Armed Men Raid Iran Embassy in London…

Tehran–Several Britain-based Shiite extremists affiliated to Sadeq Shirazi sect attacked the Iranian embassy premises in London minutes ago, while menacing the staffers with cold weapons.

Early reports said the raiders are four men who have opened their way into the embassy premises, while threatening people on the scene with machetes and baseball bats. The London Police have reportedly deployed around the embassy but took no action in the first couple of hours after the attack.

The slogans chanted by the raiders indicate that they are members of Sadeq Shirazi Shiite extremist sect, supported by London.

Iran’s Ambassador to Britain Hamid Baeedinejad confirmed the reports on the embassy attack minutes ago.

“A few followers of Shirazi have attacked the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Embassy in London and broke the flag mast,” the ambassador tweeted minutes ago, and added that the raiders are “chanting slogans against Iranian officials”.

He further confirmed that the raiders were carrying “sticks and machetes”, and said Police are deployed on the scene.

The Shirazi sect that has been labeled as “British Shiism” by the Iranian Supreme Leader operates mainly from London. The sect also runs a satellite network called ‘Fadak’ from London and promotes Shiite extremism against Sunni Islam. The sect is also known to be the religious opposition of the Islamic Republic.

Meantime, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi told FNA that “we are investigating into the case and will keep in contact with the Iranian embassy in London and the British embassy in Tehran”.

“The British government is duty-bound to seriously and decisively fulfill its responsibility to protect the Islamic Republic of Iran’s diplomats and diplomatic centers and immediately arrest and prosecute those who have trespassed the diplomatic sanctuary,” the spokesman reiterated.

4 Replies to “Armed Men Raid Iran Embassy in London…

  1. Yeah, Britain, I dont know what people know about them, huh, the real scums of this earth, the pack of sewage rats whom have run wars after wars, killed more millions than people can simply imagine, its an sick perverted society that runs the politics, economy and wars, the house of lord, can you imagine that, and the City of London, the only place I know off that should be nuked, to save the rest of the world.

    And, Iran along with something against Russia, all in one week, how, uh….. CONvenient, isnt it, and watch the MSM while you can, and I warn you, it may be hard not to puke of it, where propaganda have gone to realms so lame it hurts, but the problem is that this have been hammered so hard, for so long, that everything goes this days.
    This, so called assassination, yeah, with shit they claim is Russian, while the fabric making that shit lies just some clicks away from the site of the so called attack, on an man whom spied on Russia whom have been living in the open for years, and somehow we are supposed to believe Russians are drooling idiots, doing this, right now, its like the never ending freak show about Syrians using Gas, yeah, an nice narrative, humped with truckloads of associations.
    The only thing good coming out of all this bullshit is that it makes it so much easier to spot the liars, aka our very own “never ever fake news” MSM, an league of prestitutes and whorespondents.
    An shame to any intelligent creature on this planet and and I incl Bugs.

    I dont believe an single word anymore, cui bono, aka follow the money.


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