Guns, humvees, walls protect anti-gun march — as merchants make mint off slain students

The American Mirror was on the scene of the celebrity-riddled “March For Our Lives” anti-gun protest in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, and witnessed a lot of things that, strangely, didn’t make it onto television screens around the world.

We saw a lot of things that CNN and the mainstream media neglected to show: guns, military vehicles including Humvees, and walls protecting the protesters who were viciously attacking the NRA.

Six-foot high wall-like screens surrounded the perimeter of the protest area located in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Closer to the front of the stage, Humvees and other military vehicles blocked streets. D.C. Metro police lined the parade route, some standing shoulder-to-shoulder. Just image if schools had such protection.

The march, which was billed as an effort to remember the 17 students slain at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was a merchandiser’s paradise.

American Mirror cameras captured rows of merchants hawking shirts, hats, bags, buttons and lanyards to remember the event.

“T-shirts here!” one exclaimed as attendees ran the gauntlet of trendy gun protest swag.

We asked on such seller where the money was going. He wasn’t sure and thought maybe the homeless.

And there was this classy woman, sporting a “I’d rather grab a pussy than a gun” shirt.


One Reply to “Guns, humvees, walls protect anti-gun march — as merchants make mint off slain students”

  1. ha, it took guns to protect you young stupid people…..hey …don’t you know where you people live…’s call mother earth, a survival planet…where guns or knifes or swords or whatever, helps you to protect your life….like in the old days to now…it is important to protect your selves..hey look at all the hollywood creeps, and their body guards…who have guns…pure hypocritical…hey…..get a life you young people, and go after the cowards of florida, the sheriff, and his coward deputies….those are your real enemies, who in fact are all liberals and demo’s…..period….and oh yea…thanks for making my day with all the money you people have spent in DC…thank you…..

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