David Hogg’s Parkland School: Code Red Drill Confirmed by Witnesses (Part Mirror)

4 Replies to “David Hogg’s Parkland School: Code Red Drill Confirmed by Witnesses (Part Mirror)

  1. From the very beginning I felt that it was a false flag. No crime scene photos, no haz mat report, building being torn down

  2. the most glaring question to me is: if so many people were shot- where is the ballistics report?

    1. were they all shot with the same caliber weapon- or different calibers?
    2. were they all shot from the same gun- or different guns?
    3. did nicholas cruz own a weapon of the same type and caliber as the one(s) that caused the victims wounds?
    4. was there gunshot residue found on the suspect?
    5. and why is there no security camera footage showing nicholas cruz- doing anything?

    the fact that the public has not been informed of any of this means that these facts contradict the official story. if they corroborated the story, they would have flaunted them.

    conclusion; the whole thing is a big lie. as usual.

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