright if two more videos receive strikes.

Click here to watch the two videos YouTube does not want you to see…

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7 Replies to “SILENCE! Twitter, YouTube scrubbing all content and banning all users who question the official (false) narrative on the Florida school shooting

  1. Twitter and Youtube must be part of the COUNTERFEIT “Jew” World Order. Why COUNTERFEIT? Read on.

    “LUKE 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”

    Listen. We have been MASSIVELY DECEIVED regarding the TRUE identity of the so-called “Jews”. (10% “Sephardi”, 90% “Ashkenazi”). The 10% of “Jews” who call themselves “Sephardi” “Jews” are of BERBER-ARAB extraction, and their ancestors hailed from N. Africa. The 90% of “Jews” who call themselves “Ashkenazi” “Jews” are of SLAVO-TURKIC extraction, and their ancestors hailed from ancient Khazaria, between the Black & Caspian Seas.

    Read _The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews_, by Paul Wexler. Also, read _The Ashkenazic Jews: A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity_, by Paul Wexler. For further info. on this topic, you may also read: 1) THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler; 2) THE INVENTION OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, by Schlomo Sand; 3) THE WANDERING WHO?, by Gilad Atzmon. I don’t know if Wexler is “Jew”-ish, but the other three authors most assuredly are (or were) “Jews”. I would also highly recommend you read THE GREAT DECEPTION: SYRIA, BRITAIN AND THE ROMAN CONSPIRACY, by Comyns Beaumont, IF you wish to discover the TRUE GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION of the people, places & events described in both the Old & New Testament.

    The level of DECEPTION in the West, with regard to the identity of the so-called “Jews” is mind-blowing, just as it is with regard to the so-called “Holocaust”. Read THE HOLOCAUST HOAX EXPOSED: DEBUNKING THE 20TH CENTURY’S BIGGEST LIE, by Victor Thorn. This book finally puts the entire Hollow Hoax to rest. You may obtain a copy for a mere $25 (including shipping & handling) on Texe Marrs’ website. Imagine that. $25 for the TRUTH about the most massive deception of the 20th Century! Now, I call THAT ~ A REAL BARGAIN!

    What was the title of that book written by Martin Luther (the founder of the Lutheran Church)? Oh, that’s right: ON THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES. He published that book in 1543.

  2. The official version and the propaganda against the free speech and the 2nd Amendment following it made me believe that the shooting was a hoax.Nothing more.What the media does is against the US Constitution and must have their licenses suspended or revoked.It does not have anything to do with real journalism,just globalist mouthpieces….

  3. The rot set in in 2000. There used to be civilised discourse on the internet. Then Bush Jnr was installed over the wishes of the people and within a couple of months, all sites where arguments for and against were made, where the constitution and law was discussed, were visited by ‘Men in suits’ and they banned anyone who questioned the outcome. Then you had 9/11 and only allowed viewpoint was USA,USA,USA.
    YOU let it happen, most of the snowflakes were not even born at the time, and you have not allowed any kind of analytical thinking, no adversarial views and “Shut the Heck up” and do as you are told.
    Shame it used to be a nice country.

  4. Again, Govtslaves. one have to spoon feed the base line in to the one whom is what, offended, huh.

    False flags, usually involves civilians, by large, never anything else, the Gov. etc, to the Military Ind. complex, weird isnt it, to the other weapon of mass destruction, the international league of MoFo Banks.
    The Kosher Nostra, the capo de tutti capos, nix, never.
    But ordinary people, from the Vietnam war to the present shooting.
    And why on earth should we believe anything they say, do enlighten me, when they never bother to cover the whole spectrometer other than echoing the staggering war hype coming from the MSM on an daily basis, delivered by obscure groups to hard core comics aka Leftard, right-winged nincompoops, to staggering contradictions and an ignorance, at best about virtually everything, incl international laws to downright crimes against humanity in several country’s, nothing works on the wankees MSM, and an bonkers Gorilla in the WH whining about fake news while going to war everywhere else, and nobody cares, but pimps some utter bullshit about Russia on top of it.
    You have no credibility left what so ever, sorry to pop the bobble, but you have non.

    This, like others was an set up, one way or the other, by what, we really dont know, but somehow, the Police force, the FBI, the security apparatus normally used by everybody/ones, didnt catch this, to then the contradictions by the acts committed by the people been in the area, the ones again that have their foremost duty to serve and protect the people, did nothing.
    Why, again, this can go in every direction.
    The one witch kicked in the reaction, from many, incl me, was the clear political direction witch was conveniently hijacked by various political groups to feed their own agendas in stead of talking about what happened and why did it happen in the first place, regarding whats written above.
    How f….. stupid do you think we are.
    You should know, opening an can of worms is just that, opening an can of worms, stupid mistake, made by ignorant schmucks, har, har, har.

    The hole issue reeks, thats why, people died for an agenda, witch ones, well, Cui Bono, whom benefits.
    Aka follow the money.

    Blessed be the peacemakers.


  5. Where are the FAT MOUTHS who are rich thanks to “talk radio” and conservatism? Why are Limbaugh, Beck, Savage,etc,etc not MAN enough to file law suits? God knows they have piled up enough RICHES. All they care about is THEIR MONEY and shilling ghost written PABLUM books. Alex Jones makes big noises, why hasn’t HE filed a lawsuit?
    FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, REDDIT, GOOGLE are PLACES OF PUBLIC GATHERING, “SOCIAL Media”, and ADVERTISE themselves as PUBLIC places.. They are also PUBLICLY TRADED CORPORATIONS, unlike the PRIVATELY owned and operated “Mom&Pop” Bakery and Party Planner SUED by homosexuals.
    FACEBOOK is a PUBLIC SPACE therefore it has no right or legal option to censor participants. FACEBOOK is a PUBLICLY TRADED company, NOT a “private entity” and it solicits PUBLIC memberships.
    Just as the “courts” say cake bakers HAVE to bake homosexual cakes, and wedding planners HAVE to “accept” homosexual weddings, ZUCKERberg has to accept opinions, videos, and pictures he does not like. These Social Media/Meeting Places must accept anything which is Permissible under the First Amendment.
    DO they say all Halal and Kosher meat butchers should be forced to process PORK?! Same religious convictions!!!
    A lowly COUNTY CLERK was jailed for refusing to “do her duty” by not issuing homosexuals marriage licenses The Baker, Planner, and Clerk SHOULD have just said: “You homosexuals VIOLATE OUR COMMUNITY GUIDELINES” !!! They advertise themselves as “Social Media & Public Spaces” so everything that is covered under the First Amendment can be posted there. A Party Planner and a Baker were successfully sued for refusing service to homosexuals ….. these “Social Media” can & should also be sued for violating People’s 1st Amendment RIGHTS to speak freely in PUBLIC SPACES.
    Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. engaging in politically motivated censorship is like your meter reader shutting off your electricity because you have a Trump sign on your lawn. These social media have become like public utilities and therefore have no right to engage in political censorship. It is way past time to impose common carrier status on social media. Just like the phone company cannot censor your conversations there, social media should not be allowed to interfere with content there. Social media is the modern day phone company.
    “It is way pay time to impose common carrier status on social media.”
    Meanwhile, fascist Ajit Pai of the FCC has killed net neutrality [could be overturned by Congress, but don’t hold your breath]. He has thus disallowed common carrier status for ISPs and, moreover, has allowed them to censor content, block websites, raise prices for everyone, and wage class war by using an excellent standard of speed and service for the rich and an inferior one (slow speed and service) for the non-rich.
    “Social media is the modern day phone company.” – and also a potent means of grassroots organization. By censoring one side they are DENYING the CIVIL RIGHT to organize and associate.

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