Bizarre Cases of Inter-Dimensional Doorway Devices and Time Machines

In modern times we have been learning about our universe and developing our technology at a staggering pace, to the point that science fiction has had a hard time staying ahead of the game. One area that seems as if it might one day be within our grasp are the well-worn science fiction tropes of inter-dimensional travel and journeys through time. Although this seems as if travel through time and dimensions must surely still be a far off fantasy there have been numerous cases of people and organizations who claim to have done just this, opening doorways through worlds and time itself to stretch past the boundaries of what we know about our universe.

Quite a few outlandish experiments have been reported by a researcher of anti-gravity and free energy by the name of Jerry W. Decker, who has done a great amount of research into dimensional shifts and is director of a website devoted to it called KeelyNet. Decker maintained that it was possible to create a dimensional vortex or time machine by tinkering with the frequencies of the location, or what he refers to as an energy ‘signature’ for that location, which would create enough stress to open a rift in the fabric of time and space. Decker has apparently really given this a lot of thought, and takes it very seriously, and he describes these location signatures and his idea thus:

Each spatial (and possibly TEMPORAL) location, no matter what dimension it resides in, has a specific coordinate, referenced by a combination of frequencies that equate to the ‘signature’ for that location. These are nested frequencies – like bubbles within bubbles – because they are all standing waves produced by 180 degree phase conjugation.

If a modulation – representing a specific ‘signature’/coordinate – is imposed on this stress field, then a portal is opened to that location. My concept is that a resonance is established between these two locations (there can be more), i.e. the physical-spatial location and the artificially created image.

By adjusting the amplitude of the vibration between the two resonant bodies or spaces, an energy flow can be established in either direction between them. High amplitude always flows to low amplitude in the natural attempt to achieve equilibrium, thus creating a flow between the bodies or spaces.

Once a resonance is established, I believe that a mass can be caught up in this flow and physically transported between two resonant spaces. I am of the opinion that the claims of ‘time travel‘ are much closer to being a dimensional shift where multiple realities exist within the same location [of space,] yet slightly out of phase (alternate realities or dimensions.)

Got all of that? He basically says that he believes that travel between two parallel dimensions and even through time itself is possible under laboratory conditions with the right application of technology, and he claims that this has perhaps already happened, citing several cases he has come across. One bizarre case he brings up in an article called Dimensional Shifts is that of a man named Mike Marcum, of Missouri, in the United States, who in 1995 seems to have invented an actual working time machine, or at least a machine that makes people disappear real good. Marcum, who claimed to have worked on the Philadelphia Experiment, allegedly stole six 300-pound power company transformers in order to make his time machine, which he purportedly planned to use in order to derive the winning numbers of a lottery and exploit them to his financial advantage.


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